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need meals for 16 mo dairy free

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i am at this point where i feel like my son isnt eating well enough. here is an example:
breakfast: applesauce and oatie o's, or hemp buckwheat waffles
snack: veggie booty
lunch: quorn nuggets (made from mushrooms if you are unfamiliar), raisins
snack: smoothie w/whey protein, multi vitamin, flax oil (sometimes)
dinner: chicken nuggets,potato, peas (that he doesnt eat)

he really doesnt eat many veggies. he seems to be a picky eater. what do i do. i had a rough childhood with alot of problems surrounding starving as a young adolescent. i do not want this for him. my dh and i have problems preparing food we dont like to do it and usually have arguments because of it. i know it seems silly but it is real. our budget is small and we cant be eating out all the time (which we do cause we NEED to eat and dont want the hassle of figuring something out). we are so broke it isnt funny.

please help me get my family eating right. we do eat organic/natural, i only shop at vitamin cottage. recipes that are big enough to freeze are appreciated always. and of course simple is better. i need a good rice and beans recipe.

thanks for listening
live well!!
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anyone care to share?
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I'm a little confused by your post. Just the we argue about cooking thing. Is that right? I don't know if I'm reading that right. Anyhow, I know preparing food for little ones, especially when they don't eat it can be extremely frustrating. All I've done is continue to give the kids a variety of foods and continue to give them a little taste of things they don't like, and eventually they try them and like them. I like cooking, so I don't know how to motivate you to like it :LOL but it is cheaper and easier once you get the hang of it. Maybe you could start with just every other night or something cooking and then see what happens. Also what helps me is planning for the week. If I don't we'll eat out a lot.
HTH Also, you might try cross-posting in nutrition and good eating, I don't think the meal planning gets much traffic. Oh, and check out the veg mamas thread there, too. I don't know if your veg or just dairy free but there's a lot of good info there.
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Hi. My 15mo. old is allergic to dairy, and I hate to cook. What I've been doing is making and freezing some things for him as you suggested. Here are some of his current foods (we eat everything):

-Whole wheat or oatmeal pancakes with fruit mixed in
-WW or oatmeal muffins with fruit (you can make these w/ rice or soy milk and add flax, wheat germ, etc.)
-Sweet potato fries, and carrot 'chips' - just cut thin and baked w/ a little oil and sea salt
-Rice and/or pasta mixed with turkey or chicken, and mixed veggies (you can vary this a lot and add spices if you'd like - could also use tofu, beans, etc.)
-Turkey/zuchinni or turkey/sweet potato meatballs - I make these w/ pureed veggies, infant cereal, and an Omega-3 egg
-Scrambled eggs w/ mixed veggie (or quiche w/ spinach)
-Beef and bean burritos (no cheese)
-soups (all kinds w/ out dairy)
-Boca burgers w/ mayo and avocado spread

Well, that's some ideas anyway... HTH a little. He's not all that picky, but lately has been wanting to feed himself w/ a fork. I help him "stab" the pieces of food and then he eats it.
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Originally Posted by moon_goddess
smoothie w/whey protein
Heya! Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you aware that whey protein is dairy?

My dd is also dairy free & she loves scrambled eggs (which I like to feed her b/c of the protein & fat) & bok choy cooked w/a little olive oil (great for calcium!).
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