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I saw something terrible last night

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Please be warned - this is about a woman being attacked. don't read if it will trigger or upset you.

This is long and rambly, it's what I wrote right after this happened (at 3 am). I am c+ping it from my LJ, writing it all out again would wreck me.

I was having this dream that it was dark and rainy and the wind blew something important out of my hand. I was trying to find it (a piece a paper) among thousands of other papers while smoking nurses walked back and forth and messed up the piles I had sorted. Also, Lara Flynn Boyle was laying on the sidewalk suffering from a pit viper bite and crying because she was pregnant. A nurse kept saying, "Honey, let's just worry about the pit viper bite first...". Suddenly, in the dream, I heard screaming. I thought, "Is that the dream or real life?"

Then I woke up and realized it was real.

I live on a tree lined boulevard, a main street that is usually pretty quiet at
night. I was asleep in the living room, that's the room with the A/C, and I was
awoken by screaming. I stumbled to the window to see two men holding a
screaming girl? woman? outside my window, on the sidewalk. The room was pitch black and I was too scared to turn on the light so it was a few moments before I found the phone, the whole time hissing, "Ron! Ron! Call 911!!". I didn't want to wake Flora or alert the people outside, but I didn't want to step on Flora, so it felt like ages before I found the phone. I called 911 and
described everything. They held me on the line to give a play by play. I saw
the girl? woman? try to get up and run, I saw the bigger man in the striped
shirt punch her, I saw the other man holding her by her face, I saw her
struggle to get free and run, and then I saw them grab her by her hair and yank her down onto my neighbor's lawn. They struggled there for awhile, and then they dragged her away. Literally, *dragged* her away. Eastbound on the south side of the street, I told the police all of that.

The police drove by, 3 cars, just seconds later. All of this happened about 40
minutes ago, and they are still driving up and down our street. Now there is a
helicopter overhead. I am assuming this means they didn't find her. I wish I
hadn't have wasted my time calling, I wish I had just opened my window and
screamed, "LET HER GO, I HAVE A GUN AND I WILL SHOOT YOU IF YOU DON'T LET HER GO!". I wish I had been awake enough to tell Ron to follow them and find out which car they got into.

Now I am anxious and not going to sleep tonight, waiting for an officer to come talk to me. This is so surreal and I feel sick. I want to call 911 and tell
them, "You know, my neighbor 4 houses down had a huge party tonight.. maybe he knows something?", but Ron said he's sure they know that by now, as the party is still going on. I am afraid to go back to bed, just in case the police bang on my door or call. Not that I could sleep, anyway.

I don't even trust my memory anymore - was she really blonde and small, like a young teen girl? Was the 'bad guy' really as big as a remember, with a bald
head? Or is my brain just filling in details based on the bad movies I've seen?
What was she saying? I never heard, but in between screaming I imagine she was calling them names and threatening them. Again, that's probably how my brain wants it to be, based on movies I've seen.

I just hope she's OK. Ron keeps telling me what it could have been. "Maybe she was just drunk and out of control and they were trying to help her home? Or maybe she was really mad because he kissed another girl...". But we both know what we saw, and it wasn't that. Even if it was that, we saw the punch.
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try not to beat yourself up about what you could have done. calling 911 is what i would've done. hope what you saw was the worst of it and they all knew each other and it was a domestic dispute (boyfriend/girlfriend from the party, maybe?). hope she's okay now and you are, too...

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How horrible.
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Oh my God. Oh my God how horrible. Please don't beat yourself up. You did the best thing you could do to protect yourself and your family. You have a small child. Men like that...who knows what they would have done if you had made yourself known and shouted at them? You handled it just as you should have, there was nothing more you could have done.

I am so, so sorry. I cannot even imagine the horror of witnessing something like that. I am so sorry. Please trust that you did the right thing.

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OMG, How scary Do you know if they found her???
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I think if you had yelled out of the window, you would've put your own family in jeapordy. Hopefully they found her. You did the right thing, i'm sorry for the poor woman
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Originally Posted by tboroson
OMG, How scary Do you know if they found her???
No I don't know anything, and I don't know how to find out anything, either. The police never contacted me.

Dh wanted to go around today and ask some of the neighbors if they heard anything, but I am feeling weirdly paranoid. Some of the neighbors I don't know very well, and for all I know they were the ones out there! I've been assuming the girl and two men disappeared into a car, but it could have just as easily been a house. I'd rather wait and see if anyone approaches us. (The neighbors I do know rather well work Saturday nights, so they weren't around.)
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What a terrible thing. You did the right thing. It is always easy to second guess our actions especially after something traumatic. You can call the police office to find out what is going on. Be easy on yourself. Replaying the scene over and over is human nature. It helps you cope.
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thats a horrible thing.
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Originally Posted by BelovedK
I think if you had yelled out of the window, you would've put your own family in jeapordy. Hopefully they found her. You did the right thing, i'm sorry for the poor woman
I'm so sorry you had to witness that You did what you could do, please don't beat yourself up anymore.
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omg how utterly terrifying to be that woman/girl
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Originally Posted by BelovedK
I think if you had yelled out of the window, you would've put your own family in jeapordy. Hopefully they found her. You did the right thing, i'm sorry for the poor woman
Unfortunately, your options were limited; and you did the very best you could.

I'd call the police and just ask outright if they are investigating, or if they dropped it.
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Attila the Honey-
I am so very sorry that you had to witness that. You did everything you could, and you should be proud of yourself. I would definately contact the police. If they haven't found the girl or men, you very well may be able to help them. Don't worry if you can't remember the details exactly, you may know enough to help. Even telling them where the attack took place may be helpful, as there could be evidence there. Also, it may put your mind at ease if they have already found the woman. Please don't second guess yourself. You protected your family as well as that poor woman.
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I am so relieved!

Ok, so I think I mentioned before that most of our neighbors work with Ron. Today, at work, everyone was talking about 'the incident'. Here's the story:

The neighbor 4 houses down had his annual big party and another neighbor who lives 4 houses in the opposite direction got very drunk and they kicked her out. I guess she was trying to fight with someone there. Her boyfriend and his friend left with her, and enroute to her apartment they also fought.

So, it was a domestic abuse situation. Still depressing as hell but a little less terrible than an abduction/rape/whatever.

I guess some of the people at Ron's work were bitching about how 'someone musta called the cops!' because the police broke up their party and patrolled the street for a couple hours afterwards. Not to mention, the cops arrested their friend, the guy who punched his girlfriend. Ron didn't let on that it was me.

Would it have been so awful for the police to take 5 minutes to let me know, "Everything is OK, we found her and she's being taken care of."? Man, I was a nervous wreck yesterday.
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Wow.... I think you did the right thing. I am also glad that you at least know what happened. I dont think its right that the guy beat on his girlfriend and you are right about the not knowing part - I would have been sick with worry myself.
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I'm really glad you found something out. I'm also glad they charged they guy. You made a difference. That's a good thing.
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Wow. How scary! I'm sorry you, and that woman of course, had to go through that.
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