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I value the role my midwives played in the gestation and birth of Kelly Rose. They were really there for me to deal with some complicated mental/emotional issues I experienced throughout the pregnancy. Their support really made a difference. Seeing them for an hour each month really helped me to maintain my sanity.

After the birth, they knew exactly what to do, and took charge in the gentlest way. They were so respectful of our need to bond with our new bundle, something I had NOT experienced in the hospital. They waited to do the newborn exam, which they did at the foot of the bed, w/ me and DH close by. They explained everything to us as they went along, even if it seemed obvious, which I thought was very wise. They made me these awesome herbal compresses, which I put on my pad - they really facilitated the healing of my perenium.

Kelly was born on Thursday evening. The nurse-midwife returned on Monday for the post-natal visit, and took the necessary state-mandated blood samples from DD's heel. She showed such compassion. She had previously contacted the lab tech to ascertain exactly how much blood they really needed (the card had four rather large circles, but she determined that not that much pain and suffering was necessary...) Of course I nursed Kelly the whole time, to help minimize the trauma.

I feel that, even though they weren't present for the actual birth, they earned their fee. The had come up for a prenatal visit and had spent Wednesday night with us when I first went into labor.

If we have another baby (doubtful, unless DH changes his mind, I don't need any persuasion, LOL! ) I might negotiate pre- and post-natal care, but go unassisted again for the actual birth.
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Here is mine. It wasn't planned and it wasn't at home, but I loved it and would do it all over again exactly the same way.

I was one week overdue, and although I didn't want to be induced, the doctor ordered it because of personal reasons. I prayed and prayed that I would go into labor before then. I was told to go to the hospital Thursday evening to be gelled. The dr. had ordered a lot of gel (I heard the nurses talking about it, wondering why he had ordered so much) He knew that I wanted to avoid pitocin, so he was trying to put me in labor with the gel. I told the nurse that I was having contractions, but that it was nothing new since I had been having them constantly for weeks. She said that they were too far apart to matter. She did an exam and then told me that there was no way that I could get the gel because I was already dilated to four and "soft as butter". She asked if I felt ok and sent me home. I was supposed to go back the next morning. My husband and I got something to eat and rented a movie. I could barely sit through the movie because of the contractions, but again, they were pretty much the same contractions that I had been having for weeks. After the movie was over, my husband went to bed and I got on line. My friend Jean and I were both having contractions together (quite comical really) I got offline and layed down on the couch. I snoozed, but didn't sleep deeply. At 1:30 am, I woke up "singing" AAAAHHHHHHH. I turned on the t.v. guide channel (my friend Denise had suggested it) to time the contractions. Up to this point I hadn't been timing them because I was afraid they would stop (that had been happening alot) I walked back and forth in my house, tried squatting (can we say OUCH!) got on hands and knees, and sat on the toilet. You know. all the things that SUPPOSEDLY make you feel better. It hurt sooooo bad, but I figured this was just the beginning. (I am not smart seeing as how this same thing happened with my second son.) I tried to hum, but that didn't help much either. At 2:00 am, I went upstairs to wake up my husband. He was the biggest crab!! He didn't want to wake up. I told him to go out to the car to get the number for the hospital. They had told me to call before coming in. He got really angry and kept yelling about how he didn't understand why we had to make an appointment to have a baby. At this point I was at the top of the stairs on my hands and knees screaming my lungs out. I couldn't move at all. He handed ME the phone to make the call. I said "forget the phone" (only in not quite so polite terminology) As soon as the contraction let up, I headed out to the van. I remember the cool air felt really good, but it was only seconds before another contraction hit, so I got in the van because I knew I was going to start screaming again. My dh was still in the house. He finally got in the car and with the next contraction, I put my feet on the dashboard (yes I was in the front seat) and started to push. All I had on was a denim dress so I reached down and felt that my skin was bulging. I let my body do the pushing and soon I felt his head crowning. I stroked his head and felt that he had hair, soooo soft. After another push or so, I felt something slimy and cylindrical and ridged on the top of his head, so I started to push really hard. I felt his cute floppy ears and after his head was out, my dh looked over and said "Is that the head?????" The only other thing he had said the whole time was "Why do we keep hitting all the red lights?" After his head was out, I pushed some more, caught him under the arms and lifted him to my chest. A little bit later, we arrived at the hospital. Aizec wasn't crying, only staring straight into my eyes, so I pumped his legs a little bit and he let out a teeny squeak. My husband ran in to get some help and after a bit of coaxing several people came out. Once they saw that I had already had the baby, they started moving. I kept Aizec with me the whole time and deliverd the placenta in labor and delivery. I had a very small tear which never hurt and a non existant recovery. I refused the pitocin shot and only had mild after pains, none when I went home. Of all 3 of my children, this delivery was the best.

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My story is also on the thread that sweetwater posted but just wanted to add too that I was scared $%&*less every step of the way but knew that learning to trust my body and self was simply an act of acting like I did. So though terrified, I just knew I had to do it, would be disappointed if I didn't and since hubbie was supportive, went full steam ahead.
This birth and pregnancy lent so much to my hubbie and my relationship, our commitment to each other, words cannot express. And every time I get to tell ds's amazing story, I just glow cuz I sometimes still can't believe I did it! You don't need to be filled w/confidence, just open in faith to try and take each little tiny step on your way there, to keep chosing to trust in yourself instead of someone else.
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Unassisted, unplanned van birth

In December, we had the most incredible life experience. Our 3rd baby was born in our van on the way to the hospital. DS#1 was an induced birth at the hospital, ds#2 was also at the hospital. Both times I had an epidural. Baby #3 (dd) was also supposed to be born at the hospital, but had other plans. My labor started at around 8pm. Contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, so we headed to the hospital at around 11pm. Once we were there, they said I was only 2 1/2cm. So, we walked until 2:30am when they said there was no change and we would be in for a long night. Due to their policy, they wouldn't admit me until I was 4cm. So, we decided to go home. We were home for 1/2 hour during which I had 3 very strong contractions. My water broke and off we went again to the hospital at 3:30ish am. The hospital is only about 15-20 minutes away. When we were pulling out of our driveway, I told my dh that I didn't think we were going to make it. He called 911 and told them he would feel better if an ambulance met us en route. We got about 10 minutes down the road when I told him that the baby was coming right then. So, we pulled over into a parking lot. Two sheriffs deputies showed up. They tried to get me to stop pushing, but that was not going to happen. So, one of the deputies held his flashlight for my dh who delivered our dd in the front passenger seat of our van. Both of us were so shocked at what had just happened that we didn't even look to see if it was a boy or girl! We kept her covered, figured out she was a girl and the ambulance arrived a few minutes later. Thankfully it was a very warm December night! And other that being a little cold, dd was fine. After it was over, I was so overjoyed! I had not felt quite that wonderful with my first two. Dh thinks it is wo wonderful that he was the first to touch her.
People tease us that we won't ever want another child, but I tell them that we would love to have more and if I get to choose I would have them all in the car! Of course, maybe the cleanup would be easier if I had them at home! I wish that I had made different choices with my first two after my last experience. I am just thankful for 3 wonderful children.
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I'm so happy for you!
I've often thought that I'd like to not quite make to the hospital for my next birth, since I don't have the guts for a homebirth.
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Wow, great story! Thanks for sharing that and I'm happy it all turned out well for you.
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Wow! Exciting birth story! There's something about third babies! I have heard more than a few such stories...and they always seem to be third babies!

My third was ALMOST born in the car. We left home at 10:00pm exactly, drove 20+ miles to the hospital birthing center,where he was born 29 minutes after we'd left home! I was literally crossing my legs in the car! I was so pleased that I actually made it into the building and onto the bed for the birth! But it was a close call!

I'm pretty sure we're done having kids, but if for some reason there IS a next time, I"M STAYING HOME!
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Thanks for sharing. I have two, so I will take this as a warning if I have a third!
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Willibug- It must be those third babies. I was the third baby, delivered at home by my dad before the dr. could get there. There was no stopping me. My dad even tried to hold my head in.

What an exciting birth. I am happy for you.
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