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Yay Annie!!! I say 3 cheers for Mom! Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah !!!!!

Ok, got to pack the cooler. Have a great day everyone!

Laura - only one entrance. Good thing, huh!

xoxo andy
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yeah good thing :LOL

I actually got enough milk for the entire day, so I'm not gonna pump except once we get there and I'll pump on the way home. I'll try to bf her a few times but not sure how that will go.
Can't wait to meet ya both! don't forget the tickets, hehe
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Have fun at the park!

G is sick, she threw up in bed last night and she' been crying a lot. i'm trying to figure out whether we need to stay home or not - today was a day with plans: swimming lessons, appt with counsellor, big parade in town. Ans i feel like crap for how i just acted with a. I've needed to pee for an hour but g is needy with sickness, so i finally broke down and left her sitting on the floor to go. abby pushed her over so she landed face down, and i flew into one of my rages. grabbed a and tossed her onto nearby chair, grabbed her arms and yelled.

oh, and the other thing she's doing lately is peeing right on us, in purpose. she'll start to pee on the floor, and move over to one of us, incl. g, and make a point of peeing on us. it's impossible not to react negatively.

i've been trying to get breakfast for an hr and a half, and i was up for an hr in the mid of the night with puky babe so i'm in bad mood....
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Poochy Tummies

Wow, peeing on you deliberately. That is pretty rude. It must be rough being a toddler with a new sibling. I do not envy you, Pam.

Mar, on the tummy pooch - my midwife has two recommendations. They've worked very well for me.
1) Postpartum belt:
- buy an 8" wide belt from Babies R Us
- wear it whenever you're going to be lifting the baby. I wear mine at home but not work, usually.
2) Quick morning exercise:
- Before you eat breakfast, do this (I do it in the shower):
- sit or stand very straight
- take a big belly breath
- push it out forcefully with your abdominal muscles
- hold! Pull your bellybutton toward your back as far as you can and hold it there for a count of 8. You should feel it in your abs and your back.
- whew! breathe in again. Repeat twice more.

That little exercise is quick and makes a big difference. The belt is more of a pain but it makes my back hurt less as well as helping the tummy go in. My belly doesn't stick out any more than it did prepregnancy, IMO, thanks to these. The navel is still frightening, but the pooch is about gone.
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Ugh Pam what a hard day. I hate when I get that mad. I hope G is better soon.

I do that with Japhy and the laundry basket, he loves it, thinks its greatv fun.

He's half awake now...keeps waking up and then dozing right back off...not something he usually does, he woke up at 4:50 this AM and decided that it was morning so I'm not surprised hes tired.

Off to Salvo's to look for excersaucers, then I'll try Ebay

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so quiet here this am... you all must be on your way to your amusement park. I hope you all had fun!

Pam- I'd make A wear a diaper. peeing on someone is not OK, imo. she probably thinks it's funny and enjoys getting a rise out of you. gosh, can you imagine what it must be like to be in the mind of a toddler??? wow.
hope your day gets better
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Yes, I think everyone must be meeting up today! How cool is that!! I definitely wanna see pictures of today, you guys!!!

Pam, if A is peeing on you - I think she should go back to diapers. Imo, its her way of saying she's not yet ready for the potty - and freaking out when she does it will only make her regress more. Its just better to put the diaper back on, and let pottying come when it comes. I'm sorry you are having the hard day. I hope that you made it to counseling anyways

Karen - sounds like a good party. Except for the Noam part. Sounds like something K would do. Don't they know they need to focus?!?

I can't remember who asked. Kobe is doing ok, as long as he's on the pred. Ok, but let me ask you guys if this is weird - I was talking to my next door neighbor on Sat. She was just dx'd with RA about 2 months ago, and her bloodwork came back *exactly* the same as K's. Also, our other neighbor came down with Guillian Berrat (sp) syndrome in June, and was paralyzed for a month. AND lately H and I have been having some joint issues too, although I haven't posted much about it. So, my neighbor was saying this is just too weird and coincidental. We're going to have our water tested, but I'm not sure what else it could be?? I'm going to call my SIL, who is an environmental eng. for LA county,. I figure she's prolly well educated on environmental contaminates. Maybe its all a coincidence, but its still weird, dont ya think?
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Pam. I agree, I think back to diapers sounds good at this point.

Seems so quiet here today. *chirp* *chirp*

Annie: That definately sounds scary.

Snugglybea today. She even let me wear her around to vacuum the living room. Sitting up makes her cheerful.

Mike caught a pee last night, and I got t he first morning one, but that's it for ec here lately. She's peed less than 5 min after I try to potty, too. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Hm, block party or grocery shopping tonight.
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I'm around. 10 wets yesterday, 6 so far today, and a bonafide unassisted baby poop! The color was darker than I would like, but nice runny consistancy.

House cleaning around here is generally done while wearing K or by DH and I taking turns working and holding the baby.

Annie: That is scary!
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Annie, that is really scary! Bad bad bad. Water test is definitely called for. But it could be mold or spores or something airborne. Eep, I'd be freaking out. And I'll not be buying that $400k bargain next door to you.

Jeni, block party!
Evelyn wouldn't pee in the potty at all last night or at lunch today. Lots of empty potties and full diapers around our house today, but oh well. Another day, another pee.

Michelle, "not quite the color I'd like" - funny. We are all poop connoisseurs around here. Good on the wets!
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oh Annie that is so weird. Yeah seems like more than a coincidence.

Pam hope G is doing ok

So I'm back We left the park early. I just couldn't take it no more. Andy and Sheri were just plain awful to be around :LOL j/k nah the heat got to me real bad, Larry looked like he had it but he was fine after I got him a slushie on the way home.

It was a good time considering the heat and the fact K just wanted to play in the water and I didn't get to go on any rides except the ballon thingy, of course neither did Andy but I hope she hopped on one at least!! They are all really cool people. Andy and Sheri got some great kids. I'm uploading a few pics now, didn't get too many really bummer. But I'm desperately pumping right now
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Ok here are my pics. I didn't get a group shot one, the others did though

here's Rebecca and Chris and Sheri (but you can't see her though)

K in the pool

playing in the fountain, this is where K spent most of the day

so Ori and E both turned their backs, not a great shot

me and K- barely see K in this one



thats it, they aren't great sorry!
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god. what a day it's been. when I spoke to my dad this am, he was soooo upset.... feeling like an invalid, etc.... his journey, I fear is just beginning. I was ready to jump on a plane right then, but what can I do while he's in the hospital? and with a squirmy baby, no less....
anyhow, they have not found the site of his stroke- he had a 2 hour mri today so maybe there will be more answers. in the meanwhile, I'm thiking that Luka and I will fly over later this week or next week. I know that seeing us will booost his spirits.

other than that I wrote bills and am trying to entertain a fussy teething baby. he's just not his happy self.... he does play on the floor and has good moments, but he's easily frustrated and mad. oh well. this will pass (until the next tooth, of course).

Annie- that sounds scary. really scary. who knows. water, air, whatever. this is hard to find. it's worth doing some investigation though.

michelle- sounds GOOD! keep it up mama!

Laura- I'm glad you all got to meet up. sorry it was so hot and yucky!

Jeni0 sounds like a better day over there. glad to hear it!

I've got Noam playing with Luka. thanks goodness. he loves those boys, and days when they aren't around arenot as exciting for Luka.
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Yes, definately better day here. We went to the block party. It was to celebrate the reopening of a bridge that's been closed for a few years, causing miserable traffic snarls. Only in Scranton do we celebrate the reopening of a bridge by closing it again. The party wasn't that great, just some catered food (pizza, hot dogs, meatballs, cake), free tshirts that were gone in like 5 minutes, a crappy dj, and popcorn. We wandered to the pub and had appetizers just to have somewhere cool to sit down. Then we walked home again. My legs are wobbly from all the walking. Mike pushed Bea in the umbrella stroller and she slept for pretty much the whole walk both ways. She's still tired but won't sleep. She's with Mike, squealing at him. Very silly.

Karen, that's too bad that your dad is restless. I imagine it must be frustrating to not be able to do with your body what you want to.

Glad Six Flags was fun even if it was too hot!

Hmm, Little Girl sounds unhappy. Should try to get her to sleep.
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Originally Posted by tigerpurring

Got postcards from NY, AL, & AK . . . where's MO and OH and AZ and CA and MA?
: This week you should get an AZ one
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Originally Posted by mamabeca

Poll: Do you clean your house when your baby is

a) awake and (most likely) ON you
b) asleep (and use up the only free time you may get all day).
Usually when the kiddos are awake. I clean baths while Eamon is bathing and Aine is having nakey butt time. Mopping and vacuuming with dd on me or with dh. Eamon just roams and "helps."

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Originally Posted by Malama
god. what a day it's been. when I spoke to my dad this am, he was soooo upset.... feeling like an invalid, etc.... his journey, I fear is just beginning. I was ready to jump on a plane right then, but what can I do while he's in the hospital? and with a squirmy baby, no less....
anyhow, they have not found the site of his stroke- he had a 2 hour mri today so maybe there will be more answers. in the meanwhile, I'm thiking that Luka and I will fly over later this week or next week. I know that seeing us will booost his spirits.
Sorry it took so long to give you s, Karen. I had to keep reading to see how your father is doing. I think a visit is in order. Sending healing vibes his way...

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Hola! Sunburnt and crispy, ready for a sleep... we found a TABLE!!! And 4 CHAIRS!!!! IN THE SHADE I gotta say, I felt kind of like Nancy Drew, winning out the case against the meanies - even better than college graduation (excpet for the really amazing da**a). Even on a monday, that place is pretty packed. It was SO great meeting Laura and Sheri (who really IS Sheri - I kind of thought in the back of my head that her dh would call her Az hee hee. All the kids were wonderful...everyone acted their age, so the 7yos were shooting ahead to the next adventure and the 2yo was jumping in puddles about 450 people behind, and the dh's were pushing strollers, herding a toddler, watching the fort, and generally extremely well behaved. Larry did truly hate the park, but was a good sport. Poor Laura didn't get to go on the ride of choice - I think if you'da gotten wet on that ONE ride it would've made your day. Next time we're going to have to plan it for when the kids are not quite so mama-dependent (in fact, perhaps just the moms will meet up for rides! :LOL It was the dh's (in general) who weren't into the rides at ALL) and we'll split into teams or something...tag team with all the toddlers...ought to be hysterical! And maybe not mid-summer, eh? It sure was hot... (where's that sweaty smilie?). I enjoyed it so much, just getting to hang out and nip with sheri, chatilicious with Laura (who is a friendly yakker in real life ), and getting to meet the families. Mr. C. is wonderful, so friendly and full of hugs and adventure. Little Miss Kaitlyn is SO sweet - directed and TWO but very sweet. Beca really loved playing with her in the water. I never did get to go on even one ride (huh?!) BUT I played a game and won this GIANT Bert (from sesame street), which was kind of cool. Dh was impressed because it was a shooting game (I'm actually not a bad shot). Beca wanted to play SO badly, but she'd already played a golf game and won a monkey. Dh played and lost :LOL (since he's the golfer in the family).Hmmmm - I think that's about it for here...

Annie that sounds suspicious, but then again, the #'s of people getting auto-immune problems has really soared in the past 40 years. There's a camp that feel that it's partly attributable to vaccinations. Even kids who didn't get any, their moms did and it changes the dna structure (or actually the RNA structure) of some of the marrow cells that create blood and, more primitively, the undifferentiated tissue of embryos... does that make sense? Anyway, it's possible it's envt'l, but not traceable, or traceable but not attributable, so don't have high hopes of figuring it all out...although it WOULD be awesome to have some answers for Kobe's mystery illnesses (and evidently yours and theirs, too). Is H. still at home???

Karen - sorry about the day...I think you're bang on. Dad's journey has JUST begun. He did start with an awesome attitude, but I'm sure HE was in some shock about it all, too. Now things are settling into place, his reality is becoming tiresome and frustrating...poor daddy I think it'll be great for him and your mom to have the troops in place for a short while. I think you should try to coordinate w/other family members so you don't all converge simultaneously but can overlap some to pass on info etc... Maximize everyone's time, kind of thing.

Jessi and Jeni- we've had some miserable ec days here too. Sucky to the max. Get him on the pot after big fussy huggy event with singing and dancing and he... won't pee. Put him back on the changing table with some more huggies and singing (about a hose from his nose to his toes blah blah blah) and he pees. Or poops. Or both. sigh. The wall of the dining room is going to need to be seriously painted

Ooooh - got another postcard from Hawaii (Big Isl.) and one from Mass (North Shore) - Nice boats, Az! Thanks mamas!

Jeni - my legs are wobbly too. I ended up carrying sleeping ori back to the car in the sling, 'cause he nursed for a while, then I kind of tucked him into the sling (and it really WAS hot, poor us) and trudged the 1/2 mile to the parking lot (Jeeze) and THEN realized my tit was TOTALLY hanging out the side of the sling. I PULLED AN ANNIE : As I've mentioned before, I don't mind sharing my boobs, it's the belly that makes me want to :

Have a great afternoon/night mamas. Too tired for more typing here... So fun... andy

Ok, I'll try to get pics up sometime tomorrow. The camera is currently still in the car. I hope Az made it home ok!
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Wow!! Sounds like you all had an awesome time! I can't wait to see more pictures!!

LOL, on pulling a me. glad to know I'm rubbin off on ya there, Andy

So, we are having chaos over here - There must have been a marker thrown into the laundry cause I just pulled out the whites, and they have blue stains all over them. Of course its all of Violet's new clothes too

And then I come downstairs, and Kobe's sitting there watching Nickelodeon (a nono) while eating a huge bowl of chocolate chips (another nono) with apple juice just sitting there spilled all over the floor (you can guess, another nono) Ummmm....HELLO?!?!?! :LOL
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Karen: I talked to my mom, who is an RN (and also named Karen) about spinal strokes. She says that they are very rare (which you knew) and that if his breathing and heart function are not being affected now, the good news is that his chances of surviving are excellent. Also encouraging, his cognative function, speech and reasoning are not going to be affected (you probably knew that too)

She only took care of one spinal stroke patient in her 35 year ICU nursing career. He was in pretty sad shape and on a ventilator at first, but once the swelling went down he made a full recovery.
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