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July 18th - 24th Weekly Chat

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It's been kind of quiet in here lately compared to usual anyhow. How's everyone doing?

Lately I'm just feeling like a lead weight, I feel unmotivated to do anything. It's too hot outside! Had some sciatica kick in yesterday but it's already better today so that's good. I've got some major cleaning to do today though. I just finished reading a fiction novel that I've been glued to for the last 3 days and now it's time to get stuff done .

I had a consultation with my new midwife last week that went very well and I have my first actual prenatal appointment with her this Thursday at 9am. I'm looking forward to it.

Okay, my 2 yr old is begging to watch tv. I need to get him busy with some paints or something.
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I've been getting tired and achey lately. But there is so much to do.

I've been sleeping through the night (yay!) which means a VERY full bladder in the morning (boo!)

The baby is still a mover, not so much a kicker though. I do believe I felt her hiccup about a week ago. First time I've felt it (or most likely, noticed it) during this pregnancy.

I got new maternity clothes (yay!) but am so busy cleaning and relaxing, cleaning and relaxing, that I dont' get to wear them (boo!).

And today, our younger kitten used the scratching post.
And my toddler is getting really good at using the potty at least a couple of times a day. :P

And I can't believe I'm going to be 29 weeks soon!
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Tired and achey, that's me. Yep. But I managed to get a good amount of cleaning done today. Cleaned the kitchen real well, vaccuumed, gathered all the laundry. Basically I got the front half of the apartment decent looking. Tomorrow I will continue to tackle the back...the bathroom and bedrooms.

I also got some more maternity clothes, given to me by a friend. Gosh, it's nice to have a few more options for when I am out of the house. In the house though I'm usually wearing an oversized shirt or a pair of shorts and a tank top.

We are getting close aren't we! I can't believe I'll be 30 weeks on Friday!
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blagh, i had a crappy week; my hubby got fired for a stupid reason (reading on his lunch break) so we're down to a $25/month income from my "job" at church, lol, something tells me that's just not going to cut it :P He's filled out something like 50 applications (i'm not kidding) and he had two interviews, but we haven't heard anything yet. *sigh* i'm trying really hard not to stress; there aren't any bills due *this* week at least, so i figure i may as well stay as calm as possible--panic won't help now (or ever?) anyway, hahaha.

Happier, though, was our daughter's birthday party yesterday The in-laws didn't show, which pisses me off quite alot (they were too busy at their resort, which they knew they would be two months ago, but they didn't bother to tell me that, even the day before the party when we last talked to them, and they said they'd even bring some food, which would have helped). But my mom saved the day; she brought a ton of food, and even my grandma, aunt, and cousin, who we only see once or twice a year A couple of little people came too, the neighbor girl, and the son of a chick i went to school with. We invited another one, but we went to school with that mom too, and she was in "that" crowd, so i'm not too surprised to get snubbed there, lololol! It was great, the party started at 2pm, and the kids stayed until 8 and 9! They all played so great, it was amazing. I was super-thrilled about that
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Hi everybody!

Well busy day for me...went and got my hair highlighted...nice...and then bought a new maternity dress for the wedding in 2 weeks! I love it and though I had a skirt and top I could wear I love this so much better...only thing is I am going to need a bra to wear underneath as my old nursing bras are showing...but I can just get a cheap bra to get me through..unlikely I will have to nurse that night anyway..Sophia only nurses to sleep and last night she didn't even do that but was kind of nice all the same...I was kind of relieved when she nursed a few minutes this morning...I wonder if she will do that tonight again.

My older girls are at their dad's so that's a nice break...they are so LOUD and while I miss them if they are gone too long I do like the quiet for a while!

and I got my digital camera back from repairs...so soon I will be posting belly pics again...I haven't done one since 16 wks...I can't wait to compare!

Baby is so active and strong now...it's awesome! Yesterday I was contracting off and on all day but I think I was just exhausted...last night I got 12 hours straight(yep I was tired and so was Sophia) and today no contractions at all.

I think baby has suddenly grown and gotten heavy...all of a sudden my energy level is a bit zapped and I feel more sluggish...

Well...better run...it's way after midnight and we are still up...time for sleep!

Ryvre Willow...too bad about your hubby...since when can't you read on your own lunch break... : He will find something better...just wait and see!
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to you Ryverwillow. During my first pregnancy, my husband got fired for something stupid, too. This too shall pass. But when you're pregnant, I know it feels really bad.

I took a couple pictures of the 28 week belly. I feel huge, and I still have 12 weeks to go.

28 weeks #1


I bought another outfit, since I've already grown out of the overall shorts and the dress - and it's too hot for the pants I bought at first.

Hope everyone has a good week...

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Ryvre, I'll be sending job-finding vibes your hubby's way. Fired for READING on his lunch break?! :

All is well here. We had some computer problems for almost a month, so I'm really glad to be back online.

I had a check-up today with my OB - 27 weeks! Baby's heartbeat sounds great and no probs with the glucose test. They did take some extra blood to check my platelet levels, though. I've been having *lots* of bleeding from my gums (to the point where the blood actually clots...ick) and a few light nosebleeds. I've not been sleeping very well, which I hate because then I get stuck in the cycle of needing a nap during the day - then not tired at bedtime, so tired in the morning, etc. Hopefully things will get better, but let's not kid ourselves - the third trimester is almost here!

Everyone have a great day!
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((hugs)) Ryvrewillow! I'm so sorry to hear about this!!
Best of luck to your family, sending lots of good job finding vibes your way...!!
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Hey, I just got some good news, here. Finally found a midwife who does homebirth in the area, and have a consultation on August 2nd. She does mostly exclusively waterbirths, too, which I like the sound of. Wish me luck about the money issue.

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movingon...sounds good!

Rach...I rarely sleep through the night right now but the other night I did...yeeeoch on the bladder

All quiet here thank goodness!

I am going outside to sit in our swing in the backyard...too hot to take dd out in the day time!

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Ryvrewillow - that's got to be stressful for that to happen, what timing. Sending good job vibes.

Yikes! Jakob is 2 1/2 now and I'm finding it challenging to keep him occupied! I feel like I'm not doing enough with him. I did manage to take him outside for 30 minutes today, but it was too hot to stay outside any longer. Yesterday I was in the kitchen straining chicken stock and he was like 10 feet away from me playing an alphabet game on the computer and I turn around to find he had dumped an entire bottle of Elmer's glue all over the desk and on the keyboard too! I couldn't type anything until an hour ago when DH dug out another keyboard we had in the house.

Anyhow, I have an appointment with my new midwife tomorrow but I'm going to have to re-schedule it for next week since something came up and DH needs the car.

Nesting is kicking in a bit more lately. My house has actually looked decent for the last 3 days...except for our bedroom, that is always the bottom on our priorities.

Movingon, I'm glad you found a midwife for a homebirth. Oh, and I totally understand about money issues. We still owe the old midwife a little money and now we have to come up with a wad of cash for our new one. They were very clear with me though that they won't refuse anyone because of lack of money and that they will work with us. I hope yours does the same for you too.
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Thanks for the good vibes everyone

Still no luck getting a job, but he's putting out a ton more applications today, and some resumes. After a heated debate last night with his parents (they think we're lazy and stupid for not planning better, and getting educated or something before having kids, etc), his mom and dad said they'd help out financially if he'd go to school, or get trained for something--none of this sounds logical, since he'd have to work at least two jobs to pay the bills AND go to school, plus, when would he ever see his kids? But, if we can find something he could work on at night or something, maybe all this will be a blessing in disguise, and maybe we'll be in a good position for once? I dunno, it's all wayyy too much for me to think about right now, and i'm super-frustrated, because any other time i could at least get a part-time job to help out, but i seriously doubt anyone would hire me, when i'm just going to work for 3 months, and take a year off to take care of my kiddos. *SIGH*

Also, i'm having issues with my doc's office and the hospital, because my blood sugar was a little high on the 1-hour GTT (gee, stress can effect that, wonder if it may have had something to do with that, lol), so of course they want me to take the 3-hour version. I'm thinking it's a bad idea for a whole lot of reasons (i posted on the "i'm pregnant" board, so i'll spare you and not go into it all again, haha)

So yeah, i'm stressed out :P
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Oi, I need to vent now...

I've been feeling pretty icky with this pregnancy. And I have to eat every two hours to keep from feeling sick and dizzy. I drink a ton of water too. So, I kinda wanted to check up on my 1 hr. glucose screen, in the hopes I would get reassurance. But I failed it pretty badly. I've got the slip for the 3 hour test. Now, I don't want to take that and find out my intuition is right. I don't really want to fight about inductions and c-sections...

Plus, my insurance was changed at the beginning of the year, through the company, without our consultation. The reading we did seemed to indicate it was pretty much the same. But turns out it's completely different, and isn't covering much of anything. And I've still got to come up with quite a bit of money all at once, whether with the midwife or the OB. I'm not sure how to do this, now.

I'll still have the consultation with the midwife, and I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this won't put a damper on the prospects.

Money sure can be a ***** sometimes...
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Movingon I completely understand how you feel. Because we don't really go to the doctors at all we haven't paid our deductable for our insurance. So we are having to come up with a wad of cash. We barely make enough right now just to pay the bills and groceries, so we are finding it quite a challenge to come up with the money for our midwife. It's frustrating. We staid up late last night coming up with some logistics because this week is an especially trying one financially for us, and then I laid in bed worrying about it to boot. Anyhow, I know how you feel. I hope your midwife will just work with you guys so you can have the birth you want. And about the GTT, see if you can take the post-prandial version of it. It is much more accurate - that's the one I took. It took a bit of convincing on my part to get to do that test instead. Anyhow, that is part of the reason I switched midwives because of the flack I got. From what I understand a diagnosis of GD doesn't really mean anything unless you are at a truely diabetic not just some arbitrary number assigned to be healthy for all pregnant moms. Do a google search for Henci Goer and GD, there is some great info.
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Here's a link to that article:

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Woo hoo, my hubby got a job, and an offer for another one. He's trying to decide for sure which one he wants

Job 1: front desk at a hotel; they hired him on the spot for full-time, 7.50/hr

Job 2: Cingular; 6.25/hour + commission

He wants job 2, because he thinks there's more potential there, but he
has to work there two weeks for just 6.25 first, and after that, if he
doesn't make enough sales, he gets fired. They guy says they've only
had to fire two people in two years, but that doesn't sound good
enough to me, lol. I prefer a smaller paycheck, as long as it's
steady, you know? His last job was sales, and his salary was based on
comission (if he didn't make commission, he got minimum wage). I
remember how stressful that was, even if he doesn't. When he has a
bad week, I"M the one who hears about it, lol. So anyway, let's hope
that whatever he chooses ends up being the right one.
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we've been doing the base + commission for a very long time, now. If we could have a job with good benefits and raises, I think we'd consider it, long and hard, even with the time spent at his present job. Going through the winter months, when sales are so extremely low (after Christmas until tax return time) is scary, and then there are down-times in late spring and early fall, too... Choose wisely. (I'm sure you will!)

Thanks for posting the link to the article! Thank you. (I thought I wrote that, last night, but apparently not. sigh...) I started to read the article, and I feel a bit better, indeed. Thanks. I'll finish reading it tomorrow when I have time.

In the meantime, I'm going to visualize a good outcome homebirth with all my heart and soul...
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Yes we are a quiet group.....I am probably one of the worst though!

No real issues I guess.
Things are starting to seem a bit more real though....getting nervous about some things.
One being that I will go way overdue again. My mom had 7 children naturally with no drugs... she only went into labor on her own with 2 of us though...and we were both girls. She didn't even go into labor naturallly with my twin sisters...they were 42 and a half weeks overdue before she allowed them to induce her. Not that I really blame her she was trying everything to bring them on and was VERY uncomfortable...never mind her four other children under 5 she had to take care of! But not ONE of my mom's boys came on their own. My mom went 44 weeks with my brother before the doctors insisted that she be induced and after that she was 42 weeks with the othe two before letting them induce her.
Her doctor was an EXCELLENT doctor....AWESOME! He didn't like to interfere with pregnancy or delivery and that was back in the seventies and early eighties so I find that pretty impressive. He let things go as naturally as he could. And I am not sure if this is true or not....but the doctor told my mother that she may not produce the hormone that allows her body to go into labor with baby boys. Now has anyone heard of that?
So when I was pregnant both my mom and I were sure it was a baby boy. I was just over 42 weeks when they became quite insistent that they induce me. My mom told me it was completely my call but that she had been told she doesn't produce some hormone that allows labor to start and thus maybe I don't either...she never felt comfortable with inducing either
I was young and knew no better when they started talking to me about all the risks of letting the pregnancy continue too far over due so I let them induce....and it was awful.
So now I am scared....I have been reading some of the loss stories of women who lost their babies and some of them question if they should have let thesmselves be induced...and yet I don't want to go through with anothe rinduction that I really don't agree with.
So that is my first fear.

Secondly getting a midwife around here I have found is impossible....you need to have one in place BEFORE you get pregnant! They are just in such high demand around here and there are not enough to go around....so I am going to end up in a hospital so now I need to decide which hospital, and how to go about this so it remains as natural as it can...it is going to be a fight though since it has to be born in a hospital!

So those are my concerns. And the closer my due date gets the more I yearn to be able to have the baby at home....in my comfort.

I am still feeling very well in every way except one....my body HURTS! Everything feels loosey goosey and my back is HORRIBLE! I can't sit, lay, or walk without being in pain. I am trying perfect posture, exercise,and excellent shoes and thus far no relief.
I remember this from my first pregnancy (though it wasn't this bad) and it is HARD to live with!

We have no names picked out yet....that tends to make me nervous. I am one of these people that wants to LOVE the name we choose and thus far we have zippo! With only three months remaining that makes me a little wary!

Might just be part of the pregnancy brain though....I am trying to create as much stress in life for me as possible I guess. Hmmm what else can I find to worry about? :LOL

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Originally Posted by Carsonsmama
but the doctor told my mother that she may not produce the hormone that allows her body to go into labor with baby boys. Now has anyone heard of that?
Believe it or not, I have!
My aunt was overdue with her children, she kept telling the doctor to induce her because she was very overdue. The doctor just kept telling her she was wrong about her due date and that the baby would come. I'm not sure how overdue she was exactly, but it took weeks for them to finally induce and when they did my cousin's water was full of meconium, and she showed signs of being post term. I know this happend with two of her children, and I believe it was the last two, who had a different father than her first. Very crazy stuff. I wasn't sure I believed it, but hearing you say the same thing, I wonder if it is true.

I can't believe your mother went to 42+ weeks with twins!
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