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cutting the cord

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Tell me what you know about delaying the cutting of the cord. I have been reading a lot about lotus birth and although I love the ideas behind it I don't want to do it. It just seems yucky. How long did you wait to cut the cord? I am not even sure but I am pretty sure that all of my kids had their cords cut before I even delivered the palcenta. I am definatly going to wait til after I delver the placenta with this one but I am not sure how long after I should wait.
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I'm going to wait until it stops pulsing before cutting the cord.
I like the lotus birth idea as well, but don't think I'll try it.
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With my third (home waterbirth), we waited until the cord stopped pulsing. I don't remember how long it was until it did.
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My daughter was born 3 weeks ago at home and this was something I thought a lot about. It was a somewhat big deal to me to wait until the cord stopped pulsing; to delay cutting as long as possible. But honestly, right after she was born and I kept having contractions I was like "GET THE PLACENTA OUT NOW!" and I didn't even think about it when they cut the cord. I'm guessing that it stopped pulsing since it had been delivered, but I think my point was that I didn't care. I wish I had though It's one of those things that happen during a birth thatyou didn't expect as far as what you'd really be thinking at the time! Especially when she was born; I thought I'd be weeping tears of joy. Instead I wanted to just lay down already (she was born while I was standing up).
It was still an awesome birth though
Take care!
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It's best to wait until the cord stops pulsing and is white. I believe that this blood is what the cord blood bankers want and is so precious. However, I read recently that the blood that the baby receives via the cord (after birth) is precious! It is full of oxygen and other good stuff for the baby. I'm sorry, I looked around but can't find the exact quote I was looking for (in the Husband Coached Childbirth book)
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There is a great article in this months mothering mag. The Amazing Placenta. It talks about how important the blood left over in the placenta is. It was a great article. It has had me reading about lotus birth all day. I would love to do it but I just am not into taking care of a three yr old, a one yr old, a newborn and it's palcenta. And that didn't even include my 8 yr old. lol
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oh and my husband would think I was an absolute nut job.
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Delayed cord cutting is not the same as lotus birth. You might be delaying cutting the cord for half an hour or so after the placenta is delivered, if even that long (not sure how long it is, tbh, but I've never heard of it being so much as an hour!). It makes perfect sense to wait until all the blood in the placenta gets into the baby, not to mention that as long as the placenta is attached, it helps to supply the baby with oxygen. IMO, it's a matter of making sure the baby gets what's coming to her.

I haven't heard a single cogent argument about physical benefits of lotus birthing, only that it makes for a 'calm' baby and birth experience. It is not a tradition in any culture we know of, and I can't think of a single animal that does it either, though apparently it was observed in chimpanzees. It makes absolutely no logical sense to me, not even on a spiritual level. Theory is it allows baby to slowly let go of her attachment to mama's body...I was of the mind that loving arms and breastmilk helped baby to stay attached to mama.

To each his own, I suppose, though I question how surely one can avoid any sort of decay, even with a liberal salting.
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To each his own, I suppose, though I question how surely one can avoid any sort of decay, even with a liberal salting
my thoughts exactly. It has got to stink after a few days.
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Lotus birth doesn't appeal to me and my DH does think it is crazy...I wouldn't have the patience to haul it around the house to change the baby, get into a bf position with the baby and placenta etc...I applaud those who do and who believe in it, but it doesn't make sense to me either. I'm all for boobs, skin and loving arms!!
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