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July 11th-17th Weekly Chat

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Well, nothing much new here. We spent the whole weekend pretty much indoors while Hurricane Dennis passed by in the Gulf of Mexico. Just holed up and watched movies ... Shrek, Harry Potter, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, etc.

Oh, and Jakob had a fever Friday night and we didn't go to sleep until about 5am. But we slept in until 11:30 the next day. I think it may be related to teething, I think I feel some more molars coming in. He's already got 4 molars on top, and 4 on bottom. And it looks like the 2 in the very back of his mouth are coming in now.

Today I've got major cleaning to do. My house it just a wreck, I have been sooo lazy this weekend. I've been keeping the dishes done (almost) and straightening here and there, but now it needs some real work. Vaccuuming, dusting, scrubbing.

The baby is moving lots and the kicks have gotten much stronger. I was reading a book yesterday it was kind of resting on the top of my belly just under my ribs...and the baby kept kicking me right there. Jamie smiled when he kept seeing the book bounce up and down, :LOL

How's everyone?
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pretty good here...busy weekend is finally behind us...plus today I went to Toronto to get my daughter's lazer surgery(removing a port wine birth mark on her cheek..one more appt and it's complete!) So that took the entire day...I am tired now!

But nothing planned until the 30th when my DH's cousin gets married...inlaws get here 2 days before that and then we have a week of family visits...that will be busy for us all! But we will be eating out a lot and stuff plus they are staying at a local B&B so we actually get a vacation too! No company!

Anyway...I have to pick up boxes to store all the clutter in that I have dug out of the rooms in the past week and then the house will be in pretty good order as long as I maintain it in the next few weeks!

Hubby is gone again...on his way to Wisconsin...should be there tonight...hopefully he gets a few good trips over the next 2.5 weeks so he can take off the week of the wedding without worrying about $$$

Really enjoying our new Ford Freestyle...quite comfortable and nice for fuel mileage...very important...it's really roomy too! Hard to believe it will be almost full in October!

So little over 3 months until our new family member gets here...14 weeks left...when I think how quickly I got to 14wks pregnant I realise it will be here before I know it...I am waiting until after the wedding/family stuff and then I can fully concentrate on getting ready for this baby! I have most everything but I am hunting for a cheap second hand change table to put in the back room off from the bathroom...we didn't have one for Sophia...actually, I think a low dresser with a pad will do as well..that way I have more storage! That's the only BIG purchase.

Cheers everybody!
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We haven't done much this weekend.
We went to the park and there was a lady there with supplies for the kids to make hats, so we made one for Eva. :P It was really cute. Eva loved playing at the park.
The baby is doing fine. I've been a bit achey the last few days, and hope it passes soon.
I seem to be as uncomfortable as I was a month from now in my first pregnancy. I'm guessing the baby is the same size as my daughter was when I started getting uncomfortable. [My daughter was SGA due to hypertension, most likely.]

I'm getting soooo anxious to meet this little one!! The other day, I was on the computer and I thought to myself "I'm going to get offline so I can hold the baby..." and I wasn't thinking of holding my toddler daughter!! I was thinking of holding THIS baby! As in, we already had her and I was just taking a break. It was sooo weird because when I thought that, you couldn't convince me that I still had 12+ weeks until my due date!! Adam thought it was really weird that I thought of her as already being here.

We are still fighting about her middle name, and I am losing my mind because I want her named already! :P

Other than the usuals....we're just hanging out at home, watching our pumpkins grow.

And my daughter is in the process of potty training and it's going really well.
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we finally returned from our cross country trek to Oklahoma. Wow, that was a long week.

I need to see my midwife this week, and I need to get with her daughter to get started on the sewing projects I have for her. And make a time to have her help me get the basement organized. She is 16 and our favorite babysitter as well as a good friend of mine. It's really interesting to be at an age where I can be friends with and hang out with her mom (41) and her (16).

Still agonizing over the baby name. Because DH doesnt want to know what we are having, we cant talk about names, or he would know the gender. The boy name has been decided forever, and we never did settle really on a girls name.

My plan for now is to give him several choices for input, but that I will be ultimately choosing my favorite name I got railroaded into Lily's name.
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I have a consult tomorrow morning at 11am with a new midwife. I have heard many good things about this midwife from other mom's I know that have used her. I can't wait to meet her. I've been so happy since I decided to change midwives. Some people may think I'm crazy changing midwives just 11 weeks before my due date but if I haven't clicked with the current midwife at this point, don't think it's gonna happen. So I'm excited, and will definitely post about how the consult goes.
It's also my husband's birthday tomorrow, we might go somewhere for dinner where you get a free birthday meal. We're also going to go see his mom since she has the day off too.
Okay, better let the husband get on the computer.
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I don't think you're crazy at all! I wish there was an independent CPM around here! I'd switch in a heartbeat. I remind myself--this is why I'm in MW school!
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Hello, everyone.

worldshakerz, I hope she's as good as you've heard!

We've had a busy week with my husband finally turning 30 (it was starting to feel weird being in my 30's and waiting for him to join me.)

I'm at the point where I'm hungry all the time, again, but when I eat, the food seems to be stuck in my esophagus. Reflux is horrid. My husband's had it most of his life, and now I can relate to what he's going through. I also got a couple cramps in my leg and foot last night. I was trying to be positive about not getting those this time, but they woke me up from my sleep twice...

I'm feeling terribly emotional these last couple days. The remnants of Dennis have been with us for a few days, and though I love the rain in summer, I'm starting to miss the sunlight.
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Apparently the Little Miss had a growth spurt yesterday. I think I ate everything that wasn't nailed down!

After about 2 weeks of not ever feeling hungry, and eating just because it was time to eat.. then BAM!

I think I had:
a bowl of homemade apple sauce
half an egg sandwich
a ham sandwich with mustard and a handful of pretzels
more applesauce
some honeydew melon
five small butter cookies
an apple
a serving of spaghetti and a few pieces of garlic bread
a bowl of great grains cereal with fresh blueberries and milk

That's a huge load of food for me. I get really constipated if I have a lot of animal protein or dairy, and usually I have other protein, like nuts and stuff, so I get more in. I see a lot of grain and a lot of fruit, and a normal intake of protein for me when not pregnant in yesterdays menu.

I dont have a big appetite when Im pregnant, I eat pretty much the same as I always have as far as portion sizes. Its when my milk comes in after baby is born that I can eat my husband under the table on a daily basis!
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well...the drama here in this house seems to have settled down...I love boredom!

Names..not a one...this poor child shall remain nameless I fear. I really didn't want to name my last daughter Sophia but in the bliss after delivery agreed and immediately regretted it. I really am not that fond of it and just gotten used to it...I generally shorten it to "Phia" so I don't have to say it...I just hope she doesn't grow up to hate it.

This baby will not be named anything I don't absolutely 100% want no matter what anyone says. I get to name this baby...hubby can veto anything he hates but that's it...I have final say( hubby is completely in agreement as I don't think he wants a repeat of the postpartum breakdown I had about Sophia's name) plus I am not using any family name from hubby's side of the family...apparantly Sophia was hubby's g-grandmother's name...we didn't know that but MIL made such a deal of it. All I kept thinking was what if she was a hateful, mean woman who spanked her children and kicked her dog...I would never name my child after someone I didn't know!

Anyway...I think if this baby is a boy it's middle name will be Elliot..a family surname...other than that I have nothing!
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allgirls! I got railroaded into Lily's name too! It took me almost a year to like it, and though it's a fine, cute, name, it's just not what I wanted and I'm not ever gonna be crazy about it. So yes, with this one, I will be 100% in love with the name. I will not be railroaded by my children or my husband.

The girls love "Laura Kate" and I go through times when I think it's the right name, and other times, where it doesn't seem to fit.

When DH and I talked about girl names early on, we both liked Magdalene Elisabeth Sophia., nickname Maddie. (We are good friends with the Magdalene she'd be named for, who is 11, and goes by Maggie. Too confusing!)

My husband likes Victoria. And I want to honor my grandparents, whose last name was Blue.

I'd say the top two girl names for us are Magdalene Victoria Blue and Laura Katharine Emmeline.

But I may get fixated on something else, or she may not look like a Laura Kate or a Maddie!
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So the appointment went great this morning. My new midwife Karin is awesome! She is such a strong down-to-earth lady, and super easy to talk to . And it looks like I can have a water birth at home now! The other birthing center said they couldn't have a tub in my upstairs apartment for some reason, but it's not going to be a problem with Karin. Yippee! I'm so excited. I called Labor of Love to let them now, and the assistant asked me why. I told her basically because I don't feel comfortable with the midwife. She said, "Oh, she probably wouldn't have attended your birth anyway...she's leaving in September". Nobody ever told me this before. So anyhow, I'm completely ecstatic about my new midwife who is very knowledgeable and is willing to be hands off if that's what I need.

Okay, off for now. We're going to my MIL's house for a bit today. Just wanted to pass on the good news
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worldshakerz- I can't beleive your old midwife didn't tell you she would be leaving before our birth. I think that is completely irrespobsible of her!
I met with my new midwife this week also and I love her. I posted about it in another post. I am having a really hard time deciding weither to have the baby at home or at ehr birth center. I want to have the baby at home but the birth center is very nice and has every comfort you could think of for during labor. We just moved to where we are and are renovating. We don't even have an indoor shower although the one outside is amazing. I live in NH and can not see going in and out to the shower while in labor. lol. I guess we are just gonna leave it undecided for now.
we had been having a horrible problem with reflux. to the point where I was ready to cry some nights. My midwife told me to eat papaya everyday. I have barely had reflux since.
Also for leg cramps eating more bananas is very helpful. Leg cramps are caused by not eating enough potasium and bananas are loaded with it. hth
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Emomom! Don't you just hate it when people tell you what a pretty name it is? I mean if you aren't partial to it then what does it matter what they think...Sophia reminds me of the old lady on the Golden Girls tv show...great association uh?...for some reason people thought that by telling me it was a pretty name I would feel better and instead it made me more resentful.

You won't believe this but the name we had picked out that I thought was going to be her name was Laura! I love that name...but after we named Sophia hubby told everybody that Laura was teh other name we were considering and people said " Sophia is nicer" which made it all the worse. I may just call this baby Laura if it's a girl anyway.

I don't feel that I was railroaded(now, though that's how I felt for a long time) but I feel like I was pressured at a very vulnerable moment and it wasn't fair.
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I love feeling the baby move. It never gets old.

I have a boy's name and a girl's name picked out and will sweet talk dh into agreeing after the baby is born. The only problem I have with them is that our friends have a little boy with the same first name, and dh has a 21 yo stepcousin with the same first name. I hope it wouldn't be too confusing. The boy's name is after someone who REALLY deserves a namesake and the girl's name is one I've always loved that dh loves too.

Right now, my MIL is leaving me alone for the most part but my parents and my dh's friend's mom are driving me crazy. Fortunately I can avoid them more easily than I can avoid my MIL.

I am super hungry--worried about gaining too much weight, but food tastes so good! All of it--sweets, starches, meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit, condiments, the works.
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