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Continueing to battle thrush

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Hi All! I've posted on the subject before. My babe is 9weeks old. We had a rough start BF'ing. I was cracked, bleeding, and misserably sore. We stuck it out. She was tongue flicking and has a small mouth and me a big boob - we did see an LC. At 4 weeks things with her latch were improoving but I was ON FIRE seemingly all the time especially at night. Baby showed no symptoms of thrush. My MW and I figured, after reading up on Kellymom and Dr. Newman's book that it must be atypical thrush and we did a round of Fluconozole (200mg loading dose and 100mg 1x/day for 14 days, plus nystatin cream afer feedings) After 2 weeks it was beter, I continued to use the creme, but after 3 days off the antibiotics, it started getting and worse and worse. So it was back! So this time we followed Dr. Newtons prescription. I'm taking fluconozole (400mg loading dose and 100mg 2xper day) Doing Gentian Violet at night and We had his all purpose nipple ointment compounded at a pharmacy and I use that after every feeding other than the GV round. I use a vinegar rinse in my laundry, free boob it during the day and wear a fresh bra each time I need to wear one to go out. I'm also taking two acidophalus capsules three times per day and cutting back on all sugars. The deep breast tissue pain is not nearly as bad - howver my nipples remain sore and red, slightly cracked and the right one looks ready to bleed Babies moulth is now very purple (darling) and she remains without visable signs. I am being meticulous about positioning her and latching her on well. We don't use any pacifiers or bottles at this time and I haven't pumped for 4-5 weeks now. Am I missing something??? Any ideas?? I've checked my local LLL, my LC and MW- they are stumped. I've been using GV for 6 days now and I read you aren't suppossed to use it more than 7 - I'm not sure what to do here! I'd love to nurse without pain someday. ANy thoughts or ideas are very much appreciated Erika
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Have you been giving your babe any probiotics as well?? I had been battling thrush with my ds for over six months and when I changed peds, right away she suggested giving him a probiotic that had at least 5 billion viable organisms per serving. I would check with a doc regarding correct dosage for your 9 week old, but that may help. FINALLY, ours is gone. Breastfeeding was torture!!! I feel your pain!!
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I had the same problem because of antibiotics during labor. My ped put us both on Natren Lifestart. It's a powder probiotic found in heath food stores. I take 1/2 tsp 2x a day and my baby ( now 7 wks) takes 1/4 tsp once a day. I put the powder on my finger and let her suck it off. We are now nursing happily!! Hope this helps, I felt your pain!!
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I am dealing w/ long-lasting thrush too, and my "baby" is 17m! It just started last month, though. I realized that mine keeps coming back from cracks on my nipples. I think the thrush changes the texture of my nipple skin, gets dry, flakey, paper-y, and then cracks. So this week I've been super vigilent w/ putting on neosporin and antifungal cream after nursing (after wiping nipples w/ vinegar solution and GSE solution). It really seems to help keep my nipples from getting to that dried out texture, speeds healing, and therefore, keeps out the thrush!! I'm really hesitant to say this (don't want to jinx myself!), but I nursed Lily relatively pain-free today for the first time in 3 wks! Oh, the other thing I've changed this week is going up to 9 caps of acidophilus, 4 grams of vit. C, and 4 garlic pills.

Treating your baby w/ the acidophilus would be really helpful for you too!!! My friend loved the Jarro brand, and esp. their baby acidophilus.

And my other friend sent me recently some info about the importance of having Bifidus supplements too, which I think the Jarro acidoph. has.

Good luck!! You're doing the best thing for your baby. It will get better!!

Oh, are you doing a vinegar rinse on your nipples after nursing? That's really important. And on kellymom, there's one link to an excellent article on hidden places yeast needs to be cleaned.
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Ok I'm going to check into acidophilus for baby, and no I haven't been doing vinegar rinses on my nipples - But I will start that as well. Thank you for all the thoughts! - Erika
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Try searching here at mdc for Raynaud's and see if that is similar to what you are experiencing.
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