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Jeni- hope you get better soon

oh Sheri-
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Poor Az!

Hey, maybe Dharma double-shipped them and you'll get some more. :LOL

Note to self: Never, ever say "I'll let the baby play nakey-butt for a little while and check some email and then I'll potty her." I would so much rather hold a squirmy baby on the potty than hold a squirmy poopy baby while I quickly clean out the sink wi th the other hand and then wash her, and steady her in the sink while I get my poopy shirt off so I don't re-poopify her. Gah. Figures, the only poo I've caught this week was teeny, and I COULD have caught a big one yesterday morning and this morning if I'd been on the ball.

And now all of her playmats are dirty.
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sorry Sheri that you have to move! That sucks!

Today is a rotten day, G has been crying a lot the last few days, i don't know if it's humidity, teeth, or frustration with crawling (she is still scooching on her belly commando-style). A is pooping and peeing all over the house, dh made us all get up early (we had made some car-share arrangements for swimming lessons, that didn't work out today, so I had to drive him in), the compost is growing maggots, the chicken scrap pile is moldy, we're broke, behind in pay, and bills are overdue.

And a sad story about swim lessons - there's a little girl, probably about 2 yr, who absolutely does *NOT* want to go in the water, and each day they are trying to force her. Yesterday, her "nana" was there, telling her she had to go in, carrying her, telling her she'd "make" her float/get in, etc, all the while little girl was crying and screaming hysterically. Abby was sad for her, so I talked to Abby about how she was sad and upset b/c she didn't want to go in.
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eew Jeni sorry thats a bummer

Pam- oh thats so sad. I'll never understand why parents force their kids to do stuff like that if they are that upset about it.
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Aaaaarg! Poor little kid. Good that you talked with Abs about it - sometimes we forget that kids don't have the same perspective as we grown-upped people, and they react differently to those kinds of scenes. What a bummer.

Hang in there Mamas! These days are limited, SERIOUSLY!!! Jeni - I hope you feel better and better today. What a complete nightmare that is OVER! WHEW. Sorry about the poop. I use a variety of large fleeces, receiving blankets, etc. for playmats. He's fine on them, but I put them on carpet or his changing table. HE's pooped and peed on them all, but they wash up nicely. We must have about a dozen of them (2 yds from the fabric store in several colors/patterns). Az - sorry you got pooped on too! It's a POOPEY DAY!!!!! Let's all do the poopey dance, the poopey dance the POOPEY dance! We can do the poopey dance, 'cause we love to poop all day!!!

Orin ate an entire (mushed up) avo last night for dinner. The boy is going to be one oily little fella, I gotta say! What else are we feeding our babies these days???

Az - Are you FEELING better? All this other stress is taking priority but I haven't heard that you're well again...

Karen and Az - 9pm here is a GREAT time for me, if that works for you both. my user name is newandytree1 Let me know if that time works...just trying to find a time when we could have some minutes in a row without bedtimes becoming an issue, dinner, lunch, breakfast, neighbors, getting the car fixed, etc etc etc...kwim?

It was so nice here this a.m. I took dog and babe for a nice long walk. Used the new stroller (not NEW but the one my mom bought us for the sprinkle back in Jan.). It is SUCH a great stroller, I gotta say. Hey Karen, what did you guys end up with??

Annie - I'm sorry the meds didn't work better for you. Did your phys. discuss any other meds or a different dose? It's not the ONLY option, is it? Awesome that you and V. had an afternoon together, the girls window shopping She is a baby to be much admired!!!

Laura - I hope today goes better for you pumping. It must be so hard to keep it up and really wonder if she's even going to use it!? Arooga!!! Bet seriously, I hope she chilll out a bit for you. Having Opihi babies is tiring...

ok, off to get some laundry done andy
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Andy 9pm should work for me. I'll have to figure out the yahoo msgr thingy :LOL and I'm not realyl feeling better. I'm not feaverish anymore but my throat is still killing me I even broke down and ate a freeze-pop last ngiht and the small amnt of citrus in that burned my throat

I was talking to my mum about moving and her solution is we should buy a house yeah ok we don't have $$ to move how on earth would we have $$$$$$ to buy a house

Pam I realyl don't understand why people force their dc to do things like that. Sorry it upset Abby too
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Sorry not better Az Maybe today will see some improvement. I gotta go figure it out, too. And you need to give Karen and me your username so we can put you in as a friend. 'kay?
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So how do I cook mochi? like for me? I'm a pretty picky eater...maybe someone else wants it? I can send it out...
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I'm installing it now
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ok I got it, my user name is azreial9621
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Sheri- sorry your not feeling better. Hope you are though by Monday I know what you mean about the house. We dealt w/that issue 2 yrs ago. We decided that in the long run it would be better off for us financial to get a house. Even though we are paying more each month, at least it's ours and we aren't throwing the money away to some landlord. The way that rent prices were ever increasing around here is just plain sad. They have all those first time home buyer type loans. It could be something to look into? But I'm sure the houses in that town are just way over priced

Andy what kind of stroller did you get? ours totally sucks but hey it was free. Larry would roll his eyes if I went out and got another one

Well I just had to do it. I stuck Megan in front of Einstein so I could pump. She's been great, first time she hasn't fussed w/out me holding her. I need to get 2 bottles ready for today since I'm going out. Just not sure if she can handle NIP yet, so I need to have the bottles handy.
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Just had to do another post to make it to 600 :LOL
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I don't even think we could buy a house with the 1st time home buyers thing. DH had to file bankrupcy a couple of years ago and he made <10K last year and I've been out on leave and only employed for 5 years. Plus dh has only been working with his dad for <1yr

Andy I totally missed your food question. We've been doing tomatoes, cucumbers, asperagus, broccilini. We've done applessause which she liked and avacado which she didn't. DH has been making sure that we have something for diner everyngiht that Miss E can have too so she doesn't feel left out :LOL

Stroller we have a peg perego aria. Its nice, very lightweight but sturdy. It was pricey but I needed something lightweight so I could manage it by myself. Itso nly been used afew times so far though
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Az, sorry you aren't feeling better yet. When my ex boyfriend was sick he used to make cherry jello but then drink it while it was still warm before it set...didn't do it for me but he swore by it. Don't discount the house buying option, there are a couple of programs in Mass that require very little money down that you might qualify for, it might end up not to be more than the whole first month, last month, security deposit deal. My husband was looking for a house under one of them (before we were dating) and it only required a 5% deposit.

Japhet isn't pooping at all the last two days, maybe I need to let him play on top of our white carpet for a while.

"Aviva, you mentioned you were on a board for moms with PCOS. Did you have any milk supply problems with it? I ask because my lactation consultant thinks I may have it, and that that may be why I'm low milk supply. But I really don't have any other symptoms, she just said my breasts are shaped like someone with PCOS. Weird. Anyway, if I'm prying, I'm sorry, just wondering, though."

She said your breasts are shaped like someone with PCOS? Could you ask her what she meant? AFAIK there is no PCOS typical breast shape? However PCOS does seem to have an effect on milk supply for some people, I've been lucky and not had a problem, but I've been on metformin for years...I had no trouble conceiving with either pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms other than the milk issues?

The MT...I think its just that I need wide straps like a wrap, any thing I've tried with just straps has been uncomfortable, also the waist cuts into me, I think I need a waist belt with a little padding that will sit on my hips more (kind of like an ergo belt) or with a wide wrap type tie that I can wrap once around me before tying. Also we made it adjustable so I could do foward facing out with it more easily but Japhy insists on having his arms out and its too tall for him right now that way. Thats not such a big deal since he'll grow into it but I thought I'd see if I could sell it and get something that works right now. So far no one is interested though Not sure why. I think its really pretty.

Pam, we've got the crawling frustration too...I don't want him crawling this soon really but I keep trying to help him anyway because I don't want him to yell. My dear boy is very persistant but has low frustration tolerance so he will keep trying and trying but yelling the whole time

My brain is fried I was going to ask you all a question but I forget what it was. ?Yesterday I was searching the house for my purse and getting really mad at DH who had carried it in from the car for me and obviously put it somewhere weird, I even went out to the car to look for it and was just about to call him and ask where he put it, so I put the diaper bag I was holding down and then realized there was still something hanging on my shoulder. Duh. Boy am I glad I didn't call and yell at him!

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PS I was going to go to library story hour today because they are bringing kittens, but Japhet has been sleeping on top of me for an hour and a half now and shows no signs of waking up. Durn, I wanted to see the kittens

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Can y'all send some of those poopy vibes over here? the boy has eaten too many bananas (because it's what we HAD) and he's plugged up. he get a little out yesterday but he's uncomfy i might give him some papaya today- that should work. poor baby.

Sheri and Andy- 9pm your time is fine- i think that's 2 here. I added you both and yahoo says you're idle. now I can spy on you :LOL

Annie- sorry the meds aren't working out. any homeopaths in Oahu? sometimes getting a work-up and a good constitutional remedy can help.

Laura- sorry to hear about the fussiness/ clingyness. babies are just like that sometimes, eh? just gotta go with the flow

Pam- that's so yucky0 the swim lessons. as your kiuds get older you end up having to be exposed and expose them to more people (unless you homeschool and stay home ) And it can be so hard to explain to them how other families are different and that not everyone is respected, etc....

Andy- stroller is an Instep 5k (like I'm g6nna run a 5k :LOL). it's pretty good- the sun shade is good and it has some nice features. the price was right! not great for travelling because it's LARGE. i've got a van, so ok to throw in there, but not so great on a regular car.

Luka is unhappy sitting here next to me. he wants to bang on the puter and is just fussy. I think he woke a lot last night too. at 4ish he was awake in my arms and somehow I thought it was because of my dream? it was about lobster, so as I was trying to put him back to sleep I kept thinking it was all the fault of the lobster.... lack of sleep does funny things to you, eh????

aviva- go see the kitties- I LOVE kitties
do you sew? you could make yourself the MT you want. they are very easy to make.
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"She said your breasts are shaped like someone with PCOS? Could you ask her what she meant? AFAIK there is no PCOS typical breast shape? However PCOS does seem to have an effect on milk supply for some people, I've been lucky and not had a problem, but I've been on metformin for years...I had no trouble conceiving with either pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms other than the milk issues?"

It had something to do with the line of the inner sides of them and a lack of fullness. My breasts are kind of weird shaped, but I have a normal amount of glandular tissue, just underdeveloped. I'm overweight, and I have borderline HBP, but my blood chemistry is terrific. I lost about 100 pounds before I got pregnant, and before that my periods were irregular, 35-45 days apart, and I didn't get accidentally pregnant, despite spotty use of birth control. About 60 pounds in, they went to 29 days on the dot and the first time I had unprotected sex, well, I now have a Kaia . I've got a few skin tags, not alot of them, no hairyness, and I can't think of any other symptoms off the top.

I'm starting to think that this LC really screwed up with me. She jumped all over the "Oh, you've got PCOS, may never develop full milk supply, yada yada yada" at my first visit, despite the fact that the problems we were having could easily be related to an inefficent latch and slight tounge tie, which we were also dealing with, or to the fact that I wasn't eating enough. But then my confidence was shot, I was terribly depressed, and started supplementing. So now I wonder if the problem could have been fixed.
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Michelle - most problems like yours can be fixed, but once in a while (I think it's pretty rare,but like 1 in 400 or so) a woman has a problem like insufficient glandular tissue or chronic malnutrition or something like that that prevents corrective measures. SO it's none o fmy business, but I always rec. to people that they get a second opinion (ESPECIALLY from docs, less especially from LC's who tend to be better educated about these things) before beginning supplementation. I do this because of my own story, which was to supplement Rebecca at 3 mos. The doctor actually threatened me to start doing a work up on Beca including a spinal if I didn't supplement. Actually, I never did go back to that doctor, but I did supplement because she scared the hell out of me. Now I recommend going to see 2 people if the first says to supplement. And I try to get them to see someone in a different practice, hopefully one more sympathetic to breastfeeding, more knowledgable, etc. Not always so easy. If you are making sufficient milk now, it is unlikely that you have 'grown' or matured that tissue in this short a time. So likeliehood is that you have ALWAYS been able to nurse her exclusively, and she freaked you out. Nursing moms have different abilities to sheild themselves from stress and anxiety. Some moms are super sensitive and vulnerable to it and need a lot of support. Other moms seem to run on adrenalin and never miss a beat, never drop supply, they just don't seem phazed. That's true when they're not nursing, too, of course, but irrelevent to this monologue

Anyway, I'm just glad for you both that you're on track and doing well. My best advice is to relax, spend as much time sleeping and eating healthy food as possible, enjoy your barely mobile baby while you can, 'cause in a month's time it's going to be a whole new story at your house !!

Az - look into the housing thing when you feel better. Hey - you never know! Aviva - can you send some links her way? Info on where to start looking?

Karen - we should be all hooked up. There's a conferencing button on the messinger screen. I don't know if we all need to get in on punching it or if just one of us gets us all on their line that we would be able to all read each other... You are 7 hrs. behind us? I thought it was 8...maybe daylight savings time has me screwed up...

Happy 600 Laura! More than half way there!

Happy 6 month day to Ori !today : :

Back to laundry...
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Happy 6 months, Ori! I cannot believe it!
Here to report that Torin went to bed last night at 7:50pm!!! He stayed in bed until 07:45am this morning with some waking for nursing, of course. He is now taking his first nap of the day!!!
I have to go back and read now, chatty mamas!!
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