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Rock Star INXS

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I wasnt sure if I was going to watch this or not but the first episode was on last night and it was really good!

I saw INXS in concert back in the 80's and they were great performers.

I remember the day Michael Hutchence died So sad.

I think this is a good idea and a great way for the band to get tons of publicity for their new album.

There were so many good performances last night, but I thought they sent the right person home.

Anyone else watch?

(C'mon Polka123, this is right up your alley )
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totally, totally love INXS & their music.

& Michael Hutchence was 1 of the sexiest things on 2
legs <swoon>
"I need you Tonight...because I'm not sleeping..."

"Never tear us apart...."

I have so missed the music

"Suicide Blonde" was my anthem for a while

I missed it.. on next Monday ?
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I agree that she should have gone home. There were a couple other who didn't do nearly as well as the others.

Polka123, there's a new episode tonight and tomorrow night. The public gets to start voting for who they think should win tonight.
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I have been rebuilding my vinyl collection and found a copy of thier first album today...

Its on in a half hour...I am anxious to see what songs they will sing. The list to choose from looked pretty cool from what i can tell.
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Oh my goodness! It was so good! It is on tonight, too.

A couple of those girls ROCKED! The blonde w/ pigtails, the one with dreadlocks, the first one that sang Joplin. Loved it! I liked a couple of the guys, too.
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I watched the first one, but missed last nights because I had to work. I was diggin' it. And Dave Navarro....
It's on again tonight?
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Yes, last night they said something like "Watch tomorrow to see who gets voted off". I missed Monday but watched last night. Is it on every night? Whhooppee!

I have always drooled over Dave Navarro.
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I haven't been able to bring myself to watch... I don't know why, like it is wrong or something. I probably wouldn't care except I watched a Behind the Music on Michael Hutchence like 3 years ago and it totally touched me and was like, I don't know, like I knew him or felt him in my soul or something. Very weird, it was. Like when you have a heavy dream and you can't shake it the rest of the day? Anyway... are they all girls trying out? That might be ok... and Dave Navarro... mmmmm.
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I didn't mean to watch I thought it sounded really cheesy but then I started watching the first episode and I am hooked! These people are so talented!!! There are a couple of weaker ones but honestly I thought that 11 of the 14 last night were just completely great! How are they going to choose? And that first irl to go was definitely the right choice. Next they can cut Suzi and Wil and then that girl who sang "I want you to want me" who just didn't seem quite up to the standard. But man, all the others just blew me away!
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Is Dave Navarro trying to look like Satan? He's cute but a little over the top...

I like Jordis, but I don't know if they'll choose a female singer to front the band?
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I also like Jordis. There's something about her that seems familiar.

I don't like Suzie, not since she made those comments to Marty about his voice. I'm not sure about Mig, I don't like Ty. I didn't care for Daphna's performance.

I like Heather, Marty, Jordis, Deanna, Neal and I can't really remember the other performances.
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I like Jordis too...she is so cool and natural...but I dont know if I can see her singing any of their tunes.

I like Ty, the crazy barefoot guy was pretty good too.

Wil was not with it last night but kinda cute

I liked the girl who sang The Clash song but I didnt like the wasy she sang that song...but I am VERY partial to people covering songs from my boys

The Mick Jagger/ Iggy Pop/ Beck lookalike guy is good, but seems like he is doing an impersonation KWIM?

Cant wait to see who goes.

From what I understand, they take the bottom three and make them perform an INXS song and the band chooses who goes. I like that idea! That way america has some say but not the final say...lord knows we dont need another American 'fixed' Idol
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I`m another one that thinks its kind of weird. I was determined not to watch because I LOVED Michael Hutchence so much when I was 13. I got sucked in too, but its so weird that he is never mentioned. How could the band not compare every singer to him? He was perfect.
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I think Dave Navarro looks more like a beautiful polynesian woman...with sideburns and a goatee

I am glad they sent home Wil...cute but not the right fit. He sang while looking down too much...i thing Suzie was pretty weak with her Blondie cover...I dont think her INXS song was that great either, but who knows.

Liseux- They did a nice tribute to MH when the show premeired. I thought he was amazing too. I dont think they mention him much because they probably dont want the new singer to feel like they are always going to be compared.
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Originally Posted by beatgirl
I think Dave Navarro looks more like a beautiful polynesian woman...with sideburns and a goatee
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I can understand a little better now, I read an interview with Kirk Pengilly & he explained how they are not trying to replace Michael, that`s impossible. They just want a new start & he said he hopes its a female to avoid the comparisons completely. I`m sorry I missed the tribute.
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I missed the tribute too, though to be honest I don't really remember INXS much from when I was younger. I remember some of the INXS songs, but didn't know who they were from.

I didn't remember Wil but once he started singing I did and yeah I'm glad he's gone. I do not think Tara will be around long, she looked scared once Susie sang.
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Did anyone watch last night? I think its good that we get to see what foes on behind the scenes, but 3 nights in a row is quite a tv commitment!

I'm still going to watch the performances tonight though. There were some interesting song choices up on that board!
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Ive been watching......the first night it came on, dh was saying he didnt think Michael Hutchence was that good looking.....I looked over at him and said "sorry dude, he was hot! Thats like saying Gavin Rossdale isnt good looking......shesh!"

I dont the contestants are that good...except for Brandon, Ty and the chick with the dreads. But its fun to watch anyways......
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This is what you need
I’ll give you what you need

(What You Need-INXS)
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