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We have run the gamut with naps: As a newborn, he would nap on our bed after nursing (we basically camped out in the bedroom for the first 8 weeks) - he'd nap on me or swaddled and laid in his boppy if we were downstairs (in the boppy if I was cooking or doing laundry)

As an infant he napped in a front carrier, then in a sling, then on my lap propped up on the Boppy while I worked; or on my chest in bed on the weekends. I could sometimes do the boppy transfer, once he fell asleep on the boppy and was good and asleep, I could lift it off me and put it on the ground nearby and he'd be fine.

He did sleep on me in one way or another until he was over a year old (aside from the occasional transfer to another surface)...it was only after he weaned himself at 14 months that he started to be able to sleep for extended periods of time on his own. At one point when he was going through a fussy patch at about 9/10 months, I was gettign irritated that he would only sleep on or with me, but then I started realizing he'll only be little once, and for such a short time that I changed my perspective and started cherishing our snuggle time together. It's a good thing I did, because......

At 17 months now, he naps every day for about an hour and a half to two hours on the futon nearby while I work. When he naps on our bed on weekends, I either nap with him (yes, still! ), or just hang around in the bedroom doing something or in my office - always in eyesight though, I'm too paranoid about him rolling off still (he is a sleep acrobat), or taking a dive if he decided to get out of bed himself...though he knows how to get down safely, he does have a daredevil streak in him and I can picture him giving jumping off a try... I pat his back or rub his back to send him off, then after about 5 minutes I'm free to get up and do my own thing if I want.
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When I'm home (I'm a WOHM) DD naps most of the time in my arms in the rocker, in my arms while nursing lying down on the couch, and sometimes in her cosleeper. She occasionally naps on the family bed with DH or - occasionally - alone, but we have a tiny apartment and I can see her from almost everywhere, and she isn't mobile yet so I don't worry too much about her getting to the edge of the bed. She also naps in the sling when we're out and about. When grandma is there babysitting her, she often sleeps on the floor in the living room on her tummy while grandma works (she's a WAHG! or a work-at-my-house-grandma!); and grandma can get her to nap in the stroller but she never will if I'm walking with her.
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DD also takes her naps on our bed. Right now it's a futon on the floor so I don't really worry about her rolling off. She's 10 mos. and a sleep acrobat. Do you use anything to try and keep your dd from rolling off the bed - rails, pillows etc?
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