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yogurt or kefir?

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For a babe with previous milk sensitivities, if I'm going to see if he can tolerate ANY dairy?

(to date, I haven't given him anything that even contains a bit of milk, like a teething biscuit that has milk in the ingredient list. Is that something I should do first??)

It's a dairy formula/dairy in bm while I was pumping intolerance with GI symptoms, not anaphylaxis or anything (sp?)
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You may want to consider using goat milk first. Goat milk has a softer, more easily digestable protein. Ds has an intollerance to cow's milk and can handle goat milk very well. I make yoghurt and kefir with it. It's a little thinner, but if you buy goat yoghurt they add tapica to thicken it up. Goat milk is also naturally non-homogonized, so it hasn't gone through the chemical process that homogonized milk has.
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