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Well, crap . . .

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I looks like I'm going to be leaving you guys. I started spotting and cramping last night, and this morning I knew it was over. At least I can be thankful it happened before it really set in that I was pregnant. I think dh is more upset than I am and he wasn't even sure he wanted another baby. I wish you all the best of luck with your pregnancies and babies. Take care!
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Jillian~ I'm so sorry. Do what you can to take it easy and get some rest. It's so important to be easy on yourself during the next several days. I hope you and your dh find the path through this. s, mama.
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Oh, Jillian. I'm so sorry. Please take care of yourself.

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Oh Jillian, I'm so sorry

Take good care of yourself, don't overdo, and drink plenty of fluids. Sending you and your dh healing thoughts.

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If you're interested, these are a few links some friends of mine have found comforting...



All my best,
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I'm so sorry Jillian!

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I am so sorry...
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I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that you and your husband are ok.
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