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birth is not so bad, in fact it is as easy as falling off a log. i didn't experience any pain per say, extreme discomfort during transition and a wonderful sense of relief when my body was pushing. i learned from my birth that for the most part i had no control over most of it and i didn't have to really think about it. my body just did what it is supposed to, give birth.

you can view my birth at:


good luck and blessings:
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I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to this thread; it's wonderful to read these positive experiences as I head into the home stretch!
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I LOVED the pushing part. Most people I know were afraid of that stage, but I really liked feeling that it was close to the end and I was making progress. I didn't care about the pain. I pushed right through it! I think that's when the primal part of me took over.

I was also surprised that I lost my inhibitions then. I knew I was supposed to, but I'm such a modest person that I didn't think that would happen to me. But it did! I made noises and didn't care what I looked like or what anyone must have thought of me.
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I think it's actually easier to do a natural birth than it is to be medicated. It means your body can work at the pace that it was made to.

I gave birth in a hospital. It was painful, but not painful like breaking a leg or anything I would naturally associate a hospital with. We had fun... especially at the beginning and watched "Princess Bride" on a laptop computer. The hospital staff was very supportive, and I feel like they were a great blessing to me. The only really rough patch was when I was getting close to 10 cm and was having trouble handling the pressure mentally. It didn't hurt. I just wanted to push soooo badly! I blacked out a couple of times during these final contractions before pushing and my mind wandered to other places, kind of like dreaming but not being asleep. It was crazy!

And like everyone else says just having the baby in my arms at the end was such an awesome experience. I felt like something in me clicked. It was a "Eureka" moment when I realized this is what we are meant to do! It was such a sense of extreme fulfillment.
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My first birth was unassisted in a hospital. There were some 'issues' but they were freak cirumstances so they don't count here. What did count to make it a great experience is i was really well-educated about the natural birthing process (a bradley method book really went into the physiological details about labor and birth that helped me understand all this - the mechanics of labor) and also i was thuroughly educated about all the medical interventions possible at the hospital.

Knowing the hospital's 'most common practices' helped me clearly address what i did and didn't want, put it down on paper in a clear, concise birth plan, and since i was educated about it all there was no-one could second guess my decisions or why i came to the conclusios i came to.

I know you wanted positive experiences only but it is only fair to say there were some complications in my experience that no-one, let alone me in my first birth, could have forseen. However, i think education and clear communication/dialog with the delivery staff is of upmost importance to have a positive experience overall. Empower yourself and it will be the best it can be even if you run into 'issues' of your own.
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Oh, and it is okay to feel as educated as possible and still ask for guidance!!! the people at the hospital/birthingcenter/etc have been through a lot more labors than you and may have tidbits of wisdom to share!
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its the most amazing thing i ever did...it hurt, it was hard as hell, but it was awesome. even though my birth was NOTHING like i had planned, i STILL can't wait to do it again...you'll see, you'll be great!
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Okay. Labor hurt like you-know-what.

But one thing people don't tell you: You have breaks!
I went into labor expecting 20+ hours of non-stop, barely-able-to-breathe pushing.
What I got was 2 hours of pushing, with about 5 minutes of pain-free, coherant time between pushes! I couldn't believe it. I even napped between pushes!
But holding your baby and knowing "I did this... I brought this little thing into the world, and I ROCK because of it!" is the.most.awesome.feeling.
Definately a head trip, as a PP said.

However... I can't say i'm quite ready to do it again yet... Poke me in a few years, and we'll talk.
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its the most amazing thing in the world

It hurt like hell but i am doing it again this time at home. I know its no walk in the park but i would never take another drug like i did for my first preganncy unless i had to have a C section.

I cant say it was easy but i can say it was worth it i was awake and feeling and was able to leave 24 hours later.

Good luck and you will do great
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Birth makes me feel powerful, Womanly & very connected spiritually & Men can't do it.

I actually like giving birth but am miserable being pregnant.

Oh yeah & I'm good at it!, labours have been long to short but I have never spent more then 4 minutes pushing!
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You know what? I had a medicated (pitocin, Nubain), hospitalized labor that lasted 24 hours, and I still thought the birth was a great experience. I did not have an epidural or an episiotomy, but I did have a pudendal block (where they numb you "down there" before the baby crowns). You can find my birth story (in which I don't think I ever mention that I thought it was pretty great, but that's what I thought then and think now) in my signature, if you're interested in reading it.

It was after my baby was out that I really got upset. I wrote this ranty post today, in which I share my postpartum wish list, and I feel so much better after writing it.
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I was induced at 42 weeks with Pitocin, but I had a great unmedicated labor, and pushing lasted only 14 minutes and felt really really good.

One of my favorite parts of labor was when it really started to hurt, and I felt my endorphins kicking in. They really do change how you perceive everything! My DH and I were slow dancing to a mix of tunes we'd made beforehand. We both felt this intense love for each other, more than we ever had (more than my wedding day, even!). I was crying, but crying for joy. It was amazing!
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It was a trip, so empowering, exciting and happy to feel my body working and doing what it was made to do when I was giving birth to my baby. I loved that feeling of...its really hard to describe... fullness, potential, life giving power. I'm excited to do it again! I will say that I'm so incredibly happy that I didn't have an epidural or numerous interventions because I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the experience and find the comfortable positions that I did. I'm glad that my baby wasn't exposed to the chemicals and drugs of the epidural or pitocin and that I was able to do it ON MY OWN and have my husband giving me the counterpressure and support, and my friend the words of encouragement and expressions of confidence in my ability. Really, I'm excited to give birth again...and again... and possibly a couple more times after that.
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I have 34 weeks and have been nervous about my upcoming birth, I just had to say reading these messages has been so awesome, so inspiring!! Having an unmed birth in a med birth world is difficult, you get a lot of negative input from others and come across a lot of naysayers. the only 2 women who support my choice is my MW and my doula.... i am so looking forward to this experience. I am nervous, but I am also so excited!! you women are AMAZING!!!
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Originally Posted by newmama8824 View Post
I have 34 weeks and have been nervous about my upcoming birth, I just had to say reading these messages has been so awesome, so inspiring!! Having an unmed birth in a med birth world is difficult, you get a lot of negative input from others and come across a lot of naysayers. the only 2 women who support my choice is my MW and my doula.... i am so looking forward to this experience. I am nervous, but I am also so excited!! you women are AMAZING!!!
Sam, I hope you have a great birth experience! I just had my second baby three weeks ago (my previous post was a long time ago) and it was an amazing experience. I can't stop thinking about it, actually. Don't worry about the naysayers--they've probably never had a natural birth so they don't know what it's like. Going in with a pro-brith attitude makes a huge difference in your perception and your experience. Going through labor without fear, knowing that everything is happening the way it should, allows you to move beyond the pain. Good luck!
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I am so thankful for this thread. Thank you all for posting!
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Birthing made me feel like a mighty Amazon! And when He came out, and he was all warm and slippyon my belly I couldn't stop feeling him! I don't know who said it's a boy, or if I saw myself, but the first thing I said was, "OH, my Henry!" He smelled amazing, and he felt so clean!
I was very relaxed during most of labor and I remember the nurse who was trying to read his heart rate with a doppler said'come on baby give me one good accel' I said(very slowly) "I'm not stressed out, wh should the baby be?"
Tis nurse didn't kow what to expect with an unmedicated birth, but she was very cool. Noone even offered me any interventions! That's wh I feel safe doing a natural delivery in hospital agian, I had a wonderful experience the first time!
I too get a charge out of telling people thatstory, and then telling them he weighed 9 lbs 5 ozs!
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For me, the greatest feeling was being able to push and feeling like I was working with my body, and seeing results from the hard work and pain. It felt great. I just remember being so excited about that with my first, when I finally went into transition. It felt so good to push with the contractions.
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birth stories

Do you have people around you who are going to really be an encouragement during labor? You need really possitive people who make you feel safe and who will help you stay focused during the more intense parts...a doula, a good friend, your mom...someone really encouraging who believes in you! You'll do great! Don't be afraid to cry, to yell out, to try new laboring possitions, to shower/bathe all that stuff.
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Labor made me, like so many others, feel like I could do anything. It was empowering and at the same time humbling to labor through those contractions - humbling b/c I was truly not in control: my body was and my baby was, and my job was to get through each contraction as best as I could. It was a challenge, and my husband and doula were fantastic supporters.

I ended up with a non-medicated birth, and to this day, I look back at my labor with such pride and love. I am pregnant again, due in May, and as odd as this may sound, I am already looking forward to birthing again. Yes, it is painful. But it is an amazing thing.

I also found that having had my natural birth was an incredible help to me in those first few weeks postpartum. I suffered a little PPD and thinking back to my birth and what I was able to do with my body made me feel strong and good.
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