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Do you have a "room of doom"?

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We have a room, that I affectionately refer to as the "room of doom". It is our front office. The rest of the house is generally ok, but the exisience of that room looms over me. And I keep avoiding it. I am currently on a room-by-room decluttering sweep. I basically have 3 closets left to go. None of the closets are bad- I'd say 90 mins work or less on each of them. Then I will have done everything but the room of doom.

Well, then I will have no choice. I will have to deal with it.

It has become the dumping ground. It is the only room that really needs a "Clean Sweep" I basically don't even go in there, unless it is to dump something. Stuff gets dumped b/c it doesn't have a place. It was supposed to be MY office/craft room. DH and the junk have taken over. I'm taking it back!!
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I have, but I don't anymore

Before kids, the guest bedroom was the room of doom. After kids, it was the office.

Now I have been on my simplifying / freecycling / tossing phase. Nothing like a cross country move to motivate a dumpfest! :
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Yes, it's called my bedroom :LOL

Seriously, it's where I put everything that I want out of sight. I have mountains of clothes and old college textbooks and stuff like that.
I've been decluttering, cleaning, organizing every room of the house and it's all coming along very nicely- but that room of doom! UGH. I need to take care of it. It's just so overwhelming. I think it's so important to have a nice room to relax in, though, so I've made it my goal to have it completely finished by August. I told my DH my plan and he just kind of nodded, like a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of nod
Oh well.
I'll get there eventually. I think my first step is to just get rid of lots of things- bag up stuff for Goodwill so that I have room for the things I want to keep.
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All I have to say is that you will get there eventually. My room of doom was the office. The desk was always piled high. I finally decluttered the office and the desk has been cleared off daily (aka clean sink) for two months now.

Trust me, you will get there eventually. It was my dumping ground for all of the things that I decluttered from other rooms that needed to be dealt with. They did get dealt with. Don't give up!
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Yep, I'm right there with you! I have a spare bedroom that was supposed to be my sewing/scrapbooking room & office...it is SO unorganized! I've been on a reorganizing spree this week, and it seems like all the junk that didn't belong in the other rooms I somehow think is supposed to go in the room of doom! :LOL I keep saying everyday that I am going to go clean it...but I'm scared! : Maybe I will finally get around to it tommorrow...
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I am ASTONISHED at the amount of toys I just took out of DD's room. And DD still isn't lacking in toys. She is 3 yo and she made decisions on alot of stuff to "give it to someone else". I am very proud of her.

I did the front hall closet and her closet today, so now all that is left for me is my ROOM of DOOM. That one is going to take a while!!
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It would be the large storage closet in our bedroom. I cleaned it out once. It took forever and AAAACK : , it has come back to haunt me as, once again, the room of doom. I need to get on it again!
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Oh, do I ever! I call it our "room of shame," however. I was mortified because we had a guy come install our high-speed internet line a few weeks ago and the only place it could come in the house was there...I had to let a stranger see it!! Dh and I have been picking away at it and we are making some slow progress, but it took 3 years of living in this house to achieve the room of doom status and sometimes I think it will take 3 years to clean it out!
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I am starting on the room of doom tomorrow!!! I've got freecyclers coming over to pick stuff up most of the day so I am gonna stay home and get started on that pit!! I don't expect to get it done in one day (not withoutthe dude from Clean Sweep helping.

I think I will put the baby gate up so dd doesn't help too much- LOL.
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