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Possible dropped Cervix?? Need help.

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I don't really know what is going on, but I hoped that one of you might know of this experience and be able to help me.

I use a Diva Cup and have for about 5 months now. Things have been going great until tonight.
I just went to change my cup and when I was cleaning my vaginal opening I noticed something firm, slightly rounded, donut shaped...really close to the opening. I got a mirror and looked and from what I see and feel, I think it is my cervix that has dropped down and turned almost sideways.

I knew something had been off the past couple of days. I have been having strange dull pains, not like cramps, but just figured it was new but normal for my often strange cycles.

What should I do? Is this serious or is it something that happens normally during menstration and I just hadn't noticed till now.

I will say that often when I pull out the Diva Cup, it seems like it get caught on something and I squeeze/twist and then it comes out. I also had sex 2 nights ago, which usually doesn't happen when Aunt Flow visits, but it did and it was rather...er, um rough Might I have damaged something?

I am a little scared, should I see my gyno doc?

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I've heard of this happening with using cups before and the cervix goes back to it's regular spot after AF is gone and the cup is put away.
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Does that mean that I can continue to use the Diva Cup and just expect this to happen during menstruation or should I stop using it and go back to pads.
I have had all day to think about this and I am really scared. All I can think about is not being able to have more children...my mother had a hysterectomy at 35 because of fibroid cysts and prolapsed uterus, so I am scared that it is somehow hereditary.
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You also might have a tipped uterus.
I have one and it can move, do they have a bit of trouble sometimes adjusting your speculum for your pap smear?

We don't all tip back the same way...
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I'd get an appointment with an ob-gyn. This thing runs in my family (grandma and aunt), and I know that when it is caught early, it is easier to treat. I think it is a fairly common thing, so you don't need to worry about it.

I don't know much more, but I think you need to get this checked.
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Yes, my gyno often has trouble with the speculum and the strange thing is that it is usually very hard to reach/locate my cervix.

I am calling my gynocologist tomorrow to make an appt. She is a nurse midwife and I think pretty knowledgeable.
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