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Is it possible to start charting while on the pill

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I'm on the minipill. We're 99.99% sure we're done having kdis, but neither of us seem comfortable w/sterilization yet. I don't want to be on the pill forever.

I've read taking charge of your fertility a long time ago and will have to dig to find it.

So, does anyone know off hand if charting can be done while on the pill, still breastfeeding, with no return of period (though the lack of period could be b/c of the minipill).

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I'm sure that you *could* but I imagine that you're going to see big changes when you get off the pill, as you may not ovulate on the mini-pill and your menses isn't really menses.

I charted without having my cycle back, and it was good to see the patterns developing until I did begin to ovulate again.

Good luck!
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I figured that. I'm scared to stop the pill without having experience charting and ds2 was conceived while using OTC birth control, so I'm not comfortable with that, either.

Blech- I want another option, please!! :LOL
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If you really don't want to conceive, but want to use NFP, then I really suggest that you chart for about 6 months. Not having had your cycle back yet it makes it scary to just take the leap and use barrier contraception (you could also use barrier + withdrawl if you are really worried).

While using NFP, I really didn't have any worries. You can clearly see that your fertility is really cyclic (duh, I know) and when you figure all that out, it's a cinch! But, you really must use something else before you figure it all out. Once you figure out how your cycles are, then you could use super strict rules and just avoid penetration during the times that you are potentially (or about to be or just were) fertile. (I'd suggest if you ovulate early, avoid pre-ovulatory sex, as the result of our 5 day pre-O sex is a new little one.) I'd use NFP again in a heartbeat though, with a little more experience under my belt!
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Thanks again-

I think once I stop the pill, I will be ovulating, as I started again after dd and ds1 around 9-10 mos postpartum. Of course, every time can be different, but I think the only thing holding off this time is the pill.

Between kids, I was REALLY regular, so I suppose I've got that going for me- makes it that much easier, right?

I think I'll start charting to get used to it, quit the pill and switch to barrier methods, then hopefully will be confident enough to use NFP full time. If/when we are both comfortable with something permanent, we'll do that later.
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The book 'The art of natural family planning' talks about coming off the pill. NFP is possible 'safely' even in that situation... The book also gives manu different rules, depending on how strick one wants to be. Maybe you library has that book or you could get it as an inter library loan.
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