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Is my newborn overeating?

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I'm a new mom and am a bit concerned because my almost 2 week old baby has thrown up three times in the last 2 days (significantly more than just spit-up--almost 1/4 cup each time). He doesn't have a fever or diarrhea or anything else, but he has been a bit more fussy than usual. I asked our pediatritian what might be causing it, and he said the baby was probably overeating. I have been feeding him whenever he wants to eat, but am wondering if I should try to space out his feedings more. Has anyone else had this problem?
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feed your baby on demand. she will learn to regulate herself. my eden did that, almost everyday or two for a couple weeks she would projectile vomit. no concern from my md who said she would outgrow it when she got better sphincter control. she stopped doing it at about 2-3 weeks corrected.

btw, throwup ALWAYS looks like more than it really is.
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mine did this too for a couple weeks- then he started fussing at the breast when full, now he looks up and smiles when he is done. He figured it out- much less throw-up/ spit up now!
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If the spitting up doesn't bother him, then it isn't a problem - if he seems upset by it then it might be a problem. He'll figure it out don't worry! Part of it is your supply too - if you have a large supply at first and he is a baby that likes to suck, he maybe nursing for comfort and getting more milk than he wants - over time this regulates itself.

If it does seem to be bothering him, it might mean he has painful reflux - all babies reflux somewhat, but if its really burning his throat he may continue to eat to soothe the feeling and end up eating way too much. This is something you should discuss with your pediatrician - there are ways to help if that is the problem.
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Keep nursing on demand. It will all work out.

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I didnt think a breastfed baby could overeat..?
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Originally Posted by mommy2julia
I didnt think a breastfed baby could overeat..?
I'm not sure how to word this right, but I believe they can eat more than they need if they have severe reflux, but that isn't to say you can 'overfeed' them - the fact that they eat more is not really a problem, it could just be a symptom of something that is causing them pain and so should probably be addressed in its own right. Even if they have reflux, you don't stop nursing on demand, you just make changes like nursing upright, having them sleep on an incline, etc.
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My little man has GERD and he'd nurse and nurse (well, it wasn't much, when I pumped he'd only take 2 ounces, he was very early) and he would projectile vomit and cough and there was blood in his vomit (though not much, just streaks). Took him to the ped. who prescribed Zantac and he still vomited but he didn't cry about it, and the blood went away and his throat repaired itself.

I'm not saying get drugs, but if it were reflux, I'm sure your ped. would have mentioned it.

I agree with the other mamas: the baby will learn to self-regulate. If you don't nurse on demand you'll affect your supply negatively.

Good luck!
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Ditto nurse on demand. What you should know about nursing:

1. there is fore milk and hind milk. Fore milk is watery-er and that's the let-down feeling you get. The hind milk is richer and fatty-er. Make sure that you are giving your babe enough time on one breast to really get the fatty milk. They will eat 'less' but feel fuller. Also they will gain better. Also you will regulate milk production better. If you feel it's a problem, and your little one is nursing between 1 - 3 hrs., you can keep him on that same breast for at LEAST two feeds, even three if he's nursing frequently (every hour). THEN switch breasts and do the same thing.

Secondly, your supply increases as the baby sucks. When your baby eats very frequently it's a signal to your body to increase the amount of milk available. As he grows, you will notice there are days (and especially nights) that he nurses much more frequently. These are his getting ready to grow days. Then he should taper off and sleep a bit more, when he's doing his actual growing. It's really neat to see this happen

You are a wonderful mama, being concerned, but don't worry too much, just make sure he's staying on each breast a looong time. You CAN NOT overfeed an exclusively breast fed baby andy
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Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice. I have continued to feed on demand, and he seems to be doing okay. We did have one more throw-up today, but not as much as before. The LC I spoke with said he may have a virus, but I don't really think that is the problem. We're both just still learning . . .
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Dd has reflux, and it started with spitting up and "overeating" because bmilk soothes the throat and she needed to comfort nurse as well. The arching/screaming didn't start until 3-6 weeks, and was bad at 8 weeks.

Anyhow, if it doesn't bother your dc, you'll adapt. It took a long time after the meds kicked in for my dd to figure out how to suck w/o getting tons of milk, but now she can (feels different) and she's happier.
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My baby was having frequent projectile vomiting at two-three months due to food sensitivity from my diet. Our older child has allergies so it was easier for us to figure out with him. It was egg--I can't eat it even now (he's 12 months) or he'll vomit. Just throwing out the possibility.
Good luck!
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Everyone seems to agree that you can't overfeed at the breast, but I am sure that my dd sometimes nursed until she threw up. She still (8 mos) has times when she falls asleep suckling and doesn't stop. After a while I figured out that it's okay to pull her off if she's been nursing asleep for 10 mins or so. She continues to "sleep suckle" after I pull her off. It's cute.
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Baby dreamland... "ah mama, this milk tastes sooooo yummy" and her little lips keep going and going.
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