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Everyone is so sweet to share their observations, experience and advice . I've recently found out I'm PREGNANT! So now I will get to see where this journey leads me.
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I have had both my children via c-section, the first definitely unplanned and the second planned and scheduled two weeks in advance. The first was traumatic (I had bleeding issues due to being allowed to labor for 36 hours before the cs) and scary. I had every intention of trying a VBAC the 2nd time, but dd was breech and so I went with a scheduled section and it was truly great, I remember the whole thing (lost consciousness from blood loss with 1st) and got to hold and nurse my dd almost immediately and watched her get weighed etc. So in my opinion, the scheduled c-section was just great and I felt a lot of control in knowing what would happen and when. I am currently ttc #3 and he/she will be a scheduled c-section baby too (my ob said she wouldn't do it any other way) and that is just fine with me. I hope you find peace and happiness with whatever you decide and congrats on being pg.
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This will be my 3rd c-birth in 5 years. My 1st was a classical due to extrememly premature twins with PROM for FOUR WEEKS. They were born at 29 weeks and weighed 2.9 and 1.13 pounds. My 2nd was even more of a devestation. I was told that I had NOT had a classical, and could VBAC so I spent 7 months prior to getting pg, losing weight, doing yoga, getting in shape for my big HBAC. After I got pg I requested my op notes for the mw and saw tat it said CLASSICAL all over the notes! No one would touch me with a ten foot pole. I spent the 1st 5 months of my pg making phone calls begging people to give me a chance. In the long run I was TOTALLY not able to enjoy giving birth to Abe-too much drama about the whole delivery. So this time, Silas Rain or Hazel Magnolia will enter the world via planned HAPPY c-birth!
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((Tree love))--all the best to you-we're due around the same time...
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RE: after any surgery, always get your records. Talk is cheap. You are going to live with what is in there, not the surgical team that did it to you.

In the hospital, Caesarean section deliveries are safer because that is what the hospital is set up for - emergencies and surgery.

Healthy people do not belong in the hospital.
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Birthing from Within has a great chapter on getting the c-birth you want. It isn't worth buying the book for but if you have someone to borrow it from it might be worth reading.
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Originally posted by applejuice

In the hospital, Caesarean section deliveries are safer because that is what the hospital is set up for - emergencies and surgery.

Healthy people do not belong in the hospital.
Certainly you're entitled to your opinion, applejuice--and although I hear where you're coming from, I don't agree with this generalization.

Not that I need to convince you otherwise, but in the interest of anyone who might read your comments and feel badly about themselves/their experience I'd like to say IMO it's good to keep a healthy skepticism about the conventional world, but don't be quick to judge it and dismiss it harshly. As Dr. Christiane Northrup so eloquently says--"Surgery is not a failure, but a healing opportunity." I agree with her that we "holistic" "natural" or "New Age" people think we should be able to do everything without medical intervention & this is flawed thinking to a large extent. I think it is important to acknowledge every individual has their own destiny & lessons to be learned--and perhaps in some symbolic way having to trust the medical people is a growth opportunity that person needs to experience. That in itself can be a very healing, empowering situation.

lilyka-thanks for the book recommendation.
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I'm tenatively planning a scheduled c/s for my next baby. DH and I are going to start ttc in October and we've been talking about VBAC vs c/s for weeks now.

Adia was a frank breech and I had low fluid so there's a good chance I could do a VBAC in that I don't have a medical issue that would necessitate another c/s (I'm also at a much lighter weight, healthier, etc...).

The bottom line is that DH isn't comfortable with the risk and after much thought and research I'm not sure I am either. My maternal grandmother had not only a near miss for a rupture with her 2nd child, but a full rupture when she had my mom. A full transfusion and a two week stay later she got to go home. I have yet to find any information that confirms or denies a heredity aspect to ruptures, but I'm just not sure I want to risk it.

Honestly though, I know that if I do have a scheduled c/s I get to pick the dr to do the operation, pick the hospital and dictate at least some of my care.

With all the new regs and guidlines, if I wanted a VBAC I'd have to find a new dr, switch to a larger hospital further away and hope that I didn't have to be induced (I'd opt for anotehr c/s in that case!). I'm just not convinced it's all worth it.

Best of luck to you in your decision. I don't think there's any reason to feel bad about wanting a c/s. I think you can still feel empowered by your birth especially if you make the decision ahead of time and get to dictate at least some of the care involved.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!

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I have to say that I am not qualified at all to respond with support for scheduling an ERCS. Or ECS for that matter. So, I will keep my trap shut, and let you walk down that path with other supporters than myself, Ladylee.

But, Kathy-Jo.

Do the math. Do the research. If our are scared for the baby, then think about working through your fears one by one. Fears are real. They also can get in the way of a normal, safe birth.

VBAC is safer than ERCS. If you are a numbers woman, it is proven in the studies. Vaginal birth, even VBAC is not dangerous. We are brainwashed to think it is, especially with 1 in 4 women getting cut open and delivered. Yes, birth is only as safe as life gets. But we are disillusioned to think that cesarean is safe. It is not. If you are worried about your baby, than make the safest choice for that baby. Plan a vaginal birth. It is safer for mom, and safer for baby than elective surgery.

If you need to learn more, email me or go to www.ican-online.org. You can subscribe to a discussion group and find answers to all of your questions, and support while you work through your fears.

jaya- very concerned about spreading illusions and misinformation about cesarean section.
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I am only responding to the concept of waiting for labort to commense before c-section. I think it is a supurb idea, but you have to deal with the doc and think of these questions, Do you have any reason to suspect a percipitus (very fast) labor? Do you have any reason to think you may not notice you are in labor? how close are you to the hospital?

Early discharge, make absolutely positively sure that this is cool with the Pedis who will be discharging baby!!! Otherwise you could have a big headach when you are discharged and your healthy baby isn't! This holds true no matter how the baby joins the world!
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Originally posted by jayasun

VBAC is safer than ERCS. Vaginal birth, even VBAC is not dangerous. Yes, birth is only as safe as life gets. If you are worried about your baby, than make the safest choice for that baby. Plan a vaginal birth. It is safer for mom, and safer for baby than elective surgery.

Unless you have had a classical c-birth......I think we can be suppotive of educated ladies making whatever decision THEY feel best about. If the fear of rupture is so overpowering and they impede their own labor due to stress, and their intire pg is filled with fear, would not a calm happy c-birth be a better choice for that particular mom?

Til you walk a mile in her shoes....I always say.

Many people judge me on my decisions. I have bottle fed 3 babies, and c-birthed all of them. GASP! I should have my Mothering Club Card revoked! LOL! But NO ONE has had to make the life and death decisions that I have made for my little guys. I'm a DAMN good mama, c-births and all.
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Again, many thanks to everyone for their input--as I've gotten lots of information about just one of the options I have available to me, I hope no one feels the need to debate any of these issues further.

I appreciate everyone's help--that's all I needed!
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Hello, I guess I must first say that I am pro VBAC and Pro natural birth, but I could be the extremist the other way I am planning a UC and could never be as bold as to have a c-sec especially scheduled unless my baby was in danger. But, I respect that you are educating yourself on all options. The thing I see most often in a scheduled c-sec is that women are not educated and that they have fear of birth: I don't think that most women that have scheduled c-sec see it as a major surgery that has many risk. I respect an educated decision and it seems like you are doing that. The truth is no matter what anyone thinks it is your choice and like me you have to live with the outcome good or bad. I wish you much luck in TTC and in your birth what ever you choose.
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I don't see this as a debate thread but as a support thread.

We invited the Mama's who have had C-sections or are planning to, to the I'm Pregnant forum so they could recieve the support they deserve. They are caring, loving Mama's who have come to their decision after careful thought, and after educating themselves on the subject. If they have decided that a C-section is what is safe and best for their baby , then I suggest we offer support and advice on how they can have the best CS birth possible.

Please save the debate for another thread.

Thank you!
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Thanks. peggy .

If anyone is interested, I've started a cesarean support thread over in Finding Your Tribe:

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