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DD Plays In Her Crib Instead of Sleeping

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This has been happening for the past couple nites. Usually DD will be put down and she will yell and carry on for about 15 min and then she is out. Now, she yells (not crys) and has started sitting up and playing in her crib. I let her go and she actually played for over an hour!!! This almost seems cruel, like she is in a cage and playing and I feel so bad. But she is going to bed later and later and she needs to go to bed not so late! I have tried rocking her and wearing her down, but it is almost like she thinks the crib is playtime at nite. Now, during naps, she will go out right away. This just happens at nite.

Any suggestions?
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You probably need to move her bedtime earlier. She is missing that sleep window and getting "too wound up" and getting that second wind of energy. I read once that if you think the bedtime is early enough, move it 30 mintues earlier and it will probably help... a lot.

I know with my DD (4.5 yrs) if we miss the 8-8:15pm bedtime... its often after 10pm before she finally falls asleep... and unfortunately she will still wake up at 7-:30-8:00am and she's really needs more sleep. Especially since she's decided she doesn't "need" a nap anymore.
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Izzy started waking up to play around the time we started solids. She didn't make a peep until she started to get frustrated that she couldn't crawl as eficiently as she would like and by the time that happened, she was already so wired that it was difficult to put her back to sleep. We tried just letting her play, but she would end up needing help getting back to sleep. We tried bouncing, rocking, walking, singing, swinging, etc, but it seemed that all of that just served to stimulate her even more and keep her awake even longer.

This week, we've had miraculous success *knock on wood*. We will hear her bustle about, and DH will go to her (as not to confuse her with The Milk Lady) and gently lie her back down again and wrap his arms around her while she's still lying in the crib and shhhh her until she's relaxed and still, then he lets her fall asleep on her own. If she starts to play and crawl again, he does the same thing over and over and each night it's been less. Last night - dare I say, was the first night she just slept - for 7 solid hours! I was so happy I was ready to bake her a cake and buy her a pony.

We'll see how tonight goes.
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ITA with mum2tori. My baby will just lay in our bed and play instead of nurse or snuggle for about an hour if we miss that crucial window.
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