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I bought a pair of Wooligans soaker shorts from the Trading Post here on MDC. (This Pair

Wow! What great shorts!

I love them - the yarn is soooo soft, and the workmomship is just beautiful! These shorts are from the Luscious Organics line, and are fully organic - they're even hand dyed with some sort of flower, and the effect is gorgeous.

They fit my DS wonderfully, with room to grow.

I didn't buy them new, but I liked them so much that I signed up for the Wooligans yahoo group, and asked Sara, the owner, a few questions. She has patiently answered my questions and been a wonderful communicator.

I can't wait for the Wooligans store to officially open so I can buy more of these wonderful shorts! I am finally feeling the woolie love.

ETA : Sara did a custom pair of shorts for me before her store officially opened... she did a beautiful job! You can see the shorts here. Beautiful work, she worked with me every step of the way, and I just love the shorts. We use them all of the time and they still look like new!
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I recently purchased a semi-custom soaker from Wooligans, and am completely thrilled. Sara was a pleasure to work with and kept me up to date every step of the way. Her turn-around time was incredibly fast - right around 10 days - and there was an order ahead of mine. The soaker is very well made, with impeccable knitting. It's a unique design, and I wondered about coverage and fit. The fit is superb on my toddler, with some room to grow, and the coverage couldn't be better. I believe the yarn is Montana Targhee, and it's working quite well for my heavy wetter son. I will definitely be watching Wooligans for more wonderful work from Sara.
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I sent Sara some yarn to knit up and she did a fantastic job! If you go to her website you'll see the fairy pink shorts in her gallery. Her knitting is superb I also won a set off WAHMchicks that included an organic pair of shorts that are simply gorgeous! Sara is a sweetheart and wonderful to work with
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Sara is a pleasure to work with! I got a custom pair of longies for my dd, and the fit is superb! SAra kept me informed every step of the way, and I got them very fast! i will be getting more!
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I guess I can't say I have been pleased about my transactions with Sara. I got a pair of shorts from her that took absolutely forever to finish. The knitting was decent enough, but not worth the wait. Then, she would constantly pressure me to buy more from her and would become very mad if I didn't. I don't feel it's ethical of a WAHM to harass customers to buy more products from them or guilt them into spamming their product. I think a lot goes into being a quality WAHM. . .ethics, integrity and a great product. Just because you do have a product, it doesn't mean that you should give up on the first two. I will not be purchasing from Wooligans again.
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