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Ergo Baby Carrier?

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Has anyone used it? It looks really good to us. We had a Baby Bjorn and a Hip Hammock, but both were really hard for DH to use. Slings are not good for him either. I was never able to get the hang of the Didymos and this one just looks like it might be the ticket. So - any experience?
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We bought our Ergo when Ben was 2.5, for a trip to CA we were taking. We had it shipped out there, so we could make sure we had it in time. The day I put DS in, he loved it! We walked all over southern Ca with him in there, and he even fell asleep in it! (Trying to attach a pic of that)


I used it for another year and a half with him, even as he topped 40 lbs. Grocery shopping was wonderful, since he was happy to ride on my back and not get bored/fussy/grabby. People would always comment on how hard it must be to carry such a big kid (he is looong, too) and i always smiled and said this was much easier than him being in the cart.

So, I have not used it for a baby, but if you consider that they can get in around 4-6 months and I used it til age 4+, its a really good investment! The only reason we stopped is that DS finally decided he would rather walk than be carried. Took him long enough!
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I haven't used it for a baby yet (and probably won't as I have a mei tai carrier), but it is a fabulous toddler/preschooler carrier. I used mine right up until I got pg this time. N was probably 35 pounds when I stopped carrying him. I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it once the baby is older.
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I really like mine. It's good for hiking or taking walks or shopping- I couldn't use the sling for that since it pulled on my neck and shoulders after a while. And the framed backpacks are very uncomfortable for me for walking. I found the Ergo to be very comfortable and much easier on the shoulders, and once you get the feel of how to put the baby in it, it's really easy. You can also use it on the front like a baby bjorn (with the kid facing your chest)- although I never used it that way, lots of people do. For back carrying you can't use it till they can hold their heads up, but I would imagine using it on the front you can do it much sooner.
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we had one for my dd and loved it. I got it when she was about a year. Remember that if you use it for a newborn that you will need to get the little pillow insert
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Where to get one?

Anyone know of a specific place or website that sells them? Or a reasonable price for a used one on e-bay?
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I bought mine at The Baby Hammock and was very pleased at how fast I got it. I've seen them occasionally for trade or sale on http://www.thebabywearer.com and I know there is also a yahoo group for trading/selling baby carriers.

My understanding is that the company controls how much the sellers ask for the carrier, so the only difference you'll find in price for the new ones is shipping and/or extra freebies.
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I second thebabyhammock recommendation- she is local here, and she is a great mom who is always available to help others out- I was happy to support her business!
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Well, I think we are going to try it! We still have the Baby Bjorn and our Hip Hammock. I think we gave away our sling because we just didn't like it at all. We also have the big backpack which I hated but DH liked. We're excited to try this one. I may bring a printout from the website to my chiro today to see what she thinks of it!
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I just bought mine from http://www.babiesinthesun.com/ . I also went ahead & purchased the insert. She also has a wide selection of dipes & other things for mommies & babies. If she doesnt have them up on her site yet, just email her & she'll place your order.
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We have never really used our Ergo. As long as our regular slings work fine, I probably won't. DS and I are so used to talking and interacting while he's in the sling, it seems like it would be lonely to have him on my back.
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