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hbp - is this "Harry Potter Book" abbreviated poorly?
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I'm the one who leaves my shoes out for DH to trip over

I'm trying to find a MT that works for us, I bought a babyhawk but it doesn't work for me. Right now I'm mostly using a hotsling and I have a wrap that I like for around the house but I haven't got the hang of back carries yet. I was going to try one of those blanketless MT's but I saw a picture and it seems too strappy...I think I really need wide shoulders.

I had a leak last night with the wonderoo but I don't know why, when I took it off it was wet only in front, completely dry in back, like it hadn't soaked in at all.

Az, that's awful about the strep...I had antibiotic resistant tonsilitis once...it was awful it kept coming back. Where in MA are you? I'm in western Mass.

Japhet is off and weird today..I started him on cereal this week...I hope its not that. He has a big zit on his face has been sneezing when I lay him down for the last four days but until today has been feeling ok, today he has been a constant fountain of spit up and just seems a little fussy. No other cold symptoms though and he's only a little fussy. He hasn't had any cereal today and so I think I'll skip it and see how he is tomorrow.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

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Half Blood Prince, and please no spoilers... I don't get to read it for another couple weeks, we're broke.
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Aviva, you mentioned you were on a board for moms with PCOS. Did you have any milk supply problems with it? I ask because my lactation consultant thinks I may have it, and that that may be why I'm low milk supply. But I really don't have any other symptoms, she just said my breasts are shaped like someone with PCOS. Weird. Anyway, if I'm prying, I'm sorry, just wondering, though.
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I'm here but he's too squirmy! won't last long... Joyce cool about the instruments. I have a ton all over here - the good ones seem to last even when really abused. The el cheap-o's don't last no matter how careful I am... seems like it anyway. But like you I didn't want to spend $$ on them, so a lot of garage sale stuff.

Michelle - I have 2 people in line for my copy or I'd send it... sorry! No spoilers

gotta go andy
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Hey Aviva, tell me specifics about your MT that you don't dig. I had a hard time with mine and then all of a sudden it got easy to use and was really comfy.

As for getting on back, what I do is tie on the waist and spread out the blanket behind me on a chair, plunk babe down on the blanket, get the straps up over the correct shoulders, pull them snug, put a hand under baby bum, and lift her while pulling on the straps until she's wiggled down into the blanket and is high enough on my back. Then I take them under my armpits (like backpack straps), straight back and under her bum, around my back and tie in the front. She's great in there that way. But I wasn't comfy with how it felt until I had her in the ergo and knew exactly where she was sitting and how it felt. And I made dh spot me a few times.

Now I can do it in the car seat (passenger seat, not hers!) and I can get her off my back in any chair (like at the docs office) or standing. I don't like to try and get her on my back when I'm standing because I just haven't done it enough yet, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Andy, I have to have surgery on my BMT. Hopefully Lissi can fix it whle I'm down there next week.

And now I'm really signing off for the night, we need to get going in less than 10.

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Avivia I'm in Gloucester.

Michelle thanks for speaking up, We won't mention any spoilers, bummer that you have to wait especially since we've already had to wait long enough. JKR says 2 yrs for book 7 too :

I decided to suck on some hard candies for my throat but I picked lemon, bad idea the citrus is burning my throat I citrus things this is killing me
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I'm alive! Sorry I didn't get to pop in here earlier. Today went a lot worse than last time. Because of the swelling, the novocaine didn't take all the way. I screamed, I cried, I moaned, I got weak and dizzy and couldn't stand up for a while, but I did eventually let him take them both out. The dentist was very nice and patient with all the stopping and starting. But OMG I'd rather give birth every day than do that again.

I have penicillan and more ibuprofen. It's a lot less painful now, just stiff and swollen. I still can't open my eye all the way.

Now, the hard part is getting food into me. Jello and cold broth is about all I can handle, I think. I still feel wobbly and it's probably from not enough food. And all I can think about is Chinese food.
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Originally Posted by Malama
Lisa- yk, one thing that has worked for me as far as bad nights? I stopped looking at the clock. back when R was a baby I would look at it every time he woke up and calculate the small amount of sleep I got- it was driving me crazy. so I stopped. Now people ask how many times Luka wakes in the night and I tell them I have no idea. because really, I don't. I know it's at least 2-3 times and often more, but that's about it. or every once in awhile when he sleeps a really long time I look, so I can feel good about getting 5 or 6 hours in a row, but that's not happening very often.
anyhow, just a little mini suggestion there.
I second (or third - I haven't read that far) this suggestion. I do the same thing. When Eamon was little I would obsess the first couple weeks about my sleep or lack thereof. I decided to remove the clock and not pay any attention. It may not have given me more sleep, but I didn't worry or know how much/little I got. Like Karen, I truly have no idea how long she sleeps or how often she nurses. Without knowing I feel better about my sleep.

BTW - Karen, you are a wise woman full of great insights....
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Andy, thanks anyway. My mom and her sister each have a copy, but I don't go down to visit until 8/1. She's got the new JD Robb Eve Dallas book too. :
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Originally Posted by Proudmom
BTW - Karen, you are a wise woman full of great insights....

Jeni- glad it went ok! I know that when I went in to have a root canal done 3 weeks after L was born, I told the dentist that I would much rather give birth than have him go at my teeth. not that I *love* giving birth or anything.....

MIchelle- If you haven't gottne the book by the time our family is through with it, id be happy to send mine on too. but you will have to wait for Noam, and he's not so fast a reader yet.

Lisa- good luck with everything. and yuck on the diapers!

Luka is having trouble pooping, so I have him naked sitting on the floor. I fiugre it'll be a murphy's law thing and he'll have a messy clean-up poop.

aviva- sounds like some repelling issues. when the fabirc repels, only a teeny bit will get wet and the rest of the pee will just roll right off. I had so many repelling problems that I got rid of all of my pocket diapers. the washing was just getting stressful for me.
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Hey - whew! Nice to have dh home for the night, as he's between flights tonight, and he brought 2 friends w/him, which is nice (and they're staying at a local hotel, which is even nicer, I gotta admit ), but it throws the WHOLE schedule off kilter. 9pm and Beca's still rolling around the house in roller skates, the baby has avo all over his face, the kitchen is wrecked, the dog hasn't been walked, it's all downhill. All done now, though. I get into high gear and it's 20 min start to finish kids in bed, washed, nursed, read to, loved, left. (where's that WHEW smilie???). Did I mention that dh broke the baby AGAIN?!?!?! He's such a basically he was showing off to his friends and he's holding the baby on the deck table outside and he 'collapses' and dh lets him fall and he conks his head AGAIN and now he's got TWO big bruised goose eggs :

Nighttime diapes. I've been using the Valor Kids diapes with a trifold hemp liner and an extra fleece topped hemp on top. I use either the PUL or wool cover, depending on what's clean. Works for about 11 hrs. superwell w/out any pottying. In the 12th hour it starts to wick a little - esp. the PUL. We use jammies and a/c all night, so I don't like night time pottying. It wakes him up too much.

Karen - can we PM w/three of us? I've never pm'd... are you starting to feel home now? The exhaustion from such a long trip often takes me about a week to recover from. Last year we went to Vancouver and a bunch of other places for 6 weeks. It was awesome, but also really really tiring. At least I was out of my first tri for most of it

Jeni - OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I can't believe he'd even PULL a tooth w/out full numbing (let alone TWO!)! In the old days at least they'd give you shots of whisky or some morphine or something You are BRAVE mama!! I'da been dousing on the pills for a week before going back... : I think - aside from birth (which was LOUD, btw) - I have a pretty low pain threshold... my eyes water with pain a lot and I sometimes hit back when dh steps on my foot (which he does frequently).

Well, I think I'm off to bed. It's a long couple of days BUT Beca has a camp sleepover on Thursday night, so I get to go to my drumming and bring Ori but not have to rush home to pick her up from babysitting or anything. COOL!!! She's loving camp, and is really looking forward to the sleepover. YAY!!! Caio mamas! Andy
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Hey - I think it's time for a new thread - I'll start...
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