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I just got my custom shorts from Shari of Cushioned with Care, based at the Wooly Factory. I had been eyeing the semi-custom slot for a few weeks -- the yarn was called "yoda" and the colors were just perfect! Finally, I could resist no more and jumped on it!! With great timing, too, because she told me she had been about to pull it from the site!!! We talked about the order and she was very friendly in her emails...

The shorts arrived yesterday, and I am absolutely in love!!! The colorway looks even better knitted up! The knitting is perfect -- very nicely done! And she even added a little pocket on the side! The package arrived very quickly, and she included some extra yarn (in case I ever need to mend it) as well as the cutest little clothes-pins with ladybugs on them!

Shari gets a big from me! Great mama and wonderful knitter!!!