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Want to nurse again

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Due to ongoing thrush, meds that made my milk taste awful and a mishmash of other issues, my 3 month old is mostly taking bottles right now. She nursed exclusively until 6 weeks, but we've struggled since week 2.

At this point, she only nurses in the middle of the night, and occasionally she will sleep through the night and miss that feeding. I still have milk though, and if I catch her in a not-too-hungry moment, I can sometimes get her to nurse in the daytime.

I haven't had much luck pumping (about a quarter oz after 20 mins of pumping) so she is getting goat milk in her bottles. We tried formula but it just wasn't a good fit for our family, and she seems to be doing very well on the goat milk. We also give her a infant's multivitamin supplement.

Usually when I try to put her to the breast, she turns her head away and cries or 'complains.' If I persist, her cry escalates, and I'm really not willing to take it to that level.

I'm hoping now to try to get her back on track with nursing....maybe even nurse full time, but I'm not sure where to start. Is she crying because of nipple confusion? Low supply?

I need tips for getting her to latch when she really wants a bottle, rebuilding supply (are herbs really effective?) and maybe some hints on how to pump mpre successfully. I have a manual pump form the hospital, and I can't afford to buy anything else at this point.

Any ideas? I need some inspiration
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first off,

have you thought of using some kind of SNS or supplemental nursing system to transition her and maybe stimulate your supply at the same time?

some ideas...

-try to pump for 10 minutes every 2 hours during the day if you can, to build up supply. you should be using hospital grade pump if possible.

-give her a little bit of goat milk before you try to latch her on so she won't be soo hungry.

-put some drops of goat milk on your breast for familiarity.

-lots of time skin to skin at your breast for familiarity.

-herbs can help, but need to be used in conjunction with frequent nursing or pumping to stimulate supply.

-see a local lactation consultant or LLL group/leader for suggestions, help, support, etc.

good luck to you. hope someone more helpful and knowledgable comes along soon!
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I tried the SNS today with little luck. It seemed to *really* make Maia angry, and the few short times I could get her to latch, the little hose goody would always slide to the side of her mouth.

There isn't a LLL here, and I can't afford an LC. There is a LLL about forty minutes south of my city, but the leader is a personal friend, which feels awkward to me.

I keep bouncing back and forth between really really motivated and on the verge of throwing in the towel. I know nursing is best for Maia, but seeing how angy and offended she is when I try to put her to the breast makes me wonder if it's worth it.
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