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Look, I came here twice in one day!

It's nice that you guys can just check out my blog and I don't have to explain everything in detail.

Can you believe how fast 6 months have gone by?!!!

Now if only I could buckle down and lose this "baby weight".
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Hey, if I just keep up here, I will have an awesome posting count like you guys!

Good incentive to keep up with you guys, as if your company is not enough!
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Wanted to add, too lazy to edit

Abby is almost 3. I give her a countdown from 10 sometimes when she nurses.

Annie, hope Kobe's allergies and stuff get sorted out
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you have extra baby weight Mar too?
I am 20+ lbs over, I think. It was never like this with the other boys, sigh.
Dh has been good about not commenting on it, but today he said I reminded him of my mom (not a good comment). it's the short hair, and he said that when I was talking with my hands that there was flab on my arm.... he said, "where's my skinny, long haired wife?" ummmmmm.... she got knocked up and had a baby??:LOL
anyhow, I told him i'll probably be back to normal when Luka is 1.... I better be....

that farm Sheri? last year it sold for 1.1 million. now it's 1.35, probably not more than 6 months later, sigh.... it's not overpriced compared to what things are costing here these days... AND it does include an orchard (i.e. house comes with lots of work already. no sitting around on that lanai.)
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Annie- how frustrating!!! mystery illness is hard. s to Kobe!

I think Luka is getting a tooth finally. it looks like it on the gum, but you never know until it has truly popped through
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Sheri, which pain was bad after your last pregnancy? Ovulation or AF?.
af, and the pain wasn't that bad, I was just used to painless af's

Annie glad to hear that they're getting somewhere with Kobe, its a start. I'm sure if we had jobs there dh would be packing for HI right now :LOL

My throat is hurting so bad and I called the dr about it and he never called back : so I don't know if I should wait until tomorrow or call the on-call dr

Karen Luka may like the prunes so it could be worth a shot. I know ds and I think they're really tasty. We had them for the 1st time about a year ago and ds ate 18
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Originally Posted by Azreial
Karen Luka may like the prunes so it could be worth a shot. I know ds and I think they're really tasty. We had them for the 1st time about a year ago and ds ate 18
OMG! If I eat more than 2 prunes in a day... Watch out! I clear the room :LOL

I did give some to Luka. He liked them OK. I think he was trying to poop while I was feeding him. such a Jewish mother....
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Got dragged out to dinner. Started out bad but ended okay. Came home and guess who pulled herself to sitting up. Such a big girl already. :

Wonder if this means she'll sleep now...

Prunes: Mike can eat an entire package and not have any, um, effect. He says it's a Polish thing.

Okay, the farmhouses I've spent time in are all nice and cool in the summer. Strategic tree planting is important too, being on a slope for breezes, that sort of thing.

Ack, I forgot to post this. Trying to finish my cold dinner now.

Oh yeah, I think I've mastered the hip carry with the nojo. Woohoo! She likes it, too.
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Yeah, prunes don't affect me either. I had steamed prunes and brown rice for breakfast this morning, and I got nothing . I wonder why that is? Does anyone else remember when there was a big publicity campaign to change the name of prunes to dried plums? Maybe that was just a California thing.

Az, have you tried drinking warm water or tea with lots of honey? Sometimes that helps...
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Sheri, I was trying to find you a house near me, but THIS was all I could find :LOL And look at the price. It is right up the street from me, though.

Seriously, its NOT hard to find jobs here at all....
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Az - Love the house! Can we all live there? That could be our commune!

Andy - Yay, I read it. I was floored and actually crying by the end. Can't wait for the last one. But rumor has it that she hasn't even started writing it yet, so we have a long wait ahead of us.

Laura - Congrats on Megan's size. Grow Megan grow!

Jess - I totally agree about the beer. My DH says that it has to do with the B vitamins in beer.

Karen - Will does the same thing. We finally tracked it to oatmeal cereal. So now he eats barley and all is well! What was your DH thinking! He should have never said anything like that.

Mar - Hey Girl! Welcome back! Sorry life has been crazy, but welcome back. Just pop in when you can.

Bunches- Will had his surgery at Phoenix Children's.

Annie - Do they think that Kobe might have Junvinelle Arthritis? (I run an arthritis program for the state health department). If so, contact your local Arthritis Foundation ASAP. They have wonderful resources!

Pam - I hope the nursing gets easier for you! Especially since you are determined to do CLW. Good luck!

Sheri - I bet with 18 prunes it made quite the mess.

Now for the news about us.

Wills appointment went great. There has been absolutely no change in his status since he was 3 months old, and after the surgery. So, we now get a six month reprieve from the cardiologist! YAY!!!!!!

And to top it off, he also pulled himself into sitting today. And it has been done multiple times. He looks so proud of himself!

Okay, better go and get dinner ready!
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Nicole - excellent day at YOUR house today!!! That's awesome! Give Slim a squeeze from his buds here!

I'd buy that house next to you Annie! It looks ok, but only if I get SO MAD at dh that I'd leave. It's not big enough for him. He fills up 1000 sf in 30 sec. flat. He's a big dude. And he has a lot of stuff. So do I, come to think of it... :

Ann - We took Beca to a ped. rheum. not too long ago to look for JRA. She doesn't (it's usually pretty obvious by age 5, usually age 2-3) but it's possible that he has autoimmune stuff going on. They need to test him for Lupus (SLE) WHEN is has a breakout. There is no non-symptomatic test for SLE. All of the symptoms you've described that he's had recently could be attributed to that. I wonder if that's where the doc is thinking? the good news is that it's controllable for the most part, and with care his quality of life is next to normal. Even so, I hope that's not what he has...:

I'm so sure that there was much much more to respond to...

Karen - abx would not result in constipation. I don't think it's a likely cause. I'm going to vote with the bananas mixed with 1)heat 2)back to the old water (you, not him) - any change in water affects breast fed babies a lot, kwim? and 3) just Luka getting back into his old patterns? His little body needs to adjust to solids, I suppose. Maybe your mama instincts to go slow were right!? Grandmama instincts don't necessarily cut it :LOL

So I was thinking that I have to take Zami in for his annual, and maybe I could weigh Ori on the doggie scale...they have a small scale for the pups and kittens and minis :LOL

Ok, I gotta wrap things up here. I'm beat. Single mommying with ONE kid is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much easier!!! I've even FORGOTTEN how easy it is! La la la la la...easy peasy make a pie. Need to lie down to get shut eye. Nice to see you Mar! Glad you're all doing so well!

Take care mamas! Andy
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Yeah, prunes don't affect me either. I had steamed prunes and brown rice for breakfast this morning, and I got nothing . I wonder why that is? Does anyone else remember when there was a big publicity campaign to change the name of prunes to dried plums? Maybe that was just a California thing.

Az, have you tried drinking warm water or tea with lots of honey? Sometimes that helps...
Annie they prune packages all say dried plums I took us a bit to figure out that was w0.hat we were looking for :

I wouldn't drink warm tea if you paid me right now it is 84F in the apt and very humid room temp h2o is hard enough to get down
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Nicole thats awesome about Will

Annie that house is cool. Seriously, is it easy to find jobs to pay for a house like that? I have 4 1/2yrs phone company experience, dh is training to be a plumber and before that he worked at the gorton's factory and also working at the waterfront for the seafood auction and also driving a box truck delivering fish
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OMG Az is serious!
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I have no idea about jobs, Sheri. Here is the phone company. I know fishing and stuff is hard to get into. My husband worked on a sportfishing boat before we moved here, and its been hard for him to find stuff, even with him being Japanese. Its kind of an old boys network, in that sense. Prolly the same in Mass. I have no idea about the plumbing jobs...maybe check the with the union...

It is very expensive here. We have a hard time even with my moms and dh's incomes - which are very good. The state tax is just as high as the federal, and cost of living is very high. A gallon of milk is about 8.50. and regular unleaded gas is 2.50. Prices are different on each island. Maui and Kauai are the worst, and Big Island is the cheapest.
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Actually, since we are on the topic of jobs - Andy - my good friends from Arcata are looking to move. Husband has a degree in forestry and has been working in the Trinity wilderness...know of any good eco-friendly wilderness management, forestry, ranger jobs in upstate new york???
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Hi! I READ EVERYTHING! I didn't make notes or anything, but just wanted to say hi. Sorry if I don't reply to all....

The two read aloud to DH's--were the story about karens wacky friend and that Kobe is allergic to EVERYTHING! Weird she forgot to mention she has a babe in the family about Lukas age! And that she can BF her grandkid, that is weird. Can he eat oats Annie? Or is gluten in all forms out? It seems like there are no okay starches. Quinoa maybe? Millet? Gonna be tough sooking for a while, protein will be his frine dI guess. They also make bean flours from navy beans and such. That would work. And I hope the homeos help, since the meds were weird. You could try a differnt one....and try regular doses of motherwort tincture too if you haven't already- great for mild emotional stuff. I know you said you tried a bunch of stuff already, though. At least keep chamomile tea handy, too.

Anyway, what else...Hi Mar! Welcome back chiro mom!

Hope your arm is better Joyce, and your mouth Jeni, and the strep resolves for you all.

On the oxytoxin thing, I learned it is the "mother tiger hormone" - it makes us fierce, but fiercely loving. The levels have been shown to go up in men who sleep near pregnant women, a phermone thing. It sounds like you have every right ot be fierce Joyce...a busy twin mamas got swipe a paw at papa whe nhe gets outta line now and then.....

Isn't the six flags trip coming up? Make sure you all post pics!

Jess, sorry work sucks for you now.

Jeni, was the visit with your frined more fun this time?

I can't believe you all are keeping up here and have already finished reading Harry Potter.

Congrats will on the healthy heart.

Let us know how yours is Lisa! So, did she poop white?

I am going for an MRI tomorrow to see if there a real back problem thats causing all the weird postpartum hip/back pain. I still have it, I am just used to it now. MIL warned me to deal with it or nerve pathways memorize pain signals. I want this over with! I get craniosacral for the first since birth on Sat, and the neurologist gave me a dx of sciatica, made the MRI appointment, and wrote a Rx for 6 weeks of physical therapy. I am looking for someone good, waiting to ask the craniosacral lady for a refferal.

I am busy busy and having fun with Iris, who is an a very easy stage right now. She does wake up earlier than i like, but she's good at entertainig herself when given a toy. I did a phone call today for an hour and a half and she was fine! I can also sit her up and give her toys and she just needs me to yell boo and jump on her to tickle her every now and then, and she stays quiet with her toys. She also did a big milestone tonight for us- we put her to sleep, and she kept waking up and so I just left her. She quietly played until she fell asleep, which was a half hour or so. I've never put her to bed without nursing her to sleep, or being with her as she drifted off. It was nice. We have a king sized bed on the floor (figued baby doesn't have far to fall) and we had to put pillow barriers up casue she did scootch all over the whole bed during er little play time. She will crawl soon.

Anyway, thats all. Just stopping in to say howdy.
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SO Az is up for goping to Hawaii?

Bunches- any word on the job, you said you could be coming to my neck of the woods?

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