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i hate my maya wrap!

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Really, I just can't deal with it...i hate constantly having to adjust the darn thing....I'm thinking of trying a hotsling...it seems SO much more user friendly....

My question...my newborn boy is just now hitting the 8lb mark....is he too small for the hotsling?
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Nope, he's not too small for the Hotsling. I'm curious about what is going on with the MW, though. You shouldn't have to constatntly adjust it. The fabric not being spread out in the rings can cause it to slip, though. You want the edges of the fabric to be at the outer edges of the rings. After threading, find the two edges and pull them away from each other.
I know you are frustrated, and I do think it's a good idea to try and have different types of slings. But the MW really is a good sling once you leearn how to use it. Here are a few tips and links:

Maya tips I keep handy to C&P:

1. Make sure the shoulder flap is open BEFORE you thread your sling. That means that if you wear your sling on the right shoulder, the edge of the open flap should be the bottom edge of your sling all the way across your back, and the inner edge coming up between you and the baby. If you wear it on the right shoulder, it should be the top edge all the way around. Otherwise, the body of the sling WILL be twisted, and twisted is not good.

2. Once the sling is threaded, find the outer edges of the fabric in the tail and pull them away from each other. You want the edges of the fabric to be the outer edges of the tail. The pocket will be on the front of the tail (facing out). That way when you need to adjust, you know the inner edge of the tail controls the top rail of the sling, and the outer edge of the tail controls the bottom rail.

3. Have the sling adjusted close to where you want it before you put the baby in, so that you mainly adjust the edges of the tail. Otherwise, you start with the baby really low and will likely pull the rings down instead of pulling the baby up.

4. Make sure the lowest point of the baby is no lower than your waist. If the baby is in a hip or T2T carry with feet out, make sure the fabric comes into the back of baby's knee so the thigh is up in a seated position, parallel to the floor, and the top edge is at least up to the armpits. The baby's butt should be slightly lower than the knees so they are really sitting down in the seat created by the fabric.

5. Before tightening, pull all the slack in the fabric around from your back and pin it to your side with the arm supporting the baby. Continue moving the slack over the baby so that by the time you actually pull the tail, all the slack is right up by the rings. Pull each section of the tail individually to tighten, and pull sidways. This will help you avoid pulling the rings down. This last tip (#5) is especially crucial in the hip or t2t carries with feet out.
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OOOh great tips! I my Maya Wrap, watching the videos really help too. Even if you think you know how to use a ring sling.
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I'm another person who hated her Maya Wrap. : It seemed like I could never get it adjusted right, and the fabric kept slipping through the rings. I bought a Hotsling and loved it! A few weeks later I also got a Wise Woman sling (I was about ready to give up on ring slings) and loved it too.

Good luck!
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Yeah, I'm not denying that the learning curve on the MW can be steep. It has to be threaded exactly right, with the shoulder flap open first and the fabric spread evenly in the rings and the hemmed edges at the outer edges, or it won't work right. But, if you can figure it out or have someone show you hands-on, those things are fairly easy to do. It just takes a bit of practice, I guess. Incidentally, MW is making some design changes that are fab and will make it a much more user-friendly sling.
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Maya issues - short torso?

Yet another "can't get my Maya to work for me" thread.

I only used pouch slings with DS #1 and decided to give some other styles a try this time around. So far I just cannot get ring slings to work for me. The problem is the rings. No matter how I try to position Reese, the rings always end up touching him - pressing against his head in a cradle carry, or pushed against the side of him in a snuggle hold. That looks uncomfortable for him. But if I try to move the rings up higher on my shoulder, it's uncomfortable for me. If I leave more slack in the sling so that he hangs down farther away from the rings, I feel like he's hanging too low and I'm not getting the support I want.

I'm 5'2" and have a short torso - is there any chance that limited torso space is a factor in this? Any other shorties who have had success with ring slings? Wraps and pouch slings seem so much easier and more comfortable, no hardware to worry about. But I had really hoped to figure out how to breastfeed in a sling, and a ring sling seems like my best bet for that.
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Jess, try this. I really think it will help you. The Zolo videos I linked to above are helpful, too.

Also, you might find that you like the RS better when the baby can sit up in the T2T and hip carry. But I loved in even with a tiny newborn. When I did the T2T with the baby's legs inside, froggy style, I brought the tail around like a thick rope behind the baby's head and neck across the top rail of the sling and tucked the end into the other side. I really never had the head bonking problem, and I'm only 5'3 (That's me in the link but those are AWFUL pics. I swear I'm not that rough looking, lol. Gotta re-take those!)
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Thanks...although it looks like your link is broken. I'll have to search The Babywearer for it, it looks like it should have been linked to a newborn page?

And oops, I meant to post that as a separate thread, not as a reply to this thread. Probably better to put all Maya problems into one thread, anyway, huh?

ETA: looks like the thread isn't broken, I just needed to log in. Thanks!
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I fixed it.
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Originally Posted by Tupelo Honey
Yeah, I'm not denying that the learning curve on the MW can be steep. It has to be threaded exactly right, with the shoulder flap open first and the fabric spread evenly in the rings and the hemmed edges at the outer edges, or it won't work right. But, if you can figure it out or have someone show you hands-on, those things are fairly easy to do. It just takes a bit of practice, I guess.

And very good instructions given by the above poster, too.

I have to admit I dealt out my fair share of cursing to our maya wrap in the beginning Now, almost 3 years and another baby later, it is our most used carrier ~ hands down!

What I did is this: I committed myself to using it for one ENTIRE weekend, no matter what. No matter how frustrated I became, I would keep plugging along with it. Rethreading it as necessary, looking for help on the internet when needed. At the end of the weekend I had figured it out, and haven't had a problem with it since.
The learning curve *is* rather steep with the maya, but learning is well rewarded with unparalleled comfort and versatility in a ring-sling.
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I'm 5', the thing is...I have grown to hate it now...I've frequented the zolowear website and the threading tips do help but...the thing is such a pain to adjust....

Maybe I'll give the maya another whirl.....
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What is happening when you try to adjust it? Do you have the shoulder flap open before you thread? Are the edges of the fabric at the outer edges of the tail?
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I hated my Maya Wrap at first as well, but now I can't imagine living without it. We got it when my duaghter was about 4 months and I just felt like I could never get it adjusted right. My husband and I both watched the dvd and studied the pamphlet that came with it. I finally gave up until a month ago when I decided to pull it back out. Now I take my 10 month old daughter in it everywhere I go. In fact she is peacefully sleeping in it as I type this. My friend also had the same problem and just pulled it out of the closet last week and started wearing her daughter in it. We both were not able to really get ours to work when the babies were smaller, but now can't live without them. I think they are great if you are wearing your baby on your hip. And I have received two compliments from people on the wrap in the last 24 hours. You may be able to get more use out of it when the baby gets a little bigger or if you can figure out how to wear your little guy now. Good luck with it.
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The thing is, I took it with me to Jackson Heights to do some Indian grocery stuff and put A in it...in the cradle position. The gods must have been shining down on me because I put him in, squished, and he fell asleep as soon as I started walking.

I keep trying to put him back in it because since we're out of the 2 week newborn sleep all the time anytime phase, he wants to be bounced to sleep. I have a toddler who I feel like I'm neglecting because of A's constant need to be bounced to sleep. That and it's doing a number on my back.

When ever I've tried to put A in the darn thing again...(I admit he's been a little upset already and the adjusting of the maya just INFURIATEs him.)...I think I"m not giving enough slack because his head bangs against the rings...I just can't get his legs wrapped around me right...maybe I should squish them too? I dunno, the thing is...the ring threading isn't such a big deal any more, it's adjusting the depth of the pouch and god knows what else.

I did use the wrap with my DD in the kangaroo position, she loved it and now my toddler wants to be carried in it in the hip carry too..

Question: Is there any way to tweak the wrap so I can carry my newborn in the T2T position?
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Originally Posted by krishnasakhi
Question: Is there any way to tweak the wrap so I can carry my newborn in the T2T position?
I only do t2t with a newborn in the Mayawrap. I LOVE it for this purpose.
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To do T2T with a newborn, get the "pouch" all ready, then just hold the baby on your chest like you normally would and kind of just slip him down into the sling. His legs should be inside, froggy style. Make sure some of the inner fabric is between you and the baby so he's in a secure pocket. The top edge of the sling should be up around his shoulders. If you need additional head support, bring the whole tail (gathered together like a thick rope) around the top edge of the sling behind the baby's head, and tuck the end of it back into the top of the sling on the other side.
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krishnasahki, you're in Jackson Heights? i live in Woodside, almost JH! nice to see another mama in my hood.
you should come to a NYC Babywearing meeting. there is one coming up on saturday, I think. 3pm at Earth Matters in the LES, *if* I remember right. I won't be there, I am studying my butt off right now, but if you go I guarantee you will get tons of hands-on help from women who have mastered every sling carry. You will also see more different types of carriers than you thought possible. sign up here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYCBabywearing/

ps I had a hard time getting used to my MW too, but then I used it every day for almost 11 mo. But there are easier slings out there, the WWS for one.
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Another Maya hater. The OTSBH worked better for me. And a mama lent me her Kissasling. We've had a few fights...I think I finally . I get sooooooooooo when it gets twisted. I've been thinking about the WWS more and more....I think thought that a mama who raved to me about it is right. Its good for a first timer. I'm looking at soft carrier for 19lb dd.
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I am not a personal fan of closed tails, but I have heard that people love their Wise Woman Slings. I could do that beofre I could do an OTSBH. I just don't like all that padding. I'm way too hot natured!
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I think you can get it open. I think its extra on the site. I'm really looking more towards two shoulders right now though, so I'm trying not to look. The OTSH *is* bulky;but, I could *sure* use it better than the Maya! It was spring. By summer I a mama lent me her Onbu to try and now a mama lent me her Kissasling to give RS another chance. :LOL We have our ups and downs; but, mostly getting along.
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