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Help? What in the world is going on??

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Could someone give me an opinion? I'm SO confused! Still testing negitive, and I'm 18 dpo and just had *another* temp rise (isn't that a bit late for implantation??? and wouldn't a really sensitive test be picking up the hcg's by now??).

Course I suppose I could be ovulating now, and not back then? I've O'ed on day 29 before.... guess its a good thing we've been bd'ing lately!

Anyways if anyone could help I'd be SO appreciative. I've only been charting for 3 months, and while I have read TCOYF I still can't make heads or tails of this.

If I only ovulated now, why have I been having cramps for the past week?? Arrrrrrg! Thanks for letting me vent a bit here too I guess!
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Just waiting for Stafl to reply....

Hope she'll help make sense of this!!!
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Oh yes please Stafl please help me figure this out!!

Thanks so much mamasoleil for just replying! I know I shouldn't be so worked up about this, since this is only try #1, but I can't help it!

And your new name *giggle* who gave you that one?
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Courtesy of hslanders!
I'm the most obsessive person currently in the TTC, so do not feel like you need to explain!!!!
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I wonder whether you possibly could have ovulated on day 26 instead of on day 13? Although cm wise day 13 seems more likely cm wise. But temp wise, day 26 seems a possibility too.

I guess you will only know for sure when you see what the rest of the cycle looks like. Isn't it frustrating that it usually is easy to see what happened in hindsight, but so hard when in the middle of it?

Yes, a sensitive hpt usually would have given a positive by now, although some people don't test positie till later, so don't give up hopes yet.

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I'm here! THanks for the vote of confidence, but I can't make heads or tails of your chart, either. If you go by the TCOYF coverline rules, your coverline should be 98.2 which would indicate o on cd29. Did you have any ew after cd12 at all?
If you go by cm, FF is right about your o date. Either way, you sure have the BD covered!

I would think, that if your temps stay as high as they have been the last two days, that o was actually last Thursday. And, being conservative regarding o date, you won't waste money testing too early.

The cramps could be an ovarian cyst, which would also explain the delayed ovulation. Or you could just be one of those women who don't get positive HPTs until 20dpo or later!!!
I hope it's not an anov cycle - those really bum me out!
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Thanks for the help Stafl (and everyone else). Temps still high.... so I guess its just wait and see now! Yeah we do have the bd down! Hope we still caught O somewhere in there!!
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