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My son (21 months) has a habit which is driving me CRAZY. When nursing lying down (i.e. at night), his upper hand very very lightly strokes my breast or arm, which is sweet but it TICKLES!!!! He often will curl his fingers so he's basically stroking me with his fingernails, which is even worse.

I've tried holding his hand or laying my hand on top of his (to keep it still), but he pulls away after a few seconds to continue the stroking. I've also tried teaching him to pat me instead, which he does for a few seconds before reverting to stroking (I think he's trying to do what I'm asking but it's an effort and then he forgets and goes back to his usual, comforting action.)

This has been bothering me for a while, but is coming to a head right now because dh is out of town for 2 weeks so (a) ds is nursing (and stroking) all night bc he's upset and misses his dad, and (b) I'm extra exhausted anyway from being "on duty" (and nursing) 24 hours a day, so my tolerance is at an extreme low - BUT I feel I need to be particularly gentle with ds because he's clearly confused and missing dh.

Help please! Please! I hate to be so frustrated and resentful about nursing, particularly when ds most needs comfort and reassurance.