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What will your child/ren be when they grow up

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Of course our kids can be whatever they want as adults, but I thought it would be an interesting (fluff) thread to talk about what we think our kids might be based on nothing but their current personalities and/or interests, just for fun

My son? He is so eccentric, wild & bright I can totally see him being an artist, writer, or a musician. Based on his athletic abilities and interests right now I could also see him being a pro-extreme sports guy, like a skater or BMXer. Some sort of daredevil

Ok, who wants to go next?

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My older son will definitely be something extreme. Meaning, skateboarder, mountain climber, BMX'er, anything that would require tons of energy and dangerous situations!
Younger son, I could see as an artist. He loves art and is a very sensitive soul.
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My 7yo dd can't make up her mind. She either wants to be a vet or drive an ice cream truck. We are trying to talk up the former. :LOL
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He tells me that he's going to be a rock star, who knows. He's so obsessed with money he wrote me a note saying he wants $100 for his bday :LOL
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I can see my ds (7) as a teacher, artist, environmentalist. He is very sensitive, creative, caring, and concerned with his environment and what he can do to help keep the earth a great place to live.

My dd (5) I see as a an extreme sports athlete. She loves anything & everything that turns moms hair grey. I also can see her having an interest in theatre as she cna be quite dramatic. She would probably also do well in PR.
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DS (22 months) will either be a Marine Biologist ("fish" was his first word...) or the first Green Party US President (he's been kissing babies and shaking hands since he could sit up in the sling... )

Not sure yet about new baby DD, but she definitly tells us what's on her mind at all times, so maybe a protest organizer...
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Dd has informed us that she is going to be a 'crazy shoe-maker' even though she wants to 'do everything and it's very hard to decide.' :LOL I think she's likely to do something with math, science, or law - she's very into puzzles, figuring out patterns, and so on.

We like to joke that ds will be a model - he is most happy when we are changing his clothes!
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My older children are grown up so it's a bit less theoritical for me

My firstborn is in school to be a History teacher. She also works in a nursery (plants not babies) and is part of a band.

Secondborn is a med student. She wants to be a Pediatrician.

Thirdborn is a Marine serving in Iraq. She's getting out soon and wants to go to school. I think she wants to be a lawyer.

Fourthborn is into sports. Big into football right now. He wants to go into sports medicine.

Fifthborn is really good at everything. She is a good student in the math and sciences as well as in language (both English and German ) She is also an artist. She's thinking about law (in spite of our jokes) but the world is hers.

Sixthborn is into music. He's able to play an instrument quickly. I'm not sure what he wants to do with himself.

Seventhborn is a lot like my secondborn. He's naturally good at math and the sciences and can do well in language if he tries. He is also a good artist and is very creative.

Eighthborn is generally well balanced. She has amazing social skills and can work well with difficult children (she has much better social skills than her mother :LOL ) She really is amazing, she gets what she wants and makes the giver glad to have given. She isn't just a taker, she is a giver primarily but she also doesn't permit herself to be manipulated. I'm not sure what that becomes when she grows up.

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Both of mine have discussed being professional chefs for some time now. But they are considering other things. My son is definately computer/tech minded, photography, and though he doesn't think much of it right now he has some good story and lyric writing skills. My daughter is interested in marine life (she is a shark freak) and in some kind of health care. We shall see! I love how many possibilities there are for them.
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my best friend and I play the "in 20 years" game w/ our ds's all the time! Her family WANTS her ds to be this great awesome athelete... but, at 4, he shows NO talent in that arena. YET he knows the words to just about any song he's ever heard and sings sings sings to for us. He also makes us sit while he "storey tells" in front of us and constantly makes up roles for my ds (2 1/2) to act out at his direction... he's a budding drama guy for sure! too bad grandma! lol.
My ds is a wild man. My dh's family is artistic... in every way and to all extremes. My ds's hands look JUST like his Papa's on dh's side (the major successful fine artist and advertising guru). He's a lefty like MY Dad (who is a farmer/fisherman/former highschool and college athelete) and he LOVES LOVES LOVES to run fast and faster and climb up and down ANYTHING. He's 2 and he can climb trees w/o limbs! He can shimmy up fire polls. He can dribble a basket ball! SO... my guess is that he'll be an athelete in highschool and maybe even college yet he's the worlds' most bright smart articulate and well spoken toddler. He can identify all the letters and numbers to 10 and can add and subtract (with objects, not on paper) already. He knows how to spell his name and all these attributes were just acquired over the last 2 months! lol... plus, he's a smartass. He LOVES to "get us" and "trick us"... so my money is on him being an attorney! hehe. But, who knows... it's up to him for sure!
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DD#1 is totally into dance and music, but is so Type A that I could see her being the choreographer or artistic director, rather than simply the one taking the orders! She is also my incredibly sensitive one, so I could see her being a nurse or social worker, or something in the helping professions.

DD#2 is anybody's guess--also a natural musician, who loves drums and flutes and all kinds of music, so I could see her being the professional musician of the family. But she also has wonderful fine motor skills, and is very exacting in everything she does, so sometimes I wonder if she will buck the trend of our family and be a surgeon, or engineer.

I suppose they could be both--DH and I are serious amateur musicians, but make our living doing other things, so there is the possibility that our kids will follow that path, too!

We are just hoping that someone in the family will make enough money to keep DH and me in the manner we could become accustomed to!

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Something outdoorsey and athletic. A surfer, maybe?
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She told me she wants to be a dolphin trainer,she really loves animals and learns all about them,she also is very outgoing and loves the arts.So she has alot of choices,have to wait and see as she goes through school what interests her the most
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Originally Posted by singermom
DD#1 is totally into dance and music, but is so Type A that I could see her being the choreographer or artistic director, rather than simply the one taking the orders! She is also my incredibly sensitive one, so I could see her being a nurse or social worker, or something in the helping professions.
I could have typed this part of your post about my own daughter and wouldn't have had to change a word I think! My Dd is forever dancing and singing, and has such a beautiful voice. She's got the indpendent streak in a huge way too.
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Mine loves to talk and boss people around, but she is also very caring.....

maybe a Senator? (Green of course!) :LOL
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DS, who is 4 1/2, is certain he is going to be a paleontologist when he grows up. DD is only 18 months old, but she'll need to find something where she can be in charge :LOL
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oldest says she wants to be a vet and a mother

youngest will be a chef or something related to playing with food
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Very cool thread!

I'm going to respond both ways, what I think they would be great at (like the post asks) and then what they want to be!

ds11 is your typical first born over achiever! He loves order! He would make a great engineer type person. Totally white collar - lawyer type man! He loves science so anything in science. He wants to be a geologist.

dd10 (almost 10) is very observant. You should never underestimate her though! She doesn't dazzle people with her intellect like ds11 does, but she's smart. She's also got a mean stubborn streak in her that is amazing. She would make an unbelievable journalist/writer type person. She loves to write. She wants to be an avian vet.

ds8 can do anything! This child has more charisma in his little finger than Brad Pitt has in his body. He's just plain awesome. As the baby, he honestly could do anything. He's the whole package - best all around type. He's got a great ear for music - He would make a great Rock Star! He's so charismatic - he's a future President. He wants to be a CIA agent! Isn't that cute.
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I think my daughter will be on Saturday Night Live when she grows up, because she's a great actress and has a marvelously experessive face and great improv skills - she's the type of person who tells you about somehting that happened to her and has you rolling on the floor laughing.

She, OTOH, wants to be an actress on Broadway, and she has done a lot of musical theatre and is seriously working towards this goal, so it's a definite possibility, too...

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My youngest wants to be a paramedic- has done ever since he was rushed to hospital in the middle of a bad asthma attack by ambulance, and his sats actually improved when he saw the sirens. I could actually see that working- he copes very well with stressful situations and has an amazing ability to make people- adults and children- feel better about themselves.
My eldest wants to be everything and anything- ideally working with his hands and creating- a chef, a builder, a woodworker- but he concentrates on craftsman skills, rather than fine arts. I could definitely see him working as a potter, or something in that field.
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