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Okay, one last pop over here for me. (Three times in ONE day! Shocking! I know!)

It's soo nice to *see* so many familiar faces here.

Peevers (poor child, her given name, Ribh isn't wierd enough, we also insist on calling her a crazy nickname) is busy but not crawling yet. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks, and she rolls or scooches herself all over. She kinda sits (with a minimal assistance) but if left alone she topples over like the proverbial house of cards.

She is the most easy going, self entertaining baby ever, which is a godsend right now because my hands are full being a temporary single mom to three (all under age 5 at the moment) and trying to sell our practice but keep it thriving in the meantime so it will sell well.

So Hi Everybody!

Oh, and I saw that I had lots of extra blog hits because you guys came to check me out. Thanks! Leave me a comment next time. I'm trying to educate the more mainstream mommy bloggers who visit my site frequently as to AP ways. Your support could help them shift their paradigms a bit (maybe). The mommy blogging world tends to be a bit anti-child sometimes in my opinion. Too bad. I like to make jokes but keep my overall tone positive.
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Annie, I want to be your next door neighbor! But that's out of our price range I'm afraid . Maybe once the twins turn 18 and we get caught up on child support. So I've got a question. Kaia didn't wind up taking any formula today. She had 8 wet diapers, but we often have 12-14 wets in a day. The people I deal with IRL all use sposies, so they can't believe that anyone could have 12-16 wets.

Aviva: Yeah, they did an a1c on me and it was fine. My dietician also thinks a low carb diet could very well put me in the hospital, since I have gall bladder effects from the massive weight loss, so I have to fanatically watch my fat intake. It's almost impossible to do a low carb diet with the amount of saturated fat my body can handle.
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Woo, Will and Bea are on the same wavelength or something. Glad his appointment went well.

I wouldn't rule out abx having something to do with not pooping. : Don't ask me why I say this. And one of the gooshy things I've been eating lots of was applesauce. An entire jar.

Mouth much better. Had fried fish, yummy. Friend was eh, about the same. Asked me if I was going to get one of those baby carriers with the handle now that she's getting too big for the sling. : I explained that she's just about outgrown the bucket seat actually, and it's bloody heavy, and that I have other slinging options (hence the determination to get the hip carry), and that she's not luggage. She about how it would be so much better for her because she can see everything in the seat, and when she's fussy at least she's in there instead of right on me. I'm like : I am so glad this woman has no intention of having children.

Other than that... things were good.

Heidi: Mike has sciatica. His is from his hipbone and spine fusing together and I guess there's extra bone there to press on the sciatic. They said he was most likely born with it but no one ever noticed. He's stubborn and hardly ever does the exercises for it, hasn't been to the chiro in years. He has a slight limp, uses a walking stick sometimes, and can't fully lift his leg when he's laying down. It was worse before he got any treatment, and now it's really only bad in the winter, so hopefully it won't be so bad for you, eh?

Oh jeez I really need to drag myself off to bed. 'Night all.
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Nicole- Awesome news on Will! What a champ he is!

Heidi- good luck with the MRI.

SO I have this rash from HELL all over my arms and legs. The offending plant and I had our run in LAST friday. it was mildly itchy during the week, buyt now I have an angry looking rash all over- looks like poison oak and itches SOOOOOO bad. it was so much worse today than the am. I looked down at 4 pm today and decided it looked way too allergic for my taste and decided to take benadryl- i would have taken anything at that point to lessen the itching. of course I conked out and could barely wake myself up at 6pm. and i'm still all inflammed and massively itchy. feel sorry for me. it sucks. I have no idea how i'm gonna sleep tonight.
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Poor Karen . I feel very sorry for you...What plant was it? Was this when you were out at your property?

Have you tried putting hydrocortisone cream on it? That might help wiht the itch.
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Karen- sorry about the itches, hope you slept ok last night

Nicole- YA! for Will and congrats on the sitting up

The people I deal with IRL all use sposies, so they can't believe that anyone could have 12-16 wets
probably because they only change their diaps like every 4 hrs or more so they have no idea how many wets they can get.

Heidi- good luck w/MRI

Yikes 8.50 for a gallon of milk? damn i don't drink milk at all anyways but I know if I lived there I sure wouldn't. Do they have cows on Hawaii or is it all imported? Hey whats the price for soy/rice milk over there?

Sheri- how you feeling today? going to see a doctor yet?

Looks like Monday could be a warm one
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Hey Mamas, long time no chat

I've missed you guys ~ part of the reason for my absence was just feeling like I needed a break, and part was we've had a busy week. Mostly the former, though, I think. The whole weight of it really hit me on Monday, kind of like a post-stress reaction. I'd done everything I could to respond to the threat (getting in touch with the website organizers, contacting the police in that City...) so then it just kind of sunk it more, I guess. BUT, life goes on.

Karen, sorry about that rash! It sounds really bad. I hope you've managed to get some rest, and weren't up scritchin' & scratchin' all night long!

Jeni, that's so funny about the baby seat! Doesn't your friend know that those things are SOOOO much heavier to lug around than any kind of carrier? Gad, I had to pick up a friend's *newborn* in one once and was shocked by how heavy he was! It's all bicep work! I'm glad your mouth is feeling better. I missed your updates on the dental surgery, but I'll be poking back through the last few days after I post this.

Chiromom, nice to see you back! I'll have to take a peek at your blog later on

I'm loving up this "easy baby" stage, along with some of you other Mamas. It's perfect ~ she sits up and plays and is adorable and smiley, but doesn't go anywhere yet! :LOL Goodness, seems like we have a few in the running for "World's Happiest Babies!" Was everyone eating loads of dark chocolate like I was during the pregnancy? There's a study out there that says this leads to happier babies..... me likes this kind of research

We are *so* going to have our hands full once B gets moving, though. She is an entirely different creature than her big sis ~ EVERYTHING goes in the mouth. Any tips from seasoned Mamas about what to do about older siblings "too small for baby" toys being in the home? DH wants to put everything away that isn't safe, but I feel like this is both unrealistic and unfair to T. We don't have a playroom, so we can't easily separate the play areas. Our living area is our play area! I just don't want to become the Mama that says "No!" all the time ~ to the older or to the younger. This is going to be a challenge.

Let me send this and read a bit more
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Kathy - Welcome back! I'm glad that you are felling better enough to come and join us again. I had noticed that you changed your username, is that a result of this crazy mess too?

We slept through the night again last night. That's now 2 nights in a row again. He is getting to be such a big boy. It is incredible how much he looks like Em when she was a year old. Once DH gets the new website/blog up and running, I will post some pics of the two of them.

Well, off to get breakfast and lunches ready.

See ya'll this evening.
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A quick good morning. Just pumped. Have to go to work in 2 hours actually so I need to get back to bed for an hour or so.
Heidi - on dh's job, probably won't make it to Florida this year because the training sessions are in August and this job doesn't end until mid-Sept. Who knows! My aunt/uncle live in Sarasota year-round and my parents are there every winter.
Glad to hear Will is doing well!
Alaska is EXPENSIVE as well. Its ridiculous!!!
I hope everyone has a good day. I'm working the next 2 days in the critical care unit instead of the ER which is a nice change of pace - a lot slower. I've probably just cursed myself! :LOL
Have a great day everyone!
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Kathy how about a small table for him to play with anything that can be a table toy with a tray and also matt underneath that makes it easy to see dropped pieces. Or this might sound nutty but an inflatible or pop up baby pool makes a great containment place for legos and things like that and kids think its cool to play in one. Tell him how important it is to keep small things from the baby and praise him if he does find something small and brings it to you. Make a game of finding small things and putting them somewhere safe. Make a special place to keep toys with small parts where he has to ask to take them out.

Yeah Michelle low carb is hard if you are avoiding fat, and all protein would be wicked hard on your kidneys. Thats good about the a1c though, mine is good now too but it won't be if I keep eating this much ice cream...9 months of ice cream deprivation and now I can't stop eating the stuff.

I ate a lot of dark chocolate while pregnant (it was really the only treat I could eat) I don't think Japhet is a particularly happy baby but then again it was a pretty high stress pregnancy so maybe they cancel each other out. He's kind of intense..really happy when he's happy, really miserable when he's not. Or maybe he just takes after mom LOL.

My cousins used to live in HI and moved back to the mainland (Las Vegas) because the cost of living got to them. I was bummed because they moved back before I got a chance to visit.

Jeni, Japhet has outgrown his bucket putting in a convertible carseat this weekend...sob my baby is getting so big! I never got the hang of the nojo, I hate that thing. I'm impressed that you can do a hip carry with it. I love my hotsling though. I saw someone wearing a gorgeous ring sling at the store though and now I have ring sling envy.

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Goodgawd mamas! 5 pages! Chattalicious!

We had another great storm last night, complete with shaking dog making my bed feel like one of those hotel beds that vibrates... Lauren slept right through it all.

Spent nearly 8 hrs doing tie dye too, my back and legs are KILLING me from all the bending and squatting and stooping. But we got some awesome dipes. Not so great on the dress I made for L, but cute dress for my niece.

Yaay Megan on growing, Ori on sleeping!

ROFL I wish I could load the housepics from Sheri to see these awful places!! Around here people are ripping down the $2M houses on the lake and buying 2 next door to eachother to build a HUGE place instead. Sad part is that they are ripping apart nice woody lots and there are NO TREES anywhere. But I guess if you can afford 8 bathrooms you can also afford to pay the a/c bill in summer!

Karen, yikes on the itchies!

Jess, aww, poor mamas who don't work and need a nanny too. Yah, I'd be all out of place there too
We do live in a farmhouse and it is HOT. SO maybe our farmhouse needs to be on the lake or something. Right now we have like 1600 sf, but rent out 700, so it's like being in a 2 br apt. on our floor. I fear when we have the entire house to use, as we'll just collect more crap. We have more than enough crap now. I'd love a little 2 br. with a finished basement on my same property, we have these HUGE Japanese oaks that shade the entire yard for a good part of the day.

Dad and I are going to go rip out the kitchen sink today. I figure we can use the bathroom sink for the weekend while dh is home (only like 3 meals) and paper plates. :LOL

Gah, waiting on the next page to load. Dh was talking to "danny" at work yesterday (I don't know if he renames people or what) and apparently danny let it slip that Dave (dh's boss) is going to send him out to QA in Jan. SO I vote on a Janulicious meet up in HI in January!!! Dh actually emailed boss adn said "a little birdie told me that I'm going to QA and I gotta tell ya, I'd jump at the chance, and Lisa is just itching to buy a ticket to HI"

Jess, is it import or domestic dark? If it's import and it has brewers yeast (domestics don't use it anymore) then that IS exactly what's going on. Drink that beer mama!

Yaah Michelle and Kaia, you can do it, you can get rid of the nasty formula!! Wooohoo!

Andy REALITY CHECK. 450k?!?!?! Uh, maybe 10 families at 100k each, but we're not up for much more than that! Maybe you and Karen and Sheri can find the 450k!

MAR! so good to see you again!

Lauren got into downward dog yesterday and again this morning. Isn't sitting much, and has just started to bear weight on one arm at a time, but yikes, she's ACTIVE.

Annie, my mom was on pred for a long time, yah, be careful as you wean, take it as sloooow as you can. Even slower than the doc says.

Jessi, sure, I'll bring dad along. Maybe we can swap mom to some rich dude and dad can be dad to all of us I got a vid of him on the floor w/Lauren yesterday. tooooo sweet. I think I need to write him a letter. He's so wonderful.

Pam, yah on the hot/cold thing. We're having the insulation guy out in a few weeks to stuff our walls full from the outside.. should take our $500 Jan gas bill down a bit.

Waitingon the next page to load... I HATE DIALUP. Lauren is sleeping, she had a hard time going to sleep last night but did ok after that. Aaah! And she was a real trooper yesterday while we dyed stuff. Slept a bit in the spare room at my friends while we setup our dyes, and then slept in the swing (aaah she's NEVER slept in my swing!!) while we dyed and was good on the floor too. Yaay baby!

Nicole, yah, and Will, you rock!

Annie, OMG $8.50 FOR milk?!?!?!? Gas is the same here, about $2.35, but milk is still only $3 for regular, $6 for organic.

Heidi, good luck on the MRI.

Michelle, 8 is more than enough. Some days we only do 6 dipes. And I'm fanatical about changing her when wet. As long as it's still clear pee, life is good.

Ok I read all the posts dh just called, he's stuck in traffic and hates it. But he says he likes LA better than Norfolk and would rather be there than on the east project.

Annie, he says we can move to your 'hood if you can find a job for him that's like $140k/yr. :LOL


Woohoo mom just got home from her class (she's taking history of jazz/culture) and dad is out on a job interview... so she's going to listen for L while I go rinse dye.
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Annie we don't do much milk here and gas is $2.54-$2.75 for reg and I thnk I saw $2.90 at the place on the highway. We're seriously thinking about moving, not right now but. things just keep getting more and more expensive here. MA is the only state with neg population growth and they say it is from everyone moving away becuase they can no longer afford to live here. My sister has a dayvare subsady fro mthe state and if she did dc would cost her $380/wk just for the baby : she doesn't even make that before taxes.
My mum is talking about getting a 2 family in town and splitting it with us. If that happens, we'll stay but if not we're leaving within a few years. Its just a matter of where........

Michelle, we go from 4 wets in an hour to 2 hours dry around here :LOL but we change Miss E as soon as she wets, sometimes its only a quarter size spot of pee. I think the gettign enough milk standard is 5-6 really wet diapers.

Karen that's aweful about the rash I hope its feeling better today. I'm sure you've tried all the usuals so I don't have any advise just

Laura I think I'm actually starting to feel better. I haven't eaten anything yet but I got alot of sleep last night so maybe that's what I needed. I don't feel sick at all except for the throat, which isn't sore liek it normally is. The pain is only on one side and feel more like something is pinching or stabbing, like a splinter is what I told dh. And the dr never called back : so now I don't know what to do or even if I sohuld do soemthing

Yuck I just got up to change Miss Elizabeth and I noticed that the pillow I was sleeping with last nigh has turtle poo on it :Puke
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Morning! Orin slept till 6am from 1:30 - woo hoo! Then we nursed and slept till 9am. THEN we bounded out the door to get the dog out, as he'd been in the house since 9:30pm, poor guy :LOL Getting some sleep has its DISadvantages, too!

Lisa - you are VACATIONING!!! Good for YOU! I'm most pleased for ya! Dyeing sounds great. Beca got to do a tie dye at camp. She did a pair of little white pants for Orin (not white any more!). She says they amde a bulls eye on the butt and one on each knee. Awwwww.

Heidi - go0d luck! I hope, at any rate, that you find out WHAT is causing the pain. I KNOW that epidurals have a small chance of leaving a person with residual spinal pain for a LOOOONG time. With beca I had back pain for about a month, but it was fading that whole time, and then disapeared. It sounds like yours might be different. I hope they can find out what's the culprit!

I was telling my neighbor (pretty mainstream, but open-minded) about you and Iris swimming and she was AMAZED! I said maybe it's cause it's florida, yk, everyone swims and the ocean's warm etc. and she was just she couldn't even believe it. She thinks you are VERY brave (and she doesn't even know about the MRI!).

Az - are still daydreaming or are you looking for a house??? I'm very glad you are feeling better. Yes - it does look like monday will be hot. I'm going to pack frozen waterbottles in the stroller, along with lunch for me and beca. Jerry is always happy to buy nasty fried food or hot dogs. So is beca but I'm starting her on 2 weeks of no wheat. I think she's reacting. If I notice a change, I'll reintroduce it for 1 day and see. If there's no reaction...I dunno. Maybe get her skin tested.

Annie - I don't think I got to say how glad I am that Kobe's allergy's are getting better. Not only does it make your life easier, but HIS, too. If he can eat fish, eggs and chicken, you can always find stuff for him to eat.

Karen - poor mama Oiy! What a bad thing to happen. What does dh think? Is it suppurating at all? You can try compresses on parts here and there, see if it helps. Hard to know what to do when I can't see it and don't know what caused it, but something that will draw poison out - like if it was poison sumac or something, I'd go with Zinc Oxide at this point - just to get something on there that will dry it up and protect it. Some Vicks rub will make it feel better (after it burns like nutty). Aveeno or other colloidal oatmeal rub will help, too. Take an oatmeal bath. It's a good reason to take 20 min. out and have the boys watch Luka (while he sleeps?). And I do think Annie's idea of hydrocort. or even a prescription corticosteroid would help a lot...

Postcards: We have one from Alabama, two from Hawai - main Island - and two from Texas! YAY!!! C'mon mamas! It's POSTCARD SEASON!!!

Thank you Jessi and Heidi for my packages!!! Always a bonus day when there's extra for the mailcarrier to carry HA HA HA! Thank you Heidi for the great book for Beca! She's bringing that stupid string around EVERYWHERE now! BUT she is occupado now, too! THANKS Jessi - those new books look good. I have a history I'm reading now that I think you'd enjoy - about NYC in the veeeery early days. Interesting...
Ok, time for me to post this and get moving on some stuff around here. It's posti offici day here - gotta get packages out! Caio!! andy
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Oh - and Kathy! How did I forget you? Idon't think it's unreasonable to need a break after what happened. I'm glad you haven't given up on us entirely! I'm still getting used to your new name. How did you choose it? Pixie x to? I'd forgotten until I saw the 'bama ddddc HA HA! I'm kinda thick still... my cheerios are just going down... good to see you, anyway, and I'm glad you are starting to feel better. IMO it's just like getting your house broken into ... creepy and it lasts a while.
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Good to hear from you Kathy

Thats great you are feeling better Sheri!!

woohoo on the sleep Orin

You know what I had a lot of back pain after K's delivery and I had an epidural. It took about a year before it got better. I swear it was from that and I swore never to get an epi again.

I had a few crying fits this morning. K has been just so typical toddlerish, it's driving me nutso. Megan is her usualy clingy self but luckily she's napping on her own right now then I went to pump and I spilled my bm argh!! i just cried. I'm so glad it's Friday. weekends are bit better since Larry helps take the burden off
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Hey, thanks everyone for the warm re-welcome

Andy, yeah it did affect me that way; it's funny, because I always believed that it wouldn't affect me that much if it ever happened. It's weird how you can't imagine how some things will feel until they happen. Anyway, I have made some changes (change of "venue"), but I'm not being chased away ~ no siree!
Oh, and yes, you figured the name out

Making a HUGE pot of tomato sauce from scratch today, as a friend gave me a mondo bag of tomatoes yesterday. It's one of those sauces that simmers for 6 hours.... mmmm, it smells SO good in here! I wish we could all get together for a dinner tonight ~ I'd bring the pasta!
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Hola chattalicious ones.

Annie, why is the house right next to you, which looks very nice, $400k and the one down the street, which looks like a dump, over $500k?

Karen, yuck yuck yuck on the itching! Sucks to be you today, mama. I hope it goes away very soon.

I have the baby at work again this morning. Nana went to the doctor for high blood pressure. Evelyn is sleeping on my back in the ergo. The ergo works very well for sleeping on the go.

Evelyn's pee is often yellow to yellow-orange. The quantity is sufficient. In the diapers we can't see the color, but in the white bblp it is obvious.

Go Will! Congratulations on his heart and his sitting and general bigness, Nicole.

Az, if you have to move, why not Hawaii? It sounds like the cost of living wouldn't be such a shock to you.

Jess, I'd love to stay home and still have Nana live with us. Staying home with help is an ideal situation. But you can bet I'd have the help doing the chores so that I can spend more time with the kids, not the other way around. Nana does lots of housework at our house. I tell her we'll do it, but she says, "You go spend time with that baby."

there was more. So hbp is good? Crying, wow. oop, baby awakens bye!
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Laura, have Kaitlyn do what T's doing ~ fill your kitchen sink with some water, bubbles & loads of plastic dishes, wooden spoons, funnels and strainers.... we're talking an hour of fun here... literally!
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Kathy, sorry about your invasion. sounds dangerous to the TX mamas, not to you, but it's your privacy that was invaded. A different kind of identity theft. Thanks for returning.

Andy and Karen, glad you got the packages. Have fun with those dipes, Karen. I'm glad they're getting used.

Az, turtle poo? Is that, like, poo from a turtle, or poo that looks like a turtle? What was a turtle doing on your pillow?
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yeah Az- waht's up with the TURTLE poo???? You've got a turtle walking around on your bed pooping on your pillow????

OK, still TONS of rash here. I had a crappy night's sleep. Luka slept ok but woke up in the middle of the night and I had to rock him to get him back to sleep. wouldn't take the breast. I was soooooo itchy. I've tried everything we have here, but we don't have cotisone. I don't like using stuff like that, but I'm getting desperate. the worst is behind my knees and on my ankles. but the crooks of my arms are pretty horrible too. sigh. sorry to let you iin on all of the gory details....

so Luka is getting a tooth!! I can feel it's hard ridges when he bites down on my fingers- it's brken through the gum and now just has to pop on through. he's getting to be a BIG boy!
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