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I know this sounds shallow but.....

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Is anyone overly concerned about gaining weight?
I used to have an eating disorder a few years ago, and even though I got better I would still Yo-Yo diet. I had just gained about 15lbs whn i found out i was pregnant and I realized I couldnt diet like I normally would because it would hurt the baby. So, now I feel incredibly fat and stuck this way and I know i'll only get bigger. I know it's shallow, maybe it's my hormones making me so upset about it.
Sometimes I dont care but sometimes I care too much! lol

Also I have to go to the beach in august, and normally if i was at this weight i'd crach diet ( i know its bad) to lose the weight, but i cant now and i just feel like a blimp.

Also, i've been eating healthy meals ever since I found out and i've gained 5 more pounds.

Sorry, i just wanted to vent.

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If you already dont I would definatly suggest going to see a therapist during this time. Your hormones are all out of wack and can even take over you during and post pardum.. I was advised by my midwife to see a therapist during my preg and after b/c I had a history of depression and attempted suicide and they are afraid that PPD would hit me hard.. It didnt, and I really owe it to my therapist.. My only regret is not seeing her sooner...
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Thank you for the advice. I think i'll take it! LOL, i had planned on seeing a therapist for depression b4 i got pregnant but after i found out I kinda put it off. But it's even more important now.
I'm glad you are feeling better too

Are you expecting in March 2006 also?
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Aw mama, Not shallow at all. Pregnancy is a huge change to every aspect of our lives but the changes to your body can be tough! I had a weight gain pattern where I did almost all my gaining in the first 14 weeks. Both my sisters are the same. So maybe your body is doing something similar.

I also struggled with eating disorders as a teen/young adult and found my body changes during pregnancy difficult initially. Once the round tummy, filled with nice kicks, showed up I was fine. But feeling fat and frumpy up until that point sucked.

If you think you are in emotional danger definately get some support. If you are just feeling a bit blue, keep eating healthy, get exercise and do some lovely things to pamper yourself. I went for the ultimate in shallow :LOL and would go for a pedicure everytime the frumpies hit hard. Nothing like bypassing looking at the bod to admire your toes. I decided to enjoy mine while I could still see them easily
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Weight gain during pregnancy is a tough issue for lots of people (myself included), but I can only imagine the challenge it must be for someone who's struggled with an eating disorder. Please reach out for some help (sounds like you will--good job!), and come here for extra support. Your baby will be so happy and healthy, and hopefully nine months from now the weight gain will be one of the last things on your mind.

Remember, too, that while calorie restriction (for weight loss) is never safe during pregnancy (especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters), low-impact exercise continues to be healthy during the whole pregnancy. Dr. Sears (do you have his pregnancy book?) suggests that women concerned about being overweight eat the normal number of calories, paying special attention to getting proper nutrition, but then exercise (walking, swimming, biking) up to 300-400 calories off per day. It's important to get the food into your system for your baby, and the right kind of food, but it's okay to exercise to stay healthy. Don't expect weight _loss_ though--just a steady, healthy weight gain.

Best of luck, and kudos to you for sharing your thoughts.

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Thank you Sharon, Diane and Elisabeth. You are all very sweet.

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Just wanted to agree with the suggestion to get some counseling and send a hug.
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