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How often do you do laundry?

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I hear about people doing 2-3 loads a day. I don't get it unless you have a REALLY big family. There are 3 of us and I do laundry once a week and typically I have 3 loads. Occasionally I may have 4. Even when dd was still in cloth dipes I only did dipes every third day.

How much laundry do you do? How many people are in your family? What are you washing?
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2 adults, 2 kids.

Once a week (it's been that way forever).

3-4 loads - whites, colors, darks, sheets (and maybe cleaning rags every 3 weeks) Comforters get washed once a month.

(just bought a front loader, holds-way-more, energy efficient washing machine) instead of my previous bigger loads. I don't have to go to the local washing machine place to wash my comforters anymore.

maybe that's why people have to do 2-3 loads a day. Their top loaders can't handle a lot at once, so the washer has to spread it out over days (wait for it to wash, then load into dryer, start again.)
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2 adults...2 boys...baby on the way now so lots of used cd's and clothes to wash...lately, every other day a 2 washes. its always been that way for me. my 14 yr. old is horrible with his room and bathroom and i never know what is clean. when i harass him enough to clean those rooms, i find it ALL in the dirty clothes. i literally have to stand over him after i give him his folded clothes to put away. most of the time i give up and put them away b/c i dont want to rewash.
and dont get me started on his one a day towels!! lol!
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Originally Posted by thistle
I hear about people doing 2-3 loads a day. I don't get it unless you have a REALLY big family. There are 3 of us and I do laundry once a week and typically I have 3 loads. Occasionally I may have 4. Even when dd was still in cloth dipes I only did dipes every third day.

How much laundry do you do? How many people are in your family? What are you washing?

I would LOVE to have that little an amount of laundry!!!!

Here's our laundry breakdown for 5 people and 2 cats:

Cloth training pants - 2 loads per week
Casual darks - 2 loads per week
Casual whites - 1 load per week
Towels - 1 load per week
Sheets/bedding (I only wash each person's BI-weekly) - but still comes to about 3 loads per week
Delicate darks - 1 load per week
Delicate lights - 1 load every other week
Super hand-wash delicates - 1 load per week
Baby regulars - 1 load every other week
Baby darks - 1 load every other week
Baby delicates - 1 load every other week

That comes out to about 13 loads a week - plus at least one more because there is always at least one catastrophe where someone's bed gets puked on right after it was washed, or all the towels get used to stop a toilet overflow, or the kids exploded ink over stuff, or whatever.
SO - 14 loads in your average week - 15 or 16 loads when we have guests using the guest bedding and towels. Then in the winter, there is all the kids' coats and snowgear too. And when this new baby arrives, I'm sure the baby laundry will all have to be done weekly instead of bi-weekly.

14 loads a week means if I do not do 2 loads per day or 4 loads every other day, I fall hopelessly behind. We do have a smaller top-loading washer, so I am not able to do as big of loads as someone with a larger one. I do get so tired of the constant laundry!!!!
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I think I am really glad I spent the little extra to get a bigger capacity washer. It has the water control feature so I can choose from 5 different load sizes and it is big enough to wash a queen comforter. I think it was only like $20-30 more than the smaller one and it has paid for itself in just not having to take the comforter to the laundry. For once I am glad I let the sales guy talk me into something- :LOL
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Once every two weeks for one small adult and two kids. Usually four to five loads:

2 loads of darks
1 load of whites
1 load of towels and/or 1 load of "other"

Our laundry is in the cellar, which has outside access only, so I have to go outside and then down the rickety stairs into the dank dark SPIDERY cellar to do laundry. Therefore, I do laundry as seldom as I can. This is particularly fun in the winter when there's three feet of snow on the ground and I have to dig a path to the cellar.

I admit if our washer and dryer were in the house I would do laundry way more often and be less careful about what we washed.
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Too often. LOL. Every single day. Four kids, two adults, one dog, one cat, cloth diapers...it adds up quick!
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I have a family of five. I do one or two loads every other day.
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I can easily find a load to do everyday and then I do baby stuff every 2nd day and linen weekly 2 loads of sheets a load of towels, dishcloths etc. That's for two adults, 2 pre-teen boys and a babe.
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2 adults, 3 kids (2 are in dipes all day, all3 in dipes at night)

I do at least 2 loads a day, dipes every third day. We have red dirt so whatever the boys wear outside goes stright to the dirty clothes & DD spits up a lot (usually all over her clothes & the clothes of the lucky person who's holding her at the time LOL ). We also have a lot of messes & spills w/a 1 1/2 year old & a 4 1/2 year old. Laundry around here adds up fast.
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I try to keep up which means at least a load a day. Typically this doesn't get done, but when it does I don't get behind/have a mountain!!
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"I have a family of five. I do one or two loads every other day."

: and cloth diapers.....
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( sorry abouy caps i wasnt looking while i was typing) new baby in november i may have to be going twice a week then. :LOL i cant not CD but im going to try doing EC as much as possible.
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If I can manage to wash and dry 1 load a day, I can stay caught up on laundry when its just dh, ds and me. Ds is in CD. Dh has a dirty job :LOL masonry and he goes through 2 sets of clothes/day. I should have clothes that need drycleaning : but I refuse to dress up THAT much for my job That's just for normal clothes and diapers. I also hang everything I can on the line...

Now when we have all the kids... I have a HUGE pile of 3-4 loads on Monday morning to dig out of... Between all the towels, swimsuits, clothing changes that tweens just NEED to do PLUS the sheets that need washing 2x month, I'm swimming in laundry!

I would say I do 5 loads of laundry M-F w/3 of us;
On the Mondays after dh's kids were over + 3-4 loads
So I average 7 loads M-F

We're usually out of town on the weekends or I don't have time to do laundry!

What I've found though is the bigger the kids get, the less I can fit in the machine!
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I have a Sears Kenmore H4t (top of the line, German made) in white. I think it was $100 more than the H3t and the H3t didn't have the Sanitary cycle.


It's my prayer that ALL SAHMs get themselves a front-loading, energy saving, bigger capacity washer.

- there is a Sanitary cycle!
- holds comforters
- stainless steel drum (I was using a vinegar rinse to disenfect in my porcelain tub and it rusted it. It was $399 to replace the tub... it was "cheaper" to just buy a $1,999 new washer. Ours was 5 years old. I know it's a lot of money, but it is SO worth it.

- uses less detergent
- thus less detergent residue on clothing
- variety of speed spins (super fast for faster drying time)
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i do a load a day, sometimes two.

i have a new asko front loader and love it. i would have gotten the miele but i didnt want to spend the $ on it.
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There are 3 of us plus 2 dogs and we need to do about 15 loads a week. So I try to do 2 a day or else I am so behind by the weekend. We have a large capacity front loader but it still adds up. And dh and I re-wear some of our stuff too. DD is in the messy toddler eating, playing and potty learning stage so she goes through a lot of clothes. We all reuse towels, napkins, etc. too...somehow we still have a ton of laundry to do every week.

4 loads of cloth diapers
2 of black clothes
2 whites (1 for dd, 1 for us)
2 colors (1 for dd, 1 for us)

1 of dishtowels, napkins etc.
1 of bed linens
2 loads towels (1 light/1 dark)
1 load of dog towels/beds etc.
These last 5 sometimes get held over for another week
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In my family there are 2 adults and two kids under four. I typically wash six loads in a week, one each day.
Tuesday~towels and rags
Friday~My husband

The sixth load is whites and it gets washed on whichever day it really needs to be done. Occasionaly there are less loads and occasionaly there are more. It just depends on the week.

I'm not currently using my cloth diapers but when I was that added about three loads a week.
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I do 8-12 loads a week. I do my bed every other week and the kid's bed every other week so that cuts down on some. Diapers are 2-3 loads per week. Dimitrius's work clothes 2 loads a week. Dimitrius's gym clothes, 2 loads a week. Amelie spits up or drools copiously on herself and bibs don't contain it all. So she gets changed 2-3 times a day. The kids get food on themselves and play in the yard and get very dirty so they have to change once a day, usually. Their pajamas get reused at least once though. We have a king size bed so that's 2 loads to wash the sheets, then mattress cover and pillowcases. We have a few couch blankets around that sometimes get dirty and need washing too. I also use towels in the kitchen for everything as opposed to paper towels and that can add up to about half a load a week. I change clothes almost daily, as well. If I lived alone, I would probably have about 2 loads a week.
Let's see if I can break it down:
2 loads of work clothes
2 loads of diapers
2 loads of gym clothes
2 loads of bedding or bath towels or couch blankets
1 load of heavily soiled clothes (food, dirt, kitchen towels)
1 load of assorted kids clothes
1 load of mine and D's daytime clothes
11 loads per week, on average

I do at least one load a day so that I don't get behind. It's not the washing that's a chore when I get behind, it's the folding and putting away that becomes a daunting task. Any suggestions on how I could have less laundry?
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I do 10 loads per week for a family of 3.
Our washer is pretty small. Not single-sized, but not much bigger. I can wash 1 queen-sized blanket in it at once, or 2 sets of sheets.
DH goes through clothes like crazy. He is site managing for construction right now, so he comes home filthy and sweaty and changes as soon as he gets in the door. He is a big guy, and 3xl tall shirts take up a lot of room in that little washer.
I work on a farm, and come home at the end of the weekend with a bag full of clothes to be washed
DS is 3. I believe that explains a lot. He is slowly potty training and still has a few accidents.
We also have a pool that gets used 3x per week or so, and that produces a lot of laundry.
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