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i'm not dead!

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just really busy. and we don't have internet at our new place so i haven't checked my email or anything in like, 20 days. holy smokes! how have you guys been doing? we have another ultrasound on monday to see if the placenta has moved yet or not...please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. i'm a little nervous. here's some new pictures of my belly =) (28 w 3 d) miss you guys.

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Ah, good to hear from you. What a cute belly. And you are all belly, still.

(I got asked by my 5 year old the other day if the baby was also in my butt...)

I'll be doing my 28 week picture on Tuesday.

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Good luck at the ultrasound! I'm hoping it's moved. If not, get a final one at the end, you never know, placentas can be amazing! :P
I have to have another ultrasound (state required for VBACs) at the end to make sure the placenta is out of the way. It was in the way at 13 weeks, but by 20 it was moved up.

Your belly is just too cute!! Looks like you and baby are doing well!
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that's just about the funniest thing i've ever heard.
my husband laughed too.
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Glad you are not dead!!! :LOL

My placenta has moved up since 18 wks...I had an ultrasound last week and it was up from the first one.TJhe US tech told me they usually move up in her experience unless they are covering the cervix. I hope she's right!

That's some cute belly you have there!

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*hugs* hope it goes well we miss you too, and that belly is adorable :P
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Glad to hear you're still alive and kickin :LOL . Adorable belly! I hope all goes well at the ultrasound and your placenta has moved up.

We miss you too!
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hooray! it's moved! like tons...so yeah. i'm happy about that.
they should have never told me *shakes head*

i would have the ultrasound to show you guys but we can't get into it...so i'll try later on in the week.
hope you are all doing well.
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YAY! So glad to hear good news!
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That's great news!
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