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wipes, how many?

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We're converting to cloth wipes, al la cheap dollar store washcloths. How many do we need? I'm figuring 20+, sound like a good number? DS is 5 months old.
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I have decided that you can never have too many wipes. We use them for everything. From diaper changes to wiping running noses. We have probably 24 right now but I need to get and make more!
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We have about 25 wipes and it is honestly more than we need. I wash every other day and I find that the ones on the bottom of the stack never get used unless I rotate them.
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that would be enough probably, but i say you can never have too many. we use them for everything around here.
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we only have 20, and it never seems to be enough, i think in all honesty it is enough, but my dd 3yrs, keeps stealing them to use as barbie blankets
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We have about 2 dozen and I haven't run out yet before washing.
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I've got 36 and I'm glad. We use them for everything though,too, so we need a lot!
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ITA w/ pp, you can never have too many wipes. They're one of those things you can use for anything, wiping bums, washcloths, wiping noses (SOOO much better than tissues ) 20+ sounds like enough for wiping bums if he's still having bfed poops. DS is 15mo, poops about 1x a day, and I use 3 wipes for it. We wash every 3 days, so a doz. wipes would be sufficient for us, but I have about 3 doz. just in case (y'never know when the sickies might hit, too)
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How many diapers do you have, and how often does your little one poop? For a newborn, I'd suggest as many wipes as diapers. For an older baby, you might not need as many- some 5mo babies poop once a week, others 5X a day, so that's something you need to factor in.
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I'm thinking of buying GOBS AND GOBS and making DH use them as 'adult wipes' because he uses toilet paper like no one I know (I'm home all day, and I can make a roll last over a week, he goes through TWO a week)
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1.5 times the amount of diapers you use between washings.
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just a little advice....make sure the wipes are COTTON!

I got the dollar store wipes and couldn't figure out why they were absorbing....turns out they're polyester!!! GO FIGURE! THAT'S why they weren't absorbing and felt funny!!!!
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I have about 100+ wipes. I feel like you can never have too many wipes! Lol. I use them for my daughter's face, hands, bum, etc.
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I have 30... it's a nice round number that works well for us. But I have a toddler. For a "non solid poo-er" I'd think you'd want more. Especially if they're small or thin.

Love cloth wipes... best switch EVER. They work so much better than sposie wipes, and are preservative & alcohol free! Good for the bum!
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We use so many wipes it's hilarious.lol I have probably 40 and we use them all. I even run out sometimes. it's almost embarrassing how many we use. But they get used for everything 'round here.
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I've got 30, and I'm ALWAYS running out - I think they take off with the extra socks !
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