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Need suggestion for 21 month old

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Background on my slings:
Baby Faries ABC (love it!)
2 Hotslings (ds too heavy to carry for long periods doesn't like the back carry)
OTBH (never even tried got it in a swap)
2 ring slings (loved them when he was an infant)
Fleece Pouch (loved it when he was under 12 months)

My DS likes to be carried and he is getting too heavy to carry in the ABC. It is starting to kill my neck and shoulders. So I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a more supportive carrier for a 25+ lb toddler.

What do you think about the Ergo Baby Carrier? Is it like an ABC? Does it have more padding and support the babies weight more or less?

I need something that distributes his wight differently or provides me with more support.
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I have a 25-lb 21-month old toddler who is too tall for the Ergo. He rides so high in it I'm afraid he could tip backwards and fall out. So, I can't give it a recommendation for a toddler, even tho I've seen people say you can use it up until 4 years old??? Those must be some short 4-year-olds IMO.

I have the older style Ergo, I think it's possible the newer style will fit longer for a taller child, but without some persuasive personal recommendations I wouldn't spend the money for a child as big as yours. Our Ergo worked really great up until 18 months or so but at that point I simly had to stop babywearing .
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My 23 month old does not like to be carried for longer periods of time so I do just fine with a pouch. However, if I had to carry him for a very long time, I think that only a woven wrap like the Didymos would do the trick. He is virtually weightless when I wear him in a woven wrap - even the lightweight Ellaroo wrap works well (though I think a Storch or a Didymos would work better)

I am also wondering... what kind of BabyFairies do you have? An older style one or a newer style one with reinforced body and stronger straps?? I heard that the older ones are not ideal for heavier babies and that heavier material suports their weight better. That's why people like Kozys so much for toddlers.
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Hmmmm I don't know about my Baby Faries it is about a year old or less. That is the most comfortable carrier but he is so darn heavy. Jake would love to be able to get down and walk but we are going to a lot of crowded outdoor events where him walking would just not work and a stroller is a huge PITA.

I havn't tried a wrap carrier yet. I guess I'll go take a look at them.
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I don't have one of these, but you could take a look at the Toddler Patapum. It has a larger body length than the regular Patapum so supposedly works well for older and taller children. It recently came out, but there were a few people on http://www.thebabywearer.com who received theirs and had good things to say about it. You can also get one at a great price as there is a co-op for the Patapums on the Yahoo Babywearing Co-op board.


I have Ergos and a regular Patapum and can really feel the weight distributed quite well to the hips because of the large padded waist belt. It is a soft structured carrier so is definitely more padded in the shoulder straps and waist belt than your Baby Fairies.

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