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Your right underwear is under wear, Both of my sons wear girls panties,

I have a 3 year old son and 6 year old boy/girl twins, And my 6 year old will actually switch places with his sister at times, she wears his clothes including underpants and he will wear her clothes including panties, As i said in one of my other posts, Both of my sons were dressed as girls on a Saturday and Sunday last month, And my daughter was dressed as her brother during the same time period, we had gone out to do errands, shopping and visit friends and relatives, Both of my sons have long hair and get mistaken for girls almost all the time.

Even if both of my sons are dressed in boys clothes, Most of the time people think that i have 3 daughters and not 1 daughter and 2 sons, Both of my sons have unisex names, So when i call them no one looks at us funny if they are dressed in girls clothes.
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Yep, gender sterotypes/baggage will happen soon enough. Let them just be little and like what they like.
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Originally Posted by GoodWillHunter
Underwear is underwear. Even if a boy wears pink with lace, the penis is still firmly attached. Significance is what you make of it.
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Since my girls wore their brothers old undies to potty learn this wouldn't bother me a bit. Most likely nobody will notice.....Now if either gender of my kids wanted to wear the opposite gender undies I would be fine with it but I would have an honest converstation about other people seeing it and thinking it was funny. I would work on come backs and stuff to help them deal with questions.
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I'd certainly go along with it to encourage the potty... beyond that I don't know.

I just bought my ds Dora swim diapers because he LOVES Dora. Somehow the idea of putting him in lacy girls bikinis seems strange to me though. (blame society I guess) My dd had plain Dora bikinis when she was little. If I could find Dora briefs I wouldn't be strange about it but that's my hang-up I guess.

In the short run anyway I'd go with whatever it takes to encourage the potty. They'll be under clothes anyway so who cares. He'll probably be in to something else soon enough anyway.

Funny side note: My dd has declared Dora to be "a baby show" but she like Diego. I've figured they created the Diego show to pacify people who were upset that their sons liked Dora but my kids are the reverse.
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link to ebay search for dora iron-ons

i don't think there is anything wrong with his love of dora, i know a lot of little guys that like dora. there is a link above to some iron-on transfers you can buy on ebay, there is a wide variety there. i think the bikini style underwear might be uncomfortable for him, i'd get some iron-ons and normal briefs and have him help you make his own.
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Thank goodness other kids are like my DS! He has never really asked for girl panties, but he does LOVE the color pink and carries around a pink Hello Kitty blanket. I just always assumed it is because he is so close to me. I'm a girly girl and he's a mama's boy...

But i wouldn't have a problem with putting him in pink panites if he wanted them. He's young, and i doubt it would be life changing!
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Ds loves dora too and has a lot of other Dora stuff, but since her cousin Diego is getting popular, I imagine that stuff with both of them on it will be easier to find.
Wait, I take that back.
Ds has Madagascar underwear, but his favorite character is Gloria the Hippo who is a girl and is not on the boys underwear. I thought, that's weird, there is clearly 4 main characters and she's missing. Then he got Cars underwear and Sally, the girl car (his favorite) is missing. Then, he got Over the Hedge underwear, and the girls skunk is missing!!!! Clearly they do not put girl animals on little boy underwear. Would someone really be upset to have a girl character on boy underwear??? How dumb is that?
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Originally Posted by hottmama
My son wears dresses. I think it's fine. Why gender-type little kids who don't care?
Exactly. I have a four and a half year old who wears dresses, pink, has My Little Pony underwear, etc etc. I have had a heck of a time dealing with family members on this, but my stance is still the same. He's just going with what interests him at the time. There is no need to put a child in a gender specific box. It's really a shame when people do that. It's stifling their creativity, their personality, and telling them how they feel is wrong somehow.

It's not wrong. It's NORMAL.

I've had family *ingore* him while he is in a dress. Flat out not talk to him, even if he is talking to that person.

It's unacceptable.

So, go ahead. Let your fella wear what he wants. There is NO such thing as "girl and boy" other than penises, testes, ovaries and vaginas.

That's all the male female definitions there needs to be.

Let the rest of the world shove it.
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I'd totally get him the pink Dora undies! When my dd started using the potty, she insisted on buying some boy's Nemo undies. With the little opening flap thing in the front. She loves them!
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My son has those undies! He loves Dora and was dead set on getting those.
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When my dd was pottylearning, she wanted blues clues panties. The only ones we could find were boys briefs. I bought them for her and she loved them, but was annoyed with the "pocket", as she called it. I just sewed it up and she was happy!

(she's 9 now and would die of embarrassment if she knew that I wrote that!)
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If DS really wanted a character on his underpants that would be fine. However, what he has absolutely LOVED, is when we found some boxer briefs just like DH wears. I found them at Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot, and they are just wonderful. When he wears them, he feels just like papa, and he hasn't peed in them yet.

The cutesie blue stripey starry padded "training" underwear have been peed in, but not the papa underwear.
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Have a little Dora lover here too. We did get Diego undies last week he was just as excited over them as his Dora shirt.
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i wouldnt personally let my son wear pink dora underwear.. but i dont have a son, yet. i think my husband would have a fit.
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My girl picked out underpants with a "wiener hole"(for lack of a better word).That's just what they are...underpants.It doesn't matter.If it were the other way around I don't think it would bother me either.
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Originally Posted by JuJuBees View Post
i wouldnt personally let my son wear pink dora underwear.. but i dont have a son, yet. i think my husband would have a fit.

Boys have equipment that girls dont therefore need different type of underwear than girls.

I'd be more worried about him getting pinched and chafed and not having the proper support than the colouration though.
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Originally Posted by Pandora114 View Post

Boys have equipment that girls dont therefore need different type of underwear than girls.

I'd be more worried about him getting pinched and chafed and not having the proper support than the colouration though.
Mom of 3 boys here and I can tell you NONE of my boys up through at least age 10 have used the opening in the briefs. I say 10 because that is the age my older 2 stopped peeing in front of me.

I am curious now would they get chafed or pinched? I was trying to figure that out ( honestly not flaming) .
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I don't know of ANY boys or men who actually use that flap... It's the most ridiculous thing ever, IMO. Oh, wait, no, IMO, nursing bra openings are THE most ridiculous things, and boy underpants flaps are the second most.
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i agree with pps........they are just undies and hes just a kid.
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