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I saw obgyn to talk about my recurrent miscarriages

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I finally saw an obgyn, after having five early losses this year. I have to say that I liked her, she was very nice, and even more important, she was very positive!

We talked a bit about my medical and obstetrical history and she gave me three possibilities, of which she thought the first one was most likely. Nr one was that my ovulation was a bit 'off', and might need a little boost. Nr two was maybe a lowgrade infection after last childbirth that caused some scarring. Nr three had to do with the bleeding disorder that my mom has, but she thought it was highly unlikely that that was the case, but she still wanted to mention it as a possibility.

She felt that poor ovulation was the most likely offender, but wanted to rule out some other things too. So next cycle is going to be a testing cycle, she will do day 3 bloodwork (LH/FSH/estradiol and such), an HSG, a pelvic ultrasound, day 21 progesterone bloodwork, and things like that. And then the cycle after that will be Clomid and I think HCG shot too! WOOHOO!!!!! She felt strongly that that would most likely get me pregnant within a few months, with a KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She did a pelvic exam, everything felt normal to her, so that's good.

We talked about my current cycle, which she agreed could be anovulatory. She said if I didn't get my period by cd 40 (I am cd 24 now), I could give her a call and she would put me on Provera. But she expected my period would come just fine based on my history, even without ovulating.

It was a very positive visit, she expected that Clomid would provide the little nudge to my ovulation that my body might need.

Now the waiting is for my body finally to clearly ovulate (and dare I hope get pregnant because we now have a gameplan LOL) or get my period. Then I will give them a call and they will set up all the testing dates.

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Karen I'm glad you found someone that you really like. Did she talk to you about doing some tests for immunity issues??

Here is a link, just in case she hasn't addressed this as a possible cause of your losses. BTW, I am so sorry. I hope that you can find the answer. I know most specialists recommend immune testing for someone with 3 losses.

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I am so happy that you found a positive person to help you!
I hope this will see you to a pg, a KEEPER, I'm thinking of you always, you are in my prayers, and I'll be watching for any updates!

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I am so glad your visit went well and you are feeling encouraged! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Karen, glad to see that you've gotten some hope and possible leads! I'll be crossin my fingers for you! butterflymaiden
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sounds like a good visit to the doctor. Are you still breastfeeding ??? That maybe playing a role in not O'ing
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Karen - I hope this "does the trick" for you!! Best wishes, as always.

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