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meet with my new midwife

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had an appt with my new midwife this morning. She was really nice. SHe siad I measure 28 weeks and I am just 26 I didn't ask if that was a lot but she didn't say anything was wrong with that so I assume it isn't. The baby hates the doppler, always has everytime they try and listen it moves. At my ultrasound The baby kept its legs closed tight through the whole thing, good thing I didn't want to know.
The midwife does both homebirths and has a freestanding birth center, www.birthcottage.com, the one closest to me is just opening and wasn't finished so I got a imaginary tour. There is no furniture or tubs yet. But the birth tubs are amazing and the showers...... I don't know I think I am going to have the baby there. It seems so much more comfertable than here. I don't have a tub only a shower and it is outside the one inside doesn't work. I was going to rent a tub but it is 250 so I could spend that on diapers and just drive down the road and use theirs. lol
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Glad you had a good appointment!
The cost of our midwife includes the birthing tub, thank goodness! We're having a homebirth and we only have those regular sized bathtubs. I can't imagine trying to get comfortable in one of those during labor!
Measuring 2 cm ahead isn't a bad thing. Sometimes these little ones just go through growth spurts and make us measure ahead or they like to stretch out and relax to make us measure ahead. At 24 weeks, I measured 28, but at 26, I measured right on time. :P
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