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So I ahve found the key to my milk supply. If I drink one dark beer the next day I pump 6-7oz per session, otherwise only 4-5 oz per session. :LOL

...I'm convinced this is the key

Laura- That's awesome about Megan! Yay Megan!
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I'm up for the Hawaii commune. I'll teach the non knitters to spin and we can sell the most handcrafted soakers on the market . They have mailmen in Hawaii, right?

We did 2 oz of formula yesterday with 9 wets. We're up to 5 wets so far today. I think we are going to keep tapering off the formula this week and see how much she gains. I'll weigh her at the support group meeting on Wed. Thanks for all the support, Mamas. I'll keep you posted. We are off to buy outlet covers and a fence to put around the cat litter box before she gets any faster!!!

YK, I still haven't tried the beer trick yet. It's literally the only thing I haven't tried. Might as well give it a shot... (or is that a pint... I'm so punny
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Ha Ha michelle! Good luck with the beer! I think she's doing so well! I wish my little peanut would do so well... but he's FINE, just weeny.

I LOVE the Hawaii house. I'm thinking fast here, but 3 families kicking in 450K each would mean we could do it! That's doable!!!!! Of course we'd have no food (grow it!) or money for shoes/clothes (it's HAWAII! Who needs em!), and we'd all have to stay REALLY healthy...but we could do it! AND be Karen's neighbour AND grow our own Rambutan :LOL

Karen - got any jewelweed? That helps with itchy plant type stuff. Or just plain calamine might help. I'd also wash it in witch hazel...just for good measure I hate that kind of problem 'cause it's so ANNOYING : I hope it feels better soon!

Happy half birthday Geneva! We sang Happy Half Birthday last night (just me and Beca. Ori just drooled and smiled) and shared a dark chocolate square. Yummy. Ori didn't want any. He was too full of avocade and spelt spaghetti - um, actually I don't think he got any in his tummy...mostly just played with the same three strings of spelt angel hair in his hair, stuck to his clothes etc. :LOL I love the early eating phase

Jess - I'd have a problem leaving such cuteness behind too! What loves...

Beca is having an overnight tonight and I gotta say I miss her already! I just do. I know she's intense and kind of annoying from time to time (ok, from time to time she's NOT annoying), but she's been my buddy through thick and thin for so LONG now! And tbh I'm not always so fun to live with either... she's my sweet little girl, and I'll always miss her when she's not here. Ok, gotta get some stuff moving here...

oh, someone asked what Ori weighs and tbh I don't know. I was thinking about making a 6 month appt. for him since he hasn't been to the doctor (and officially weighed) since he was like a week old. oh well! :LOL bye now, andy
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my poor little monkey is still constipated and soooo unhappy He keeps straining and then crying

hey, re:that house here, the foods alreadt growing there. it's got a huge orchard. I actually had some delicious fruit from there a few weeks ago. AND, I know the guy who built that house and he does great work.

dark beer.... sounds good!!! my mom always says beer is good for milk!
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I'd love to share housing with someone! Its great to "share" the burden. My MIL lives in a cohousing community in Maine.
Sheri - hope you feel better soon!!
Jess - there is a carrot cake recipe on www.wholesomebabyfood.com oh yeah - with the beer and milk supply, I heard something about hops increasing your supply
Nicole - good luck at cardiologists. where did Will have his surgery?
cool on the EC. I had the gist of what you guys were doing but I really like the name!
lisa - I'm glad you laughed at my ttc thoughts :LOL I can't believe I have actually allowed myself to start thinking about it. I had a rough recovery to be honest. It was funny to see everyone's responses. Some of you reminded me of how tired and sick I may feel. Oh well...... the end result is the best!!
Real estate is soooooooooooooo out of control these days. Who can afford to buy? We are lucky we bought a condo the day after we moved here but if we move back East, who knows what we'll do. I like only working 2 days per week. What about the supreme court ok'ing land acquisition so that Pzier can build??? That just irks me to no end!!!!
I have to finish reading! You girls are tough to keep up with some mornings!!!!
Taking Torin swimming again today since we had so much fun yesterday!
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I'm baaack!

Hellooooo strangers!

My life has become even crazier (for details, check my blog link in my signature line) than it was when were all preggo. I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Perhaps I'll manage to keep up a little better, except you all post so often!

Its nice to hear that everyone is doing so well and how all our wee ones are not so wee anymore. My Peevers is enormous (about 16 or 17 pounds I think) and busy busy busy!

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Aloha Mar! I saw a post of yours somewhere else on mdc and checked out your blog. your writing is very good and entertaining and interesting! it's good to see you! and unless you're online all the time, forget abotu keeping up... the mamas here have been writing WAAAAY too much :LOL
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Hi Mar!! It's great to hear from you again!! I was scrolling through your blog, and saw a picture of the "non lump" What a cutie!!

I don't think I'm the youngest. I'm pretty sure Pam and Sheri are the same age as me.

Pam, sometimes Mak's nursing really bugs me too. I've tried to set a limit of time that he can do it, and he just freaks out and latches harder. So, what we're trying now - via recommendation from LLL is to give him a warning that time will be up, and then sing the ABC's. Its really important to be consistent with it, or else it won't work. But now, when I do that, I'll get to like C or D, and he'll unlatch and start singing too! Its not foolproof though. Like, if he's exhausted or something, no way. I dunno. Sometimes I feel like he nurses more than the baby. I guess he just needs the reassurance, or something. It will end. After they turn three, their nursing habits go waaaaay down, almost non existent actually. Two year olds just nurse alot.

Sheri....come to Hawaii....come to HAwaii....

Mary, I got pregnant when Mak was like, 13 months. In some ways, its nice having him and Violet so close in age, in some ways its harder. I think it was an easier transition for him, than it was for Kobe, who was three when I had Makai.

Karen, I know you don't like doing this, but if you just stick a thermometer in Luka's butt, he'll porbably poop
Poor guy.

Violet had a papaya yesterday. Boy did she like it! She had it all over her face, and her shirt and hands and even in her neck rolls!

Oops!!! WE completely forgot to take Makai to his gymnastics class today!! Bad parents. Its just staritng right now! Aaaaaahhhh!!

Oh, we had Kobe's skin testing yesterday - he's allergic to wheat, corn, rice, potato, buckwheat and shellfish, but he can have peanuts and eggs now. Weird how the allergies can change like that. I'm soooo glad we have that cookbook, Andy. What the hell am I going to feed him???
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It's a non-sleepy day here. Not crabby, just not sleepy. She went down for a few naps but either snuffled or peed herself awake. She doesn't pee at night when she's asleep, but will pee to get out of napping. Sneaky.

This is cute... last night, we were laying in bed and she turned to Mike and was sucking on his finger, and digging her toes into his belly. I'm like "aw, she wants to nurse!" It seemed like she wanted the same kinda connection with him, kwim?

Hi Mar! I was around the due date club, but I've been hanging around these threads forever now, it seems. I just checked out your blog and read the birth story - awesome!

I had a weepy moment earlier, reading a thread about how babies remember birth. I wish she had something better to remember.

I think she might've growth spurted already when I wasn't looking. She suddenly seems bigger, and heavier. She still tips over from sitting up, though.

So, I'm having the friend over tonight anyway. The company will be nice, and it will justify ordering Chinese. I'm a bad mommy. The soy doesn't hit her anywhere near as hard as the dairy, just indeterminate crabbiness. It might even be all in my head.

Ugh, she's getting annoyed at the swing now. I guess that's not going to put her to sleep, either.
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And OMG, I'm : over here at the lump vs. non-lump thing. I was complaining the other day "Why is my baby nursing like a toddler?!" She pinches and kicks and twists herself around into strange positions in which she insists upon grabbing my nipple and stretching it into her mouth. And I can't leave her alone on the bed anymore. Ooh boy, this is definately us.
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Michelle I don't want to bug you about it if you think you don't have it, I'll just tell you that I also lost weight at one point on a high carb diet and IR doesn't give you high blood sugar, with my first pregnancy my sugar was never elevated. They do a test called a hemoglobin a1c that tells them how high your insulin levels have been over the last three months, you said you had blood chemistry done already though so maybe they already did one. Since you lost so much weight even if it was a problem it might not be anymore.

I've heard that about beer and milk supply too, I hate beer though (its the hops)

I don't think Japhet likes rice cereal I'm going to try adding something more interesting to his diet but I can't decide what because I keep seeing different advice. One site says sweet potato is a good first food another says no yams til 9 months... We have avocados in the house but I thought I'd try adding something to the cereal and cereal and avocado sounds weird. applesauce? Bananas? Squash?

My scale at home says he weighs 18.5 pounds with his clothes on...I don't think its that much really but still he is plenty big.

I got my period back two weeks ago, I thought I might have ovulated but I wasn't sure and then sure enough driving home from a trip to NJ AF made an appearence, yeesh, so much for EBF as birth control for me. We aren't sure about trying for another and know we aren't ready now so its just a pain.

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Annie- I actually did the thermometer in the butt thing this am. he was desperate, so I felt it was a good idea. he has pooped some now, but there's more to come. I'm wondering actually if this is because of the abx. I know that they often cause diarrhea, but can't they go the other way too? just something to mess things up in there? or it's banana. whatever. poor little man. poop was solid too. (i know how much you all love to hear about poop)
interesting on Kobe's allergies- are skin tests effective for finding out food allergies? i can't believe that rice is one of them. ouch. seems like there's plenty of veggies and stuff he can still eat. if he likes them.....

we were going to go to the beach, but it's not looking so great out and I'm feeling lazy....
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I dunno about with babies but I know that taking ABX has made me constipated sometimes!

Aviva just sharing
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Jess- cool about the beer. Wish I liked beer

Oh Hawaii commune sounds like a lovely idea, I'm in

Hi Mar, nice to see see

thats weird about Kobe's allergies. I'm sure you'll find something to cook up for him

So I'm doing a little experiment. I'm feeding Megan bottles today, she seems to be doing better. She was probably so cranky cuz she was hungry. I know she nurses so well at 4 am in the morning and gets a good amount but during the day it just doesn't go as well. eeks gotta split
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Laura- you just follow megan's cues. at least you know she WILL nurse, no matter what.

Aviva- I looked up possible abx side-effects and they all said diarrhea, not constipation, but I dunno. I just remembered that today is the last day anyways! :
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poor Luka Could you give him some warm, mashed up stewed prunes??? Or some warm prune juice? Constipation is the worst feeling. I'm really feelin for the little guy. Sucks that he's desparate too. You could always give a suppository if it gets really bad...Never used em though, so I'm not sure how they work.
My guess is that its just a combo of the bananas and hot weather. Could be abx too, although I've never heard of that. I'm sure they are doing a number on his digestion, so its not impossible...
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Oh, on the allergies - Skin testing is supposed to be the most accurate. Its the blood tests (RAST testing) that isn't very accurate. Luckily, Kobe seems to be growing out of them. Nothing was too severe.

Oh, and his bloodwork came out good, but also sorta funky. Meaning there is still no answer as to what is going on with him. He did have elevated lymphocytes, and sedimentation levels, and was a tad anemic. But that doesn't give any explanations, except that he might have an infection and inflammation somewhere. The doc is mystified. She's going to call a pediatric rheumatologist, and pick his brain. In the meantime, we have to take his temps everyday for a month -see if he's running a low grade fever and we don't know it. Gah....Oh, and he's still on the pred. We're going to try and wean him off it. Nasty stuff, it is. Its the only thing that works for him right now....
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Mar! Thank you for saying hello! I've been wondering how you're doing. You don't have to keep up - just say hi once in a while.

Annie, great that you're getting some answers, or at least more specific questions, about Kobe. He is a little trooper.

Jess, yay, dark beer! Love it. You're in microbrew heaven up there, too. I'm jealous. Do you ever drink Boulder Porter? It was one of DH's favorites when he was in school up there.
I know what you mean about the big houses with small yards, surrounded by very similar houses with small yards. They're so clean, almost sterile. I like our just-right 65-year-old house.

Lisa, your Dad is officially invited to commune with us.

Az, this cracks me up:
Bedrooms 11
Full Baths 12
Partial Baths 3
Type: Single Family

That's a honkin' family.

That's a gorgeous house in HI. The price looks very reasonable to me.

Sheri, which pain was bad after your last pregnancy? Ovulation or AF?

My class is over so i'm starting to get caught up. It was an excellent class. It made me miss programming.
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Originally Posted by Malama
hey, you'd be my neighbor
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Nice houses! I want to move to Hawaii! Actually, that 7 million one reminds me of the fantasy I sometimes I have where I married a really rich guy and we have no kids, and I don't have to work, I just spend all day having spa treatments and cheesecake and doing whatever I want... (I can't be the only one with this sort of fantasy??)

Actually, Az, your other dream sounds like us, ours is a farmhouse style (only 850 sq ft), can't get dh convinced to get goats, but we got the chickens and well, the porch is actually a concrete walkway, but I picture a porch there... Hey what if we all do a house swap. For one month, we'll trade houses... My family will go live in Hawaii, Sheri or Laura can come live here, Annie or Karen can take their house.... and so on....

Boy that would be fun. But what's this about not needing a/c? Our place has very poor insulation (I think, none, actually), so this room was too frigid to bear in the winter, now you could almost bake bread in it!)

I haven't looked at mothering your nursing toddler in a long time, maybe I can get my hands on it. This month, they didn't have the lll library with them. :-(
I do still support my breast, but I might try making sure I do it better. She knows it hurts, I tell her.

Off to finish reading...
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