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I too, loved birth. I kept crying after the experience out of joy and pride. I cannot believe how strong, powerful and alive I felt. I have never felt such emotion, love and oneness with the universe. I imagined women everywhere giving birth and I was so happy to have the chance to be a part of that.
It is truly a beautiful, beautiful thing that you will always remember and hopefully hold as one of the dearest moments in your life.
Basically, it was such an honor to have the experience and the most amazing reward to work so hard and have my wonderful son at the end of it.
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Labor is the ultimate head trip.

Only a woman can understand this.
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A ton of great posts here (I read most but not all so sorry if I'm repeating). I think it was really an empowering experience for a woman. I also feel that the bond I have with my son is so strong and I had this immediately. It was so natural the second he was born. I think laboring with him is part of that. I think the hormones and emotions you feel going through labor are so intense and that intensity stays with you when you are caring for your newborn. Not to say that people who don't labor or labor with medication don't bond with their children, I'm just saying for me it was really THAT significant!!!

It is SOOOOOOOOO Worth it!!!
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The most amazing moment is when you hold that child for the very first time- naked and wet, and realize that this is the little person that has been living inside you for nine months. There is such a sense of peace, joy, wonderment and awe in that moment. I've had it twice and could live that moment over every day of my life and not get tired of it.

(I'm getting teary just thinking about it...)
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I have had 4 unmedicated births.

The experience seems to be related in how you interpret and view it.

I have had a birth that was painful and I was out of control. This is why: I viewed my self as a victim that something was being done to me that I could not control.

The birth after that was very different. My view of birth had changed. This birth was longer than the previous one and hard. However, I remember thinking half way through it "this is a peice of cake" I described it afterward to people who asked in this way: "It was like a hard aerobics class" Everyone looked at me as if I was a little off but......... think of it this way. Have you ever pushed yourself in excercise until you feel the burn, because you had a goal in mind and soomething you wanted to accomplis? Birth, is that. YOu are using muscles to get your baby out. Muscles that don't work that hard except during labor. The work of getting the baby out gets tiresome and the muscles burn. But, you are not a victim you are a strong woman doing hard work for a good reason with a wonderful goal in mind and a fantastic prize to be won in the end.

Thinking this way, changes the pain because it changes your perception. And that is half the battle.
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i am gonna print this thread, it is so great!
i feel i can do anything now!
thanks all of you!
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Labor is an incredible journey into your soul or spirit. You will come to know yourself through this pain and release in such a different way. I felt the strength and power of my body and from this learned that I can do anything I want to with enough determination and support. The pain is such a distant memory now that it is hard to convey that part. It was like riding waves that you knew you were going to get relief from. It helped when it really hurt to remember that the pain was good b/c it meant your body was doing what it needed to and that it was bringing the baby out. Also, positions were really important. You don't have to feel like you need to study a bunch - this isn't yoga class. When you are in labor, move around and just be quiet in your mind to check out what feels right. I spent a great amount of time on my hands and knees. My muscles were shakey I was so tired from the position, but anytime I switched to side or back I knew it wasn't right from how it felt. I was in a hospital that saw more medicated, managed births than mine, but I had a wonderful ob and midwife. Also, I had a birthplan, supportive husband, a birth stool which was awesome! It got me in a squat position for actually delivering the baby. The most amazing part of the birth was the light - I mean the actual light in the room. I could see this bright white light that felt like it was splitting me in two, but yet soothing me through this experience. I now believe it was the spiritual energy of our maker God. I have not been a religious type person, but this rocked my world. I also had this incredible intuition about the people around me. I knew who was there to be supportive and who didn't really get it. My labor lasted from Friday evening to Sat. around 2pm. It never really got hard until Sat. from about 9am on. I think it would have been shorter, but I held on to the baby b/c I had to work through the fear of having her as I labored (my first was a c-section). The funny thing that happened was one of the nurses that didn't understand what was going on (I'm in a hospital gown) asked the midwife if she thought I wanted to put on my panties. OMG!!! I was into labor big time at this point, not really able to talk to anyone, just dealing with it and on all fours. Do I want my panties!!! CRazy. You will do great.
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Being pregnant and giving birth is the MOST empowering thing I have ever done in my life. When I was pushing my baby out, I felt like a goddess. As soon as she was up on my belly, I had this overwhelming rush of euphoria and satisfaction of this little person that I helped to create.
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Great things about labor??
It was simply, completely, unequivocally the most empowering experience I have ever had.
I loved everything about it.
Blessings to you!
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Labor is a head trip.

And labor is more easily done at home without all of the tubing, wiring, electrodes, probes, space outfits, gloves, bright lights, drugs, moving from one room to another, change of shifts and unfamiliar faces.
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...And when you are done, you have your baby!!

Life goes on !!

Well begun is half done.
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Labor was awesome and hard. I had the most wonderful support team that I ordered around
But the greatest moment was when I pushed Elijah out and I had this beautiful, wonderful, incredable creature in my arms looking around at the world for the first time. I just don't understand why people don't talk about that more! I still can't believe that we GET to do this! We are so lucky.
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Originally Posted by applejuice
Labor is the ultimate head trip.

Only a woman can understand this.

it really is, I never knew what strength I had until I gave birth- pushing through the pain and then the euphoria of the pain suddenly subsiding as I held my precious Grey for the first time...

not only labor, but right after the baby is born, and the days after... I have never felt so at peace and content.

I have never felt so strong and yet so weak, so "in my own world" yet so connected to those around me as I did when I was in labor.
I was amazed at how little I needed anyone (except during transition)- I was amazed that what felt "right" to me as I labored was being all alone- it made me feel so strong, like an ancient wise woman.

As hard as it was, I already want to do it again!
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This is a GREAT thread. I am SO looking forward to my first birthing experience!!!!
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I am loving this thread too; I really needed to read this today.

Re: the pain of labor. Yes, it is bad. BUT, there are more physically painful things you may have already endured, or will endure in the future. On another message board, I read a thread about pain. Most posters did not classify labor as their worst pain ever. Things like broken wrists, kidney infections, and migraines were considered more painful. It's weird. I guess because labor is natural, and "pain with a purpose", it is definitely something you can handle and ride through. And there's the payoff of that beautiful, heavy, warm, wet baby on your abdomen. Perfection.
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I can't say that I enjoyed the ring of fire at all BUT that feeling of relief when they slip out of you is the best feeling in the world. Pushing towards that pop of relief was incredibly painful but it was almost a good pain. Someone else said you have to have the storm to enjoy the calm and I agree with that. I'm not going to lie it was painful but it was also totally totally manageable. I've had two unmedicated births and in both cases I labored at home as long as possible so I was only at the hospital for 3 hours and 1.5 hours before the births which I think is ideal. The less time you're at the hospital the less that can happen to slow down your labor and stress you out. Compared to my augmented pit births true natural birth was a piece of cake. There was never a time when I thought I couldn't do it. It also gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment. I'll admit to getting a charge out of responding "no I had a unmedicated vaginal delivery" when people say I must have "had" to have a c-section when they learn DD#2 was 10.5lbs. So don't listen to the horror stories. You can do this. Your body and baby were made to do this.
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DH and I did a lot of reading and put a lot of thought into our birth plan. We found a wonderful doula who happened to be a massage therapist, licensed for pregancy massage. Our CNM was busy with another birth, so was in and out of the room, but my doula was there throughout.

Our non-medicated (not even an IV) hospital birth took place in a tub, with DH behind me. I had spent most of my pregnancy practicing calm. I meditated regularly to relaxing nature and instrumental sounds. I brought this music with me to the hospital. Ocean wave sounds combined with the sensation of the warm water in the tub helped me to ride the waves of my contractions without breaking concentration. DH and my doula were there to coach me when I became distracted. The biggest obstacle for me was that I was physically tired by the time I reached the pushing stage. I was less concerned with pain sensations than I was with running out of energy.

Labor is hard work and requires preparation. However, I share the sentiments of an earlier poster... I felt so lucky to have the opportunity! What an incredible experience the entire process was!

This time around, we are planning a home water birth. I am soooo excited! EDD: 9/16!!! People look at me like I am crazy when I say that. A friend actually asked me recently if I was afraid. I told her I had read that fear and tension can intensify pain, and I had trained my mind to work with my body... "Riding the waves" instead of allowing them to overwhelm me. I am in control. I picture myself allowing my baby's birth to progress, rather than fighting it. I am anxious to meet our child, look into his/her eyes--- there is nothing comparable.

: BTW, DD weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces, 21 in.

Believe in your body. Take control of your birth.
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I haven't labored yet, but am really glad to have this to read as i enter my third tri-mester.

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I labored all night quitely in bed, I slept and rubbed my DH's thumb during ctx's...it was so soothing. In the morning while everyone was sleeping, I sat on the front porch and watched the sun come up. I braided my hair and made soup for the midwives. During the day I had fun freaking people out at the grocery store and video store telling them how I was in labor and thought I might have the baby that night. (That was hilarious to me) My midwife, one of three, drove in from off the road around 7pm....later that night when labor had taken a break I tucked everyone in and hung out on the porch again. The one of the highlights was when I was laboring in the pool in the dark, surrounded by candles throughout the room, and the Cranberries playing on the stereo....it was awesome!
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I had 3 babies. My first two were delivered in the hospital with an epidural. My third was born unmedicated in a birth center. She is my only baby that I look at and marvel at and say "I can't believe she is the baby I GAVE BIRTH TO a year and a half ago." I honestly did not feel the same attachment and accomplishment with the births of my first two daughters.

You are a great mom already. I wish I knew half of what you know going into your first birth. Good luck!
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