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So when does the old 'squeal and run away' stop?

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OK, I know it's totally normal (I hope!) developmentally (DS is 17 months), and I probably have contributed to it myself with running around and playing "tag" together sometimes, but when do toddlers stop running away from you, laughing hysterically, when you've asked them to come to you? I'm just getting tired of having to constantly go get him when he needs a diaper change, when he has managed to get something I don't want him to break (the cordless phone, the TV remote), or if he is endangering himself due to his daredevil escapades (he is quite the climber). I have finally realized that the more I "chase" him, the funnier he thinks it is so unless it's a safety thing I haven't been really feeding into it, I just stay boring and approach him slowly....I know I can't expect a 17-month-old to respond to me every time, or even most of the time, so I guess I'm just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. :LOL

I've taken to making his diaper change and PJ time in the evening a 3 stage process: Get him on a run-by to get the clothes off.....get him on the next run-by to get the diaper off and the new one on....get him on the last run-by to get on the jammies...the alternative is pinning him down and forcibly doing it all at once, which just is NOT my style.

Just wondering if anyone knows when this *fun* stage starts to wind down? Or, doesn't it? Or, is there something else I can do to help it happen less?

Input is greatly appreciated; I'm starting to get pooped, and quite frankly, a little emotionally drained! Commiseration would be even better, so I know I'm not alone!!
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You are definitely not alone! I just had the conversation today with a friend of mine about how both of our toddlers (my ds, 17 mo, and her dd 15 mo) run in the opposite direction as fast as they can whenever you call their names, lol!

Something I have strated to do with ds is to try to teach him the word "stop". I use STOP when there is something dangerous, like when he is walking too close to the top of the driveway by the road. I make it a game when we are walking together holding hands- I will shout stop! and abruptly stop walking, which makes him stop too since he is holding my hand. He is now at least briefly pausing on his own when iI shout stop (when I'm not holding his hand).

As far as the changing, etc., no words of wisdom here. I have the same routine ... getting his as he runs by, lol
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Well, I would dearly love to tell you it will stop within a month or two and really I hope it does for you. But not around here. My ds is now 22 months old and still does this. Especially if he is about to do something he shouldn't be doing ie running into the street. Some children I have seen continue to do this for awhile. Some (hopefully all of ours ) will stop doing this constantly. I also find my son run more and thinks it is even more hysterical if he is tired and ready for a nap.

GL, you are being a good mom and helping your dc develop a sense of fun and personality while trying to form some boundries of good behavior. This too shall pass, straight into something else.... :LOL
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oh man! am i glad to hear it's happening to more than our family. ds just looooooooves this game and last night i chastised my husband for encouraging this. i dont really know how to handle it. will ds forever run from us if dh encourages this silly behavior? i have stopped running after him and also wait in a crosslegged position for ds to make a pass and i catch him, which is hilarious like everything else is these days (at least he's happy!).

he also kicks while changing the diaper (and nursing : )and i have told him no when he does that and make a stern face. then as soon as he quiets i tell him what a wonderful job he is doing etc. etc. i wish i didn't have to say no. i wish i could just encourage the good behavior, but i can't figure out how that works, or if it even works at all.

the impossibilities of toddlers!
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Originally Posted by MerriVic
This too shall pass, straight into something else.... :LOL

Ummm, thanks...I think... :LOL

Seriously though, thanks ladies for the commiseration. I think this is just one of those things we have to ride out, and hope to be able to convey to them when it is really important to stop, like a safety issue. Thanks for the suggestion mom2kbeth - I was reading another post where someone also mentioned the whole "Stop/Freeze" thing, so I think I'm going to start trying that with DS, make it kind of like a game so that eventually he might get the hang of it. Kind of like "freeze tag", remember that game?

Anobody else have any words of wisdom, or stories to share of the wild, free range, roaming toddler?
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DS is just over 2 and it seems to be slowing down. I can ask him to stop and he will.
The diaper changes are still a challenge though!
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