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I am so cranky!

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The past couple days, little things have been bugging me, and if anyone says anything slightly negative to me, I take it personally, and sulk about it for hours. If I have enough energy, I snap back, looking for a fight. I feel like this inside all the time: :

Anyone else? Any ideas on how to be good to myself and avoid the : feeling?
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I have been feeling similar. I have felt like I'm PMS'ing for the past few days. I'm just so drained of energy, so my house is a mess and I feel like a slug. When I feel this way I am ultra touchy. I try to keep things in perspective so I don't take it out on my family.

I think I could feel better if I got off my ass and cooked a healthy meal and bought some more pre-natals. I've been out for a couple weeks. I really notice a difference when I take them.

I don't know if that was helpful at all, lol. I hope you feel better soon.
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I have good days and bad days. Today has been pretty good, but yesterday I wanted to bite everyone's head off! I get in the worst moods when I don't get any time to myself, which has been happening a lot lately....
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I can definitely relate!

All week I've been ultra-sensative and touchy... and I've been crying at the drop of a hat. I chalk it up to hormones, but that doesn't really help much. DH has been a bit baffled, though he's trying to be supportive (it's our first experience with this pregnancy thing!). Sometimes I feel like somebody else has taken over my brain!!! I don't have too many suggestions, but just wanted to let you know you're not the only one!! Oh, I did get a massage today from a friend which was WONDERFUL...
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That was me a few weeks ago. I had to tell my boss early about the pregnancy because I was so witchy to him.

I usually will warn people when I am super cranky (kinda a proceed at your own risk thing) and if I am at work, I will take frequent breaks to clear my head.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Nice to know I'm not alone. OK, so consider this your warning: if you say anything to me that could be construed in a negative way, my feelings WILL be hurt. And I may get cranky. I'll try to be less sensitive though.
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*note to self* Be extra nice toyou when you come to my house this week

I've been feeling extra touchy too. The other day when I went to meet the back-up dr., I came home and took a nap. When I got up, my DH came in to say hi to me and didn't ask me one thing about the appontment! Instead he proceeded to tell me about a guy coming to look at a motorcycle. NOrmally, this wouldn't have bothered me. The other day though? Bugged me a bunch! I wasn't sure whether to cry or complain LOL I love hormones!

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (23mos), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Ah, Tara, I think seeing you will actually put me in a *better* mood! Speaking of which, I need directions and a time. But I"ll email you.
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I am the same way!
Touchy, exhausted, foggy, and occassionally taking it out on the kids or DH. I always feel worse after that, it's like I can't control myself.
No worries though, it happened last time around too. DD turned out to be so sweet, I figured all my frustration and anger meant she'd not feel that way ever- I was annoyed enough for the two of us!
No real advice, just realize it's totally normal.
Eventually you'll be back to yourself and those aroudnyou won't feel like you're an alien! :LOL
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I was WAY cranky over the weekend. I have a mild sinus inflammation and it has been making me edgy. I don't want to take anything for it but the pain kind of chips away at me. When I'm at home with fewer distractions from it, I can get a bit short-tempered, to say the least.
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