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Acelin Cooper is here

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As some of you know I went in for turning and induction on the 13th, which was 39 weeks gestation for me.
At about 7 am on the 13th he was sucessfully turned manually. He had turned in a weird sort of way from the day before and the turn was actually more difficult and they had to turn him over 3/4 of the way around to make sure he got into the best position. It was quite painful, but I took it and so did Acelin, and thankfully he was fine and not distressed about being turned at all. Then they started the induction, I really didn't want to have to go this route, but completely understood that he could turn back so it was better to go about it that way... man can I just say right now-induction sucks!
At about 5 pm my dr tried to break the water, but it didn't break, and my labor started up really quick, but then it slowed down again, so finally at about 1 am on the 14th I was pretty tired, hungry, thirsty, etc... so they slowed down the pitocin and gave me something that allowed me to sleep a bit, by 6 am my dr. called and wanted me to be up and started again and checked.
I would have to say my dr was great, he really kept the nurses hopping if he wasn't there, he called constantly, and would get them to check on me, if he was there, he was in my room as much as he could be. By about 9:00 am I was about 7 cm dialated and the dr broke my waters. Then the hard labor kicked in, but up until then I didn't have much in the way of any labor pains, and didn't ask for any pain medication, but after the water broke I somewhat broke too. I knew I was so close, and so did my labor nurse, she kept saying that I could do it, no pain meds, it would be bad for the baby. So my dh beared the grunt of my pain, which was mostly back labor and lower abdomen. OUCH... I was crouching by the side of the bed around 10 am and said I feel like I need to push during the contractions.. well I was ready, and so they hiked me up on the bed, and I started pushing with the labor nurse, she then told me to stop since I was pushing so good and she didn't want to deliver the baby herself, and just then my dr came in. got me all prepped, and I started pushing. I pushed for about 5 minutes to get him down into position, and then about another 5 to get him out.
Acelin Cooper was born at 10:14 am, weighing in at 10 pounds 6 ounces, and 21 1/4 inches long.
I had some second degree tearing, and horrible after birth pains, which I did get pain medication for, Thank Goodness!!! It took about another 15 minutes to deliver the placenta which they said weighed 10 pounds too!
I later found out that the nurses were using me as an example for other ladies in labor saying "C'mon you can do it, this lady just pushed out a 10 pounder in less than 10 minutes, without any pain medication!" how embarassing, everyone has their own threashold of pain, and ability... they failed to mention it was my fourth baby and the third over 10 pounds.... Oh well.
We came home yesterday, and it is so nice to sleep in my own bed. Acelin is doing great and nursing well. Also I saw his Ped in the hospital and he asked about circ, and I said he wouldn't be and he said "Oh that's great, glad to hear that!" How did I get so lucky with a great OB going every other route for me to avoid a c-section and wonderful nurses who didn't give into my calls for meds, and a ped who is ok regarding non-circ....
It was a great experience, and glad it's my last.
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popping over from the August board....

Congratulations! Glad everything went well!!
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congratulations donna!!
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Sounds like you had a great team working with you! Congrats and welcome Acelin.

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Congratulations! You did an awesome job!
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Not looking forward to my induction! but so glad they were able to turn your little boy externally and that you were able to have a vaginal delivery, med free no less!!!! My intuition tells me mine is a ten + pounder, especially having cooked an extra two weeks, but I keep reminding myself that my great aunts were all over ten, my great aunt Sopie 14, so genetics for pushing out big ones are on my side.
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Congratulations! Wow - what an impressive story! Glad you're home and happy!
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Congratulations! Well done, mama!!
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Welcome, Acelin!
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Congrats! What a positive induction story!
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Congratulations Donna, and welcome to Acelin!!! It sounds like you had fantastic support during your birth!! I'm so glad you were able to have that, especially during an induction! And how wonderful that you didn't have to have a c-section!

EDD 7/29/05
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OMG what a GREAT birth story! You definitely had a wonderful experience given the circumstances and how it could have been!

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Congrats on your wonderful birth! It's great to hear positive stories of hospital births, and to know that there are doctors and nurses who are providing loving care.
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Congratulations! : What a wonderful birth story.
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