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I thought I'd go check our forecast, and our humidity here is 97%, but it doesn't feel as bad as last week!

Hey at a bulk store last week I saw some gluten free flour , and thought of kobe. I forget axactly what it was called but it was made of ground up beans...

Good luck lisa with messed up paperwork!

Annie, have you tried talking with this boy's mom about his unacceptable behaviours?
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Okay, A woke up so I hit reply, but I wasn't finished.

We're unschooling here... it's nice to see what families with older kids do.

G did 4 steps of crawling on her hands and knees with her belly up yesterday!

Oh, and I made some really great fudge...
The recipe is from a can of sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand)
2 T butter
2 c mini marshmallows
Set aside.

3 c. chocolate chips,
2 T butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
When this is mixed, add dash salt, 1 tsp vanilla and optional nuts
Pour into 8" or 9" square pan (ok, i used a round pan) lined with parchment. Top with marshmallow, swirl it around. Chill 2 hours.
Joyce you may need this!

We managed to write out 3 postcards yesertday before G discoverec we were doing something with paper... sorry gals, we're trying!

I still haven't gotten my longies form the TP, the tanks I ordered after them came two weeks ago, and when I tried to email the longies woman, the email was returned. I know she was in the middle of moving, and she had a trader rating of 83 positives, but she hasn't been on mdc since then either, so I'm kinda worried. Which reminds me, I gotta post those tanks for sale before summer's out. I'm kinda nervous cuz I've never sold anything there before...
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So glad I ain't the only one w/a messy house I don't understand how anyone with a toddler can have a neat house, unless they have a maid.

Annie= that boy sounds like trouble. Fabric store is always a good excuse

Lisa- Hi there! sounds like you are definitley keeping busy

Karen- I had a hunch you kinda did a unschooling approach. Thats what I am planning. I'll probably loosely follow a curriculum. I guess it depends on what my girls do better in. I know K is already starting to learn to read. She's known her ABC's before she was 2. Now she is spelling and doing phonics. She dwells in her books most of the day and tries to spell out the words. She also loves counting. She already can count up to 40. Knows all her shapes and colors. I mean she's probably knows just about everything a preschooler or kindergardener would know by now.

Sheri- I been meaning to tell you that you are so familiar to me. When I saw you I was like gee it seems like I've meet you before. I know I saw a pic of you but I didn't feel that way when I saw Andy. It's weird. Maybe I saw you somewhere at sometime.

ok starting this ages ago
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Pam- way to go G. thats awesome. Yeah our humidity today is very high too and I'm bummed I need to go out in it today.
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Man I felt so busy yesterday and I reallydidn't do anything. I think Mr C got more mdc time than I did :LOL

Karen Your dad will get better. Its amazing what people can do when they're dedicated to get better. My aunt had several strokes and was told she'd never walk again. The frist time dh met her she was up on a ladder trying to hagn a bat house. She does have a brace on a hand and an ankle and is now legally blind (her vision wasn't that great to begin with though). Its not a 100% recovery but its alot better than they said she'd do. I hope you get to see him soon.

I can;'t remember what else I read : except Annie's neighborhood kid driving her out of her house

I made the best cake ever last night. I've been meaning to make this cake for over a year. I'veh ad all the stuff I've just never gotten around to it. Last night I've got everything ready and about to add the marzipan to the food processor and the power goes out : I waited until dinner finished cooking and we ate and the power still wasn't back on. So I packed everything up and we drove to my sisters and I finished it up there. Then we left as soon as the cake came out of the over (it was after 9) with out giving my sister any She is coming to return our drill today though and I told her I'd save her a piece. That's going to be tough, as there's not much more than a piece left

Last night after we came home dh put Miss E in the swing to see if she'd continue her sleep from the car. She fussed for maybe 3 minutes and then didn't get up until 5:30 : and she was dry She nursed then and one other time around 7:30 and she's still sleeping now (its 9am)
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Laura that's weird. I never go to the south shore. I'd drive 2hours to NH but not 1hr to Quincy. Heck I don't even know where anything is on the south shore : They could be on MArs for all I know :LOL

Clean house, my house is a sty between the animals, me, the kids, me and well me there's no way we'd have a clean house DH soemtimes puts in a good effort but I propmtly mess things up so you'd never know. I think I'm worse than ds. My mum used to tell me to hide the mess in a closet or under the bed and we also had the "as long as there's a pth through the room" cleaning lesson :
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wow great sleep E!

I'm the same way. I hate going to the north shore, heck I hate even going to quincy :LOL
Larry doesn't even know the south shore and he's been living here for 2 years. He's a north shore boy himself
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Az, where's the recipe?

Wow, there were about twenty posts last night between when I started my tiny post and when I submitted it.

I'm going to buy postcards on Friday, I promise. Nana is on vacation, so I'll take most of the day off. I've been itching to take Evelyn to the art museum.
We have five or six postcards already. The gloucester one is very pretty.

Lisa, the schools don't want to let you go. Can't say I blame them!

something else but I forgot. Ew, time for the first conference call of the day.
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Morning Mamas!

Wow, I had a lot of reading to do to catch up (yet again... :LOL) First, I loved seeing everyone's pictures from six flags. It looks like you guys had a great (if hot!) time. It was neat to see everyone and the DH's too!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes for Tess ~ what a day we had! Very busy, and mostly great fun. She was a testy little scamp most of the day, so I think the excitement was a bit much to handle. Still, we had fun. I think one of her favorite things was that I blew up a dozen balloons and we kicked & volleyed them around the living room for an hour. Fun, fun, fun!! The cake turned out pretty good (chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing ~ vegan), but since I used light cocoa powder I was a bit disappointed. I think it would have been better with dark, dark cocoa but I didn't want her up until midnight, ya know?

We bought one of those doorway jumpers for Brynn yesterday, but it doesn't seem very safe to me. Even when the seat is hooked in properly, one or two will pop off when I push on the seat. Before I take it back, does anyone have any ideas of what is going on with this? It seems like maybe just poor design, and DH isn't too impressed but I was so exited about having it as I know Miss B would just LOVE it.... still, I don't trust it so I guess unless there's something I can do differently we'll be taking it back.

Oh, and guess what we discovered yesterday on our journeys about town? Another Starbucks!! So funny. We live here almost a year with none, and then in the span of a month there are two. Coffee Mama is happy Annie, I am hoping to make good use of your gift on my birthday next week ~ I think DH can occupy the girls for an hour or so, hey?

hmmm... what else....

Karen, wow it must be tough being far away from your Dad right now. I'm glad you guys have got some answers and it sounds like you are a great support for him on the phone. I'm sending my healing thoughts across the miles....

Pam, lots of hugs to you and A. This is such a tough age; I wish I had some words of comfort, but I'm here to support you! They - and we - WILL get through this!! I remember one of the Moms on an AP board I visit had loads and loads of challenges with her older daughter being REALLY rough with her youngest daughter for the first while ~ now, a couple of years later, they are inseparable. Sure, they squabble, but they are great pals. Try to visualize that

Clean house? Well, let's just say that you can see that there's lots of fun going on.... not so much clean, but lots of fun! Actually Miss T is VERY orderly... amazingly so, especially for a 3 yr old. She has special places for all her toys, and she can find something on a dime. It's amazing. I *hate* clutter, so I try to minimize that. It's not clean, but as clutter-free as I can manage.... in a house where the living area is the play area. DH is VERY clutter-prone and a packrat, so his office is his space. I can hardly even look there ~ it makes my fingers itch to de-clutter! de-clutter! de-clutter! heh heh... DH's worst nightmare is that show "Clean Sweep".

I'm going to send this off so it doesn't get lost into the netherregions of cyperspace.
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Jessi - something about the bumbo??

Karen - I like unschooling. But what would I do with little miss. I don't want to read? She CAN read, in fact she's an EXCELLENT reader, she can read Harry Potter books quite easily. But she has no stamina, no patience, no interest in going the places books can take her. What about Noam? She's good with math. Not that she's good AT it LOL, but she'll do the problems for a while. I give her 6 problems a day, or 8 easier ones. She has counting beads and counting bears she uses. I also taught her the abacus, but she's not really there with it yet. We only have alittle one. A bigger one might be easier. Heidi - have you got abaci (abacuses?) through Haba?

Jess - bumer on the day care. It seems to be closed a lot. why? Hang in there. Dh should be bringing home some serious bacon soon, and you'll be able to sah again, if that's what you wanted to do.

Laura - endure the humidity, get out of the house, and ENJOY the day!!! We're going out too. I took both kids for a long walk this morning. Used that loving blanketless MT -- I lost the back strap!!! What do I do??? I will do an all out search in a little while. Usually I put it back into the bag, so they stay together. I think I need to sew a pocket for it. Grumble.

I only barely know how to get to Boston at ALL LOL! We did by our car there...

Az - Elizabeth is sleeping really well! That's awesome!

Nicole - sigh on getting Will into day care. I think you have a really good attitude abou it - it's more fun for HIM! He will be able to be mobile, have a ball with the toys and other kids (eventually), and hopefully wherever you've chosen will nurture him in a positive and special way.

More people than not here have very tidy houses. We don't fit in very well here...

Way to go Geneva and Will!! You are both moving forward in leaps and bounds now! We're STILL kinda lumpy...Ori moves a lot but not in any particular direction. A little hands and knees, but more out of curiosity. Today he chased an oatie o around on his hc tray for like 5 minutes. Talk about persistent!

Karen - do you do playthinks with Ra'am? Ivan Moscovich's book is esp. good. Does he do online kearning with other kids his age? Knowing your Dad's name helps. I been kind of thinking of a man in his mid - late 60's in a hospital room with his symptoms. Now I have a name, which is better. If you get a change to email me a picture I can remove him from the hospital room altogether (which is good, since he'll be leaving asap, or maybe he's already moved). newandytree1@yahoo.com I promise I won't post it to any freakoids :LOL

In this area, unschooling is about as weird as it gets. People talk about people who unschool. Actually, they don't because noone here DOES unschool, but even the very few homeschoolers are 'talked about' in a baaaaad way. I have actually walked away from women gossiping about homeschooling families in the park. It make me feel physically ill hearing them yammer on about stuff they were ignorant about yet so opinionated about that noone could have educated them about any of it anyway. Bleh.

Annie - I'll send the sandies today, I hope. I have something else to send a girl, so I should be able to get there this afternoon. I hope.

Jeni - sleepfighting sucks. My only other recommendation (which you can skip if you're not looking for any) is to put her to sleep earlier. Don't wait for her to show you signs of tired before getting her to lay down with you. You'll know it's been a couple of hours or whatever, and then just start the process. And be patient. I hope she get's it soon s

We caught a BIG poop yesterday. And not ONE pee. Will NOT pee in the grass. Silly boy. He eats it instead; and who'd want to eat something they just peed on (besides the dog) :LOL

Jessi - your nana is busy!!

I completely agre abou tthe complexity of the circ/AIDS issue. I do think it's likely to respark circ in not at-risk boys, but I also STILL feel it's a parent's decision to pierce their infant's ears, circ., vax, etc. So I'm staying out.

Ok, off to help with math. caio!
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Oh right, the bumbo - of course you can borrow it, Andy. Annie, will you mail it off to new York?

Nicole, I agree that you have a good attitude about Will. He will enjoy being able to play noisily all day. I have to admit now that Evelyn would rather be in the nursery during church than with me. She just wants to play, play, play.
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LOL on the nursery Jessi - you're losing her already!? :LOL Thanks for the bumbo. I don't know how long we'll need it, but it looks like it's worth trying, anyway!

lunchtime for miss don't wanna read (but she did her math work w/out complaining - I really don't get this). BTW - for those interested, she is SO much better behaved/ easier to BE with sans wheat!!! It's almost amazing to note the difference. Even she notices! At some point it's up to her, so I'm hoping that she'll enjoy being easy to be with ... maybe a week at camp w/out being a PITA will improve he take on things. She's still pretty sad about not being able to have choc. chip cookies, birthday cake, pizza, etc. On that note:

LISA: Iknow wheat can take up to 2 wks to get out of a digestive system completely, BUT - how much wheat is that? Like eating a regular (lots) of wheat or just 2 slices of pizza and nothing else??? Do you understand what I'm asking...that if she wasn't eating wheat and then had 2 slices of 'za, how long would it take for THAT wheat toget out of her system. Any ideas???

If 7 houses each had 7 cats, and each cat caught 7 mice that ate 7 grains of wheat each day, how much wheat did the cats save over 7 days?

oop - he's finally up! caio
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Andy- I'll find a pic of my dad and email you. thanks

now technically speaking, I wouldn't say that we UNschool, though the idea is there. (I guess this is one of those AP or not arguments). we do MAKE our kids do work when they don't want to, and we use workbooks (that make many unschoolers shiver). but what we do is working for us right now.... and I can't say that that's always been true. we've had MANY MANY frustrating and upsetting moments and fights.... still do
Andy- Noam is a very patient kid. He has always liked to sit and do things. As a baby, once he could sit, I'd put him there with some toys and he was good for a long time. He's also ultrasmart.
oh, and I did see a HABA abacus on the sale page of Heidi's thing.
Also- what is playthinks? I'll have to google what it is. so no, don't do it with Ra'am

Pam- that fudge sounds wicked. I don't know that I could even bring myself to buy sweetened condensed milk. when I was a kid, my dad would buy that and have it straight from the container. disgustingly good.

I'd like Sheri's recipe too! I LOOOOOVE marzipan. seriously

it's so sunny today we should get out. I've been not going out a lot. I look horrible (rashy red legs- some areas almost purple ), but I was getting depressed at home, so we'll have to get out. but where.....
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andy- on that wheat question.... we have a friend who's 2 yo has celiacs- now of course that's a lot different than being sensitive or intolerant to it.... anyhow, it takes him 6 weeks! to get gluten out of his system. poor guy gets slipped a graham cracker or something somewhere and then he's really ill for 6 weeks afterwards. when I saw him this weekend, the poor little guy was so so so skinny. nothing they can do either
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
she is SO much better behaved/ easier to BE with sans wheat!!!
Hmm. I wonder how many ADD kids would react that way to a wheat-free diet? Strange. Plenty of people pull sugar and caffeine, but they wouldn't think of holding back wheat.
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Hmm. I wonder how many ADD kids would react that way to a wheat-free diet? Strange. Plenty of people pull sugar and caffeine, but they wouldn't think of holding back wheat.
there's actually a whole dietary regime to help kids with ADD. I think it's Feingold.... there was an article sometime back in Mothering on it. You all DO read it, don't you?

Where is everyone today? we're gonna go to the beach, but in the afternoon, when dh is free.
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I have no idea why, but there is a huge correlation between wheat allergy/celiacs, and behaviour - especially with autism spectrum disorders (and my guess is maybe mood disorders in adults.) Sorta the same with caffeine too, Jessi. Many adult caffeine addicts are using it to self medicate against adult add, and just don't know it :LOL

Ummmm....what else? I'm really torn about not homeschooling. I really want to, but honestly, Kobe absolutely refuses to learn anything in my presence. He works great with dh, but he's at work all the time. I would really like him to go to Waldorf, but the school is over an hour away from us with traffic. We're seriously thinking about moving though, so the boy's can go there. I'm sure Kobe will be fine in public school for the first couple years, but with us living out in the country like we do - and I'm sure Karen can attest to this - as he gets older, the influence of the more hooligan kids will get him, and there is absolutely no way I would send him to public middle or high school here. Ahhh, school in Hawaii is a huge issue.
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Annie- I gotta be honest and say that homeschooling is great, but it's not EASY. I had this idea that I would have these kids who would just be clamoring at me to get information and to LEARN. it's not quite like that. We have homeschool blow outs a few times a year. BUT it is awesome to watch your kids learn, to not have them spend the majority of their days with others, and to have close relationships with them.
we always wanted to send them to high school and we're looking at them now. we're even considering sending R to a *gasp* prep school. it's hard. I hear ya mama.
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Oh, I definitely don't think its easy, Karen. That's why I'm not doing it :LOL

Do they have prep schools on the Big Island, or you gotta send him here, or somewhere else?
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Jess - my best friend from HS is one of those clean freaks. She has a spotless house all the time, and routinely apologizes to me that it's "dirty" when I visit. Honestly, I don't apologize to her when she visits, I just point out the areas in the room that are not safe for her toddler to play with, and hope for the best.

Andy - yah, what Karen said. But you should notice a behavior change for the better in a few days, I'd think.

And the back strap - doesn't it have an extra snap on it so you can wrap it around one of the shoulder straps and snap it in place? Mine does Nevermind, i KNOW you can do that, it has 2 snaps on both sides, so find it and snap it on there when you're not using it!

I just spent like 45 min. on the phone calling stores and gift shops in town to find postcards because I really don't want to drive down to the state house or the airport to get them. And I have to take my bmt for surgery, problems w/my snaps, and my back strap is sewn on to the shoulder strap on one side so I can't lose it.

That's it from here, it's COLD today, a nice change from the 101 on Monday.

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