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You have to add in disposable wipes, training pants after diapers, diaper rash cream, more trash bags. And if you have a lot of blowouts and leaks you are still washing just as much laundry as you would with cloth! Before we switched I was changing the bed sheets more than once a night and I was changing dd's diaper every 2 hours at night, didn't matter. They didn't fit her well and would leak when she lied down.

I've been able to keep my cloth cost wayyyyy under what I ever spent when we used sposies. I just stick with what I know and keep it small.
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Well...I have 2 in diapers. Before our switch to cloth, we were spending $100/mth plus wipes. I still haven't switched to cloth wipes, but we are saving bunches.

My biggest thing is the convenience. We live over an hour from town....no more running out of diapers in the middle of the night!
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I had figured awhile back that premium, no coupon diapers were 25 cents each and buying in bulk, with coupons was about 15 cents each...
So then I figured even with cheap disposables, I was spending at least $2 a day - with 30 days in the average month - $60 per month - 12 months in a year - a minimum of $720 on disposables. Now I had 2 in diapers up until February so I could double that and $1440 per year if I was diligent about getting things at the lowest cost - $2600 per year to diaper 2 buying premium... either case I have still saved money even with some hyena fluff. Of course it helps to have same sex siblings and start when they are both in mediums... plus I found a wonderful new hobby which IMO is priceless
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I used Walmart brand : and only changed 4 times a day unless she pooped : . Anyway, we spent $50 Canadian/month on diapers ($40) and wipes ($10).

I switched my daughter at 13 mos to cd. My stash rocks and it cost about $500. I will either save it for my next babe or resell some of it.
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I did costings when I was looking into whether it was (cost wise) worth getting AIOs for childcare when I went back to work (it did butI can;t remember the exact figures for that now).

Our current system of prefolds and riki wraps worked out at £200 and sposies for 2 years came out at £600 using store brand and bulk buying. That doesn't include wipes. Since we bought almost everything used I think we've spent about £60, DD is 11 months and shows no signs of growing out of anything any time soon.

In terms of hidden costs I end up doing two or three loads of nappies per week. Having used sposies for a weekend away a couple of weeks ago I went through three outfits in the first four changes due to leaks so I think I may still end up with as much washing with sposies
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So I am ill and bored so I did a little pretend shopping at a online supermarket.

Store brand sposies, wipes and nappy bags for 2.5 years = £700 or $1237

Huggies brand sposies, wipes and nappy bags for 2.5 years = £900 or $1591

Nature babies eco sposies, wipes and bio nappy bags for 2.5 years = £1290 or $2284 (not the most eco sposies in the world but no gel etc)

Moltex Oko eco sposies, eco wipes and bio nappy bags for 2.5 years = £1920 or $3400

I think UK pricing for sposies isnt too different to the US/Canada and its for 6 changes per day. I did not include extra for broken tabs, diaper genies etc. Nor garbage collection. (as its included in your local tax here in the UK however much you pitch)

Cloth is much cheaper!

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I know that we would be using 7th Generation dipes and wipes ($$$) if we used sposies, so I don't even bother with the calculations b/c there is no question that we are saving lots of $$ by cd'ing!
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I would have probably spent that, or more, since the only disposable diapers I liked were Huggies Supreme, or Tushies (the all natural, no-gel ones).

But I don't cloth diaper to save $$ :LOL so that's not an argument I use at all.
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We spossied ds he potty trained at 3, we spent about 40 dollars a month, that is dipes and wipes, we bought it all at Costco, we changed when he needed it, we never tried to "hold out" for more use or anything so we spent about 1500 dollars. True we had horrible blow outs in the first months but not the whole time, and now that my kids are all into "changing clothes" I'm doing tons of clothing laundry anyway.

I didn't get into cding for cost or resale, but I figure I spent about 5-600 on cloth, and after my first attempt at TP selling, lets just say I don't expect to recoup even a fraction of what I spent. What cost me about 50 dollars new I got 15 bucks for after shipping.
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Alright, here's my cost analysis I used sposies on my first dd until she pl'd at 23 months (and the little girl I babysit for pl'd at 25 months - also sposie'd; but that's an aside....I think this whole pl at 3,4,5 thing is a society push, and NOT a matter of whether the kiddos have bladder control, sposie vs. cloth, etc.)

(7 days; 4.5 weeks per month)
birth to 3 months: 12-14 diapers a day = 1228 diapers (ish)
3 - 6 months: 9 - 12 diapers a day = 945 dipes
6 - 12 months: 7 - 9 diapers a day = 1512 dipes
12 - 23 months: 5 - 7 diapers a day = 2079 dipes
PLUS: nighttime diapers for 4 more months = 126 dipes

@ .27 per diaper because I insisted on using Huggies Supreme's and Huggies Overnights (never in her entire diapering life did she have a blowout that wasn't a cause of an antibiotic or stomach bug - I swear by those as far as sposie's go) But, I did use a Huggies coupon with nearly every purchase (at least .50 most times $1 off)

GRAND TOTAL = (5,890 diapers) $1590.30

This is not including wipes - and my child pl'd pretty easily and early, but I used top end diapers.

I'm willing to *BET* I spend more in cloth with the next one, but I don't care. When you know better, you DO better, right? I never went generic with sposies, it's just not in me! I think I'll probably break even after resale though....
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I still believe that "about $15 a week" figure isn't accurate.

Does it include tax?


Gas the the store? ( know that I hardly EVER get to Target or walmart now, but when we used 'sposies it was a regular thing)

What if you're at the Grocery store, know you NEED diapers and just go ahead and pay that little bit extra ? "eh what's a few extra dollars, I really would rather not run to another store just for dipes"

I know that those packs of dipes didn't last us a whole week either, it was like 5-6 days tops, not quite a week, but enough so when you're running around buying dipes all the time, it "seems" like a week.
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I haven't figured it out, but with two babies in diapers, both being super pee-ers, I don't WANT to know how much sposies and sposie wipes would have cost :LOL
My kids are 14 months apart - DS1 is 2 and not PLed yet. So far, 10 months with 2 kids in diapers. Yikes. I bought the cheap sposies, but still, it would have been piles of cash. I think the biggest saving is in wipes. Disposable wipes are ridiculously expensive.
Additionally, you get sucked into the sposie stuff then, I think - like the washcloths, the special night diapers, the wash mitts, what have you. Nasty.
I do think that the numbers for disposable use are probably a bit high, but then again, most of my friends who sposie diaper their kids don't buy store brand and don't use coupons. I don't get that, but it seems to be a kind of status symbol to keep their kids in Pampers or Huggies Supremes, and only use the name brand wipes as well. :LOL I want my trash to be just as nice as everyone else's, thanks

Oh, we are saving on the garbage front too, quite a bit really. It's $2 a bag for pickup. I bet we'd have 2 bags full of diapers a week - $4 per week x 52 weeks is over $200, and you haven't bought the bags yet either. $200 a year for GARBAGE. That's the thing that made me switch, honestly.
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I will say, MY GOD - I had no IDEA just how much of my garbage was DIAPER related, until I didn't have it anymore. Thankfully, our quantity of garbage doesn't affect our cost.

And you're right - I didn't include sales tax on ANY of my figures (so there's a BIG increase), but it's all in relativity, I probably won't include shipping costs on my cloth diaper figures either, ya know?

Oh - and really, just like not all cloth diapers are created equal, neither are sposies! I TRIED the generic/store brand, and they didn't hold up as well - smelled funny, felt funny, and fit funny. jme, though
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From birth to 6 months they poo SOOO much we would have gone through probably 10 diapers a day easy... and the NB/size 1 have about 40 dipes in them. So I'd be buying probably 2 pkgs every week for 6 months. At $7/pk (Wal-Mart White cloud brand) that is:

$14x4 weeks= $56/month x 6 months = $336

After they start solids, the output changes a LOT an we'd probably only need 8 or so/day, BUT the size of the packages change. For size 3/4 there are only about 35 diapers/package...so that's like 4 days in 1 package again...so for the second half of the year it would be about the same-$336.

I'm *guessing* that the same would be true for the second year. Making the total for 2 years $1344.

DS shows NO signs of wanting to Potty Train, so I'm guessing he'll be in diapers till 3 which brings the total to over $2000 for 3 years of disposables.

Now, I probably haven't SAVED money w/ him- MAYBE broken even. BUT- the biggest selling point for me in the beginning was that cloth could be used for the next child, and prefolds will last through a third- easy. So for 3 children the total for disposables would be well over $6000 on trash, but cloth is an investment that will be even more worth it as time goes on

And if you only plan on 1 child- most cloth has fairly good resale, so you recoup much of your cost when your child is finished

*and I didn't even include wipes into this...*
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We always bought name brand diapers and wipes in bulk when Camryn was in disposables. So the cost wasn't too staggering. I figured out that between diapers, wipes, and genie refills it cost us about $60/month. That works out to about $1800 from birth to PL'ing at appx. 2.5 (I really don't know too many 3 year olds that are not yet PL'ed). We have had the same tube of Desitin for her entire sposie career so the rash cream factor is very comparable to cloth. And with the name brand diapers we never had ANY broken tabs or blow outs - so no ruined clothes.

So far I have spent over $1200 on start up cloth costs for both my toddler AND my newborn. But, I've been buying whatever hyena fitteds and covers that I want, including wool. Cost is not a factor for me. The reason I chose to convert to cloth diapering was for cuteness, environmental reasons, and more friendly materials next to my child's sensitive parts. But in the long run, I'll be able to resell the new baby's newborn diapers and use my toddlers one-size diapers on the new baby. So really, I should come out ahead by the time all costs are figured in once the new baby is PL'ed. But if I didn't save a dime, it would still be worth it for me. My enjoyment of a new hobby is enough for me to make the costs well worth it.
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I've been running my own cost comparison. Here it is, although I have it in WORD format if anyone is interested in a better version (footnotes & all)

Being a student Mommy on a VERY low budget income compelled me to do my own personal diaper comparison. What I wanted to know was: did you really save money by using cloth diapers? I found out at Mom’s Group that it’s really not difficult at all . I knew laundry/smell wasn’t going to be an issue if I didn’t have to soak, there aren’t any pins, and they are SO cute. I began the diaper experiment with my courageous hubby Micah and my unaware son Breck.
Huggies® disposable diapers (size 2, which is the size Breck was in when I started) are about 18 cents each when you get a deal (the last package I bought was @ TARGET® for $25 dollars, it had 136 diapers in it = 18.3823 cents each). Keep in mind the price goes up for each size b/c the price/box stays the same but the numbers of diapers in each box goes down. Granted, you don’t have to buy Huggies®, you can get store brand, or cheaper diapers, but I did find deals on the Huggies® when I bought them

That equals about $1.26/day (average of 7 diapers a day); $8.82/week
We were fortunate enough to have FREE disposable diapers given to us by friends and family before Breck was born to last 8 WEEKS!!

Breck is now 15 weeks old. We have paid for his diapers for 7 weeks:
(7 x 7 = 49 days)
49 days x $1.26/day (or $8.82/wk x 7 weeks)
= $61.74 so far.

Today is July 12, Breck is 7 months old (30 weeks), and would have officially begun using size 3 diapers today, had we continued with disposables. That means instead of $8.82/week, we would now pay $0.22/diaper. I’ve also reduced the number per day b/c he is not a big wetter in the afternoon, and can get through the day with usually 5-6 diaper changes.

$0.22/diaper x 5 diapers/day = $1.10/day for size 3
$1.10 x 7 days = $7.70/week

SO, for weeks 1-7 $0; weeks 7-15 $61.74; weeks 15-30 $132.30; weeks 30-52 $169.40. In his first year of life, including the first 8 weeks of free diapers, we would pay: $363.44.

A TOTAL OF$301.63
LAUNDRY (see below for explanation)$ 93.00
(34 that need covers, 15 pockets or AIO)

We did laundry for the first time with our cloth diapers on March 29, 2005. This was the 88th day of the year. 365-88=277 days left in the year. It costs $1 per load. Right now I estimate we’ll do laundry every 3 days. That means that we will do laundry 92.3 more times this year. So we will spend about $93 on laundry costs. We are line/sun drying everything, so there are no dryer costs.

For the first year, we saved no money using cloth diapers, but if you continue the comparison, it just gets better.

Let’s say Breck started wearing Size 3 diapers. For size three diapers you get diapers for the $25 dollar deal. And maybe we reduce the number of diapers per day to 5 instead of 7 Size 3 comes with 112 diapers in the box we bought @ Target on sale for $25. Each diaper then goes up in price to 22.3214 each.

SO: $0.22/diaper x 5 diapers/day = $1.10/day for size 3
$1.10 x 7 days = $7.70/week
$7.70 x 52 = $400.40/YEAR

We’re hoping to be in a house by year 2, but let’s say we aren’t, we would still have to pay $1/load of laundry every three days OUR ONLY COST FOR CLOTH DIAPERS IN YEAR 2. 122 days of laundry = $122 on laundry in year 2.

There are of course some other incidental costs: there is the extra cost of 2 Tb of detergent you have to use for washing the diapers, some costs in electricity/water if you wash your own (but certainly not anywhere near $1/load), cost of using a DOWNY Ball of vinegar in the rinse every few times we wash, and most likely added costs of extra cute dipes I cannot help but buy when I see the cute patterns, or as Breck grows and may need some more bigger sizes of covers, etc.

BUT even with those extra costs, we’re talking here about an investment. Just like that crib or swing or bouncer seat, these dipes will be around for son/daughter #2, 3, 4, etc. So we save EVEN more the longer we have them b/c we save on buying ANY dipes for any subsequent children.

ALSO, b/c my friends and family know we're using cloth, I've gotten SEVERAL offers from moms who also CD who are done with their dipes and have offered me some of their stashes.

I hope to make this a running cost/benefit analysis as Breck continues to grow, to update it as he hits certain weights and would have changed diaper sizes, input any more money I spend on CDing, and any additional thoughts I have, but for now, this seems like it’s going to save us money.
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I'm just getting started, so have no comparison to actual numbers. Based on what I have read about the number of changes/day online, and based on the numbers given by the diaper services I have looked at, along with averages I calculated from Sam's Club, I came up with a rough estimate for the first year. I calculated that a diaper service and sposies would work out about the same, assuming I got Sam's Club prices on all diapers (but we all know about those midnight runs when you're out or find you need the next size). I figure that I CAN CD for the first year for about the same - even using fun and cute fancy dipes (~$800 in our area), especially if I buy at least some used. Then you can usually sell your outgrown stuff to add new sizes, etc.

DH keeps asking "Do you really think we will save money?" And I reply, "Not necessarily, if I do all the fun/cute dipes, but it will easily be in the same range. Plus, it's so much better for the baby, isn't it worth it?" He usually leaves it there. I think I'm pretty lucky, we'll see once the baby comes in Dec!

Good luck with your numbers collecting!
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I don't have any horse's mouth on this, haven't been down that aisle in ages, but I have a friend with one baby in sposies and she says she spends $25 a week on diapers. No idea if she is a diaper-bloat mama or not, I want to stay friends... And another friend who pays $7 to dispose of every bag of garbage.
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YEAH, Seriously if disposables were say FREE all the time, how many of us who have used cloth for one or more children would use yucky 'sposies after we know so much about them???

Not me!

I have been tempted to buy a pack for trips, or stressful times, but really couldn't bring myself to put one of those things on my little dude.

Plus one day a friend left a few 'sposies over here, I found one and offered ds a choice:

Cute sposie with mickey mouse


Blue clues aio

He picked the cute 'sposie, then as I tried to get it on said "no, not dat one, dis one!" And directed me to his soft, cotton reusable, eco friendly, not hot and itchy CLOTH DIAPER!

So that's it in a nutshell.

Any babies I have tried CD's on that were even the slightest bit verbal yet, gave VERy positive responses.

Petting the Fluff was almost instant reaction for them!

Mommies who see thier darlin IN a real CD, switch almost immediately.

They are scared to put them on themselves, so if you can say "can I try one of my kids dipes on jsut to see how it fits your little guy/girl they almost always say yes. You quickly put it on, and say "Oh my! What a pretty baby you are in that CD!"

Works every time!

They see how well they fit on "their" baby, how easy it is to put on, and how soft as their baby pets the FLUFF!!!!!
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I used disposables exclusively during my dh's busy season, but it looks like we will probably transition back to cloth exclusively again once this unforeseen extension to his busy season is over. My younger dd just insists on it. We're part timing right now as I try to overcome some issues and explore easier ways to do it.

I used Pampers Feel n Learn Dora the Explorer diapers. Each package of 21 diapers cost $9.45 plus tax at full retail. In addition, we used Pampers Sensitive Touch wipes, which cost about five dollars for 144 wipes. We used one package of 21 diapers a day, more or less, for both of our girls, since we change at every pee that we notice. It is much harder to tell with disposables. They wear the same size. We use about four packages of wipes a month. The cost of diapers was killing us -- that's what made me look at cloth diapers. This was well over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH ON SPOSIES. So I felt fully justified in buying any cloth I wanted, heck, it was a challenge to go much wilder than that.

I have since figured out that only an ignorant fool like I was pays full retail for disposable diapers. I learned to combine sales and coupons and other deals to dramatically lower the cost of diapers. So I now pay around half that or less for diapers.

My primary reasons for wanting to switch back to cloth have to do with my younger dd's strong preference for cloth, but not cost savings. I will have to buy a whole new stash of cloth diapers, which will be very, very fun.
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