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I have your mailing address since your return address was on the box that you mailed me. I have not started making your craft yet ~ I don't know yet when I'll get it started, but I'll post here to let you know when it's off in the mail.
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Saganaga----ok.....can't wait!
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My 2 year old has been sick since Friday night, but he seems to be doing a lot better today. I should be able to mail out your mystery item on Wednesday. I've just got to put on the finishing touches and pack it up tonight.
Missgrl- Thanks for replying on the Miracle Scrub!
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Anyone heard from Onehipmomma?????

I've PM her twice and she doesn't allow e-mail!

AHHH~I'm ready to mail out and I haven't even spoken to her!
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Here I am! I didn't receive your messages. I don't know why it won't allow you to e-mail from here me as I have rec'd e-mail from other members. Sorry about that!

my e-mail is onehipmomma@hotmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Yoo hoo, StClaire! PM or email me, mama - madisonlinfield@hotmail.com
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Very odd indeed!!!!!
Maybe we have bad chemistry.....I hope you like my craft though...LOL

I'll e-mail you!
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saganaga--got your email

got your email--working on it--it will take me another week to finish, maybe a bit more. Just b/c we suddenly got busy . . .
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roses, you should be getting your craft in today or tomorrow's mail!
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glad you got my email...I know exactly what you mean about things getting busy. I haven't started making my craft yet...
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Next craft sawp

It's too late for January but I'd love to participate for February. How does it work?


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I shipped out to Madison last Thursday by priority mail. Let me know when you get it by using the PM or here on this message. My current email is down and I'm switching, so I won't be accessing email until this weekend.
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Those who are interested in making a craft sign up, a list is made & you send your craft to the next one on the list.
This is my 3rd time participating & I love it!
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Craft exchange

Well that's sounds like so much fun! I'll definetely sign up for the next one.


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I would like to get in on the next one too, if you don't mind shipping to France! I do machine embroidery.
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Did you get my message?? I can't remember whether i PMd or emailed it.
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Luksmum sent me the best homemade crunchy granola in an adorable jar with rustic closures and several amazing vegan recipes beautifully written and enclosed in individual recipe holders!

That is an awesome swap for me! I am always trying to think of something new to make around here, and I LOVE granola!

I can't wait to try the muffins, casserole, and gronla!

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Wow - homemade granola!!!!! Yummy! I can't wait to do the next one!!!!!


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I tried to mail yours out today but had some difficulty shipping out of the states.
The main problem is not having your last name. when you e-mailed me you only gave your first name and the U.S. mail wants the last name too.

so if you could............

PM me with it if you want! It's all ready to go!
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Madison, You're da bomb I got the soaps and salts today and i am about to head up for an early bath and bedtime. DS is intrigued with the chocolate soap (so am i) i think he plans to sneak into it like he does with other things, won't he be surprised. Thank you.

Bekka, Yours is on the way, i hope you will like it.

This has been so fun Kelly
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