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~*~ January Craft Circle ~*~

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I'd love to set up a craft circle for January.
I'll be participant #1...if you're interested in making a craft, post here.
Deadline for sign-up is Monday January 7. Posting of who you send a craft to will be Tuesday January 8.

Have fun being creative!

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Sure, I'll do it again. I make leafy iron stuff.
I enjoyed the December craft swap.
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craft swap

Sure, I'm game and have some more time on my hands now that the holidays are over! Count me in.

I'm making:

soaps, salt baths & milk baths

mosaics - mirrors, votive candle holders

beeswax pillar candles

Take your pick or allow me to choose!
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I'm in,

I'm doing assorted doll type crafts and other *surprises*

Thanks for organizing another one (so fun )
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I want to join this time! I was too busy in Dec.

I make (non-Waldorf) cloth dolls in various sizes. I could make a boy or girl doll, hair, eyes, etc. to request. I also make lots of other things, but this is my "thing" right now.
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i'm in! I have already traded with StClaire, so you may want to match us up with other people

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I'm in again, too. I know that I haven't been posting much, but I love the craft swaps.

edited to add my e-mail: rosesroses25@hotmail.com
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I'm in again too!!!!!!!
I feel inspired!

Do you want our e-mail?
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I'm not very "crafty" but I'm trying!!! I can make some yummy bath salts and would like to participate
...i'll come up with something else as well!!
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Count me in too please!!
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Here it is!

I looked at last month's list so someone wouldn't be sending to (or receiving from) the same person.

So let's do this for January:

Missgrl sends to onehipmomma
onehipmomma sends to LukesMum
LukesMum sends to LaLa
LaLa sends to Roses
Roses sends to leafylady
leafylady sends to Madison
Madison sends to stClaire
stClaire sends to Bekka
Bekka sends to saganaga
saganaga sends to Missgrl

Have fun crafting!
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I emailed Roses and PM'd Madison. Check your messages
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I don't know how to do that - can you please email me, leafylady???



And StClaire, will you also email me? Talk to you later!
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I haven't heard from my gals. Did they get emails?
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I didn't send anyone emails

LaLa,you send to Roses & her email address is posted in this thread.
LukesMum sends to you & you posted your email...LukesMum can you can LaLa an email?
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I emailed you but have not heard back yet. If you did not get my email, you can email to me at kokairon@clear.lakes.com
I need your name and address for shipping.

To check PMs, click on "user cp" in the upper right hand corner of the forum or post webpages.
To send a PM, click on "pm" at the link of links below the individuals post.
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can't send a message to you saganaga

I tried to send a message and it won't let me. I need to "talk" with you soon to know what you want, and also to get your address etc. Email me at bbanks@localnet.com
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I just sent you a PM Bekka (and an email) and Madison, i emailed you my address but tonight i can't access my email so if you need to talk to me, send me a PM (i'll see it sooner)

Blessings, Kelly
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I just sent you an email, let me know if you got it.
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hey girls.......looking for you!!!

Onehipmomma~~~Pmed you a few days ago...did ya get it??? I need your address and such so I can send my craft!!!

Saganaga....need to hear from you too>
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