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Sorry about the delay--we are out of town for a few weeks. I am working on your craft, I just need a couple more days, then I can run it to the PO. Hope that's okay!

This is why I can only join a craft swap every _other_ month!
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No need to worry, I'm a very patient person...good things come to those who wait...
And you're not the only one who hasn't finished the January craft!
I still have to finish my project & get it off to Missgrl!
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Thank you Roses!!!
The tray, candles and rice pillow are wonderful. The yellow on the tray matches my kitchen and living areas perfectly. I can't wait to try out the rice pilllow as a heating pad for my achy lower back (pregnant).
I hope everything is going well for you.
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abismommie, parisfrance,

You had expressed an interest in participating in a craft circle, just wanted to let you know that the one for Feb is starting...look under **February Craft Circle** It's a lot of fun!
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FINALLY got your gift off for real yesterday! I am blaming the
delay on my dh. It has been in his car for a week! Let me know
when you receive it!

Saganaga....I am patient too! I am excited though to get my crafft from
you!!!!!!! can't wait!
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Missgrl: no worries. I look forward to getting your package. I LOVE to get mail that isn't bills!:LOL I will let you know the minute it arrives!

Lukesmom: I am very sorry to announce that it was only yesterday that I mailed your package. I got really side tracked. I am so sorry, It is on the way!
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your wonderful homemade doll arrived safely in our home today---you gals would not believe how talented Bekka is, I couldn't believe the detail on this doll!
Thanks again!
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Onehipmama~~ did you ever get my craft?? Just want to make
sure it arrived safe and sound!

Saganaga~~how's my craft coming? No rush.......i'm just excited!
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LaLa so glad you liked the granola
OneHipMomma--LOVED my bean bags and cards!! You are awesome--thank you so much--I can tell tehy were made with a warm heart and care!!!!!!!!!
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Lukesmom: I am really glad to hear that you liked your stuff! I am sorry that it took so long to get to you!

Missgrl: no, I haven't rec'd your package yet. I will let you know as soon as I do. I can't wait to get it!
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I finally have your package ready to go, it should get out in the mail on Tues (Mon is President's day & post office is closed). Just wanted to let you know, let me know when it arrives if you remember. Thanks for being soooo patient!
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dh actually got to open your package b/c we were out of town, and he didn't tell me just how adorable this little Waldorf dolly is! Thanks so much!
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Well now i know what is taking your package so long to get
to you!!!!!!
I got a letter in the mail today saying my package was damaged
and they tried to "repair it and get the contents together!"
So i am really curious to hear what kind of mess you
I spent alot of time on my packaging too!

I hope you get everything i sent and nothing is lost or broken....some
things were in glass!:mad:

Please let me know when and what you receive!!!

Saganaga....no sweat! Onehipmama has been patient with
me as well!!!!!
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Your package got out in the mail today---you should get it in 5 days.
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Missgrl: i will let you know for sure. I hope that the "mess" you mentioned isn't too bad, since you put so much time and effort into everything!!

I just found out that a friend of mine didn't receive a gift that I sent to her (she lives in Alabama) It is the first time that I didn't insure a package sent to the States : , figures! It is so frustrating when the postal system doesn't do what it is supposed to. I can totally relate to your frustration!

Thanks for the update!

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I got my package today!!!! It was actually weird when I saw the address label and it was MY handwriting!....then I figured out what you did!

Thank you so much for my wonderful stuff! You said the scrunchy can go to someone with long hair....THAT'S ME! It's been in my hair since I opened the box a few hours ago! And the hooded towel is wonderful! It will look adorable draped over my ds's cute little head! (if he's only let me wash his hair! LOL)

I loved the postcard idea too. I didn't do it on my shipment this time but my next ship out I'm going to do that!

Thanks so much....you're the best!
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So glad the package arrived safely. I used the same box you sent me...I'm a reduce, reuse, recycle kinda gal.
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Have you gotten my package YET????

I'm getting really ticked off here! I mailed it off 3 weeks ago.
What can you do when the mail people mess up?


so sorry
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Missgrl: I got it this morning

Baby just woke up, have to run, more to follow!!!

Just in case I don't get back today, THANK YOU!!!!!

I will write more about it later! You rock
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