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Andy, we're 6 hours behind you.

I had a dream that I was at the beach with Karen's family and there was a tsunami. (shudder) We survived though.
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oh geesh Michelle... that SUCKS! I think pcos is one of those diagnoses (which an LC shouldn't be really doing, IMO) that is a catch all when they just aren't sure about stuff.... which isn't to say that you DOn't have it, but like you said, it's not likely the reason you've had bf problems. and I think that MANY MANY women are vulnerable post birth, and then even beyond that, the feeding of your baby is HUGE. mama Kaia's lucky to have such a dedicated mama.

oh, someone just dropped by. I better go. aloha
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glad we survived Annie! sometimes I think about tsunamis when I'm sitting on the beach. I think about how I would try to escape if I heard the sirens go off. crazy, I know.
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Halfway thru reading... but I hear the boy stirring!
Sheri - did you have a lease?? In Massachusetts they have a form with tenants rights. Wave that in their faces! I love fighting with unfair landlords!!! Maybe you can find it online.
Are you feeling better??
Jeni - sorry about the teeth!
Andy - how much does Ori weigh these days??
Laura - are you having a better day today?
And, Pam - sorry about your rough day!!
I'll be back to finish ...... sorry if I missed anyone!!
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My mom sold the house I grew up in when Kaia was 2 days old, because her aged and infirm mother needed a live in companion, so we spent the first 3 weeks running back and forth from her place trying to get all of my stuff out of there, sort through my dad's stuff to get the things that I wanted and dealing with the robbery that cost her her computer, her tv, a $2000 coin collection, most of my dad's electronics, power tools and cameras, and all of the jewelry that she wasn't wearing. (along with the ashes of our flippin' dog!) I know this didn't do learning to breastfeed any favors, but we had no choice. Plus DH was new at his job, so he was lucky that they let him take 2 weeks off.

Right now, I am supplementing about 3 oz a day, and have been taking domperidone for almost a week. We were doing 4 oz a day before the dom. She's gained 5 pounds 11 ounces with 2-4 ounces of formula a day. I've taken fenugreek, goat's rue, blessed thistle, all sorts of stuff, and tried reglan for a while, but it messed me up. I did see another LC at one point and she said "oh yeah, happens all the time to mom's with PCOS... typical situation" But I don't think I have it! I'm really confused and discouraged. My OB said that overweight moms often have supply issues, that I may well have PCOS, but that the menstrual irregularities could just have been due to morbid obesity, too, and why does it matter, becuase I have no complaints. The LC that was teaching the breastfeeding educators class that I went to as a model case study is the only one who actually touched my breasts and felt for glandular tissue. She said it was there, but on the small side. I wish I'd had a chance to talk more to her, as she seemed more encouraging, but I didn't even catch her name.

I wonder if I stopped the supplementing if my supply would build, but I'm scared to because I don't want my precious baby to be hungry. One would also think that with all the pumping I do, I'd get more than 2-4 ounces of extra milk (my record is 5). It seems like no one knows the answers to the questions I have. Sooo frustrating!
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Michelle! Fwiw, I have PCOS too, and I haven't had any problems, but I don't think I have the breast shape you're talking about. I conceived on met. and took it for the first trimester, but I don't take it anymore. I think PCOS is a tricky thing... you only have to have 4 or 5 of the key symptoms to be technically considered to have it, so a lot of people will. But having it doesn't mean you'll have all of them. And I think with the obesity/menstrual cycle/PCOS thing, it's chicken and egg. They don't know which causes what. So I wouldn't totally write that off. But I hope that you're able to find somebody who can figure it out.

Yahoo messenger chat.. I used to do that a long time ago. I think someone creates a chat and then can invite the others in.
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Michelle- what if you stop supplementing but follow her cues? does she cry when she's hungry? OR... I'm guessing you're giving her 1 bottle a day (oh no, just remembered she doesn't take a bottle....). maybe you could just give her a little less for the next few days and see? is she eating solids yet?
I think the only way to tell if you really NEED the extra is to see how she fares w/o it, but watching her carefully, including diapes and stuff. It's hard, because as they get older things are less predictable (in terms of #s of diapers). But you know your baby.
and reumping. some women never get a lot while pumping. it's just not the same as a baby.
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hi, just poppping in to say hi!

we're in a heat wave and the comp room is one of the hottest places to be...
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Andy and Karen I'm going out with dh in a bit so I don't know if I'll be back by 9pm If I am I'll pop on sorry

Mary we have a lease its up 1 Sept
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Aaah new thread! Can't keep up on dialup!

Jeni, glad you survived, hopefully you'll be feeling much better soon!

Aww poor Ori and the bumped noggin!

Sheri, ugh on moving again. Good luck

Michelle, lol on sucking plastic. L likes to do that too. She's only gained an ounce a week for the last 3 weeks, I'm guessing she's growing taller.

Heather, yah on the chunkers, I worry that my back won't be able to carry her!

Nicole, good luck to dh, and to you to deal with all the crazy emotions too. I can't even imagine.

Hi Annie, nice boob are there other meds you can take? Or 1/2 dose? Something that can bring balance?

Laura, that sounds like Lauren every night. I hope it changes again and she sleeps well tonight!

Jeni, hugs again, I'm glad that's all done and over, but man, it must suck!

So while I wait for page 2 to load.. we're at mom's house, which isn't far from home in case I need to go back for something (like dsl?) and whatnot.

Lauren pooped the barium chalk today. It came out in a well formed tube like mushy school chalk. ICK EEW YUCK! But at least it came out in the potty. She also slept for a whopping 4 hours last night, which was HEAVEN to me, I got 3 hrs of sleep.

And I got here around 8 and my parents grabbed the baby and I only saw her once for a snack before she went to bed. my parents. Mom is cooking me dinner, dad is walking L through the sprinkler, aaaah! And they took care of the dog for me this morning so I could sleep in.

Jeni, heh, if I don't put L on the pot in the morning to poo, it's a guaranteed mess later. Learned my lessons the hard way, I must say! But I'm so glad we're doing that... I dread solid poopy dipes.

Pam, that poor baby! And poor A for having to see that.

Andy, holy moly, an entire avo? Ori's a little piggy!

Aviva, the bmt has padding in the waist I think (it's at home, and I'm not), the ergo is nice for on the back, but the belt cuts into my waist on back carries, and it's ok for front carries. How about putting the waist a little loose and letting it sit on your hips instead? Not so it can fall down, but more like hip huggers? I have to move my shoulder straps out on my shoulders, instead of close, they dig in too much too.

Karen, put Luka on the ibook, he'll poop!

Michelle, have you ever talked to another LC? Maybe one that has worked with bigger babes?

Andy, one of you hits the conf button and then invites the others.

Ok waiting for page 3 to load. My dad and Lauren are on the floor right in front of me, and my dad is by far the most adorable guy in the world. Lauren has sunk her fingers into his hair and is hanging on. And he's talking to her and making her laugh and she's slimed him with spitty hands a bunch of times and he's just laughing back at her. Mom's cooking me dinner too. Gotta love it!

Michelle, I know I'm not you, but this is what I'd do in your situation - I'd keep bf'ing, but stop pumping and stop supplements for 3-4 days, just stay in bed and nurse and cuddle and nurse (like they do for building supply or illness). My gut says at this point Kaia won't lose weight if she misses a few ounces for a few days, and as long as she's not starving (use mama jedi and cues, don't let her be screaming hungry), let her suck as much as she wants all the time and see how it goes. Could be that she's happy w/what you have and doesn't need the supplements. And although it's really hard to do (when I'm trying to lose or watching babe gain) to not watch the scale, it might be fine for her to not gain for a week.

Like I said earlier, Lauren has only gained an ounce a week for the last 3 weeks, and she's been super busy working on crawling too. "normal" right now is only a few ounces anyway, and Kaia is still doing super gain at 4+ oz/wk. Karen, you're the LLLLeader, what's the normal again? I know it's 4-7 for the first 2-3 months, then 3-4 for months 3-6, and 1-3 after that? I can't remember off the top of my head, and there is no way I can find the chart with dialup, although if you google "weight gain chart kellymom" it'll get you there.

Ok, I have ICAN meeting tonight, in my mom's neighborhood, which is cool. It's "movie night" which means everyone who has birth vids is bringing them in. Whee!

Miss you guys!
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
I had a dream that I was at the beach with Karen's family and there was a tsunami. (shudder) We survived though.
I've had so many tsunami dreams, it's kind of weird to realize that something that I really have thought very little about conciously has affected my subconcious so deeply. And the folks from this thread were there in at least one of the dreams. Weird.

Annie, thanks, I did call your friend. She said to her it sounded like Kaia was growing totally normally, that maybe I had a little supply issue, but nothing to freak out about. I need to move somewhere where there is a decent Dr. This one first got me scared about her weight gain, then got me worked up about her constipation. I broke down and gave her a suppository after 5 days of no poops. Images of hard stools and bowel obstruction and all the things that he said would go wrong if she didn't poop every other day were in my mind. The stuff was like toothpaste. It was fine. Not hard, not dry. Fine. But I am scared that she is becoming dependent on suppositories. I don't know.

I don't know if I'm confident enough to just try to trust Kaia's signals for feeding. She never really seemed to be hungry or to fuss at the breast. And when I told the LC this she said something like "well, sometimes you get babies that are happy to starve." Now I'm wondering if she was really hungry or not. That phrase chilled my blood for weeks. I don't want my baby to be hungry. I do want her to grow strong, and to get the best possible food. I don't know what I'm going to do. Thanks for all the support and advice mamas. I'll keep you posted.

Kellymom says normal is 4-8 for the first 4 months, 4-5 for 4-6 months and 2-4 from 6 to 12. Kaia will be 6 calendar months on Sunday. She is six lunar months today.
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Michelle, I sorta second Lisa. Take her off the supplement for a couple days, nurse round the clock, and see how she does. That lac consultant is silly. No baby is "happy to starve" really, thats ridiculous. If Kaia is starving, she'll let you know. Also, you are a very intuitive woman - you'll just *know* if something is amiss with your babe.

I've heard that tsunami dreams mean there is going to be an earthquake. I have them quite often. Off to go look up what they mean...
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Torin was born on the day of the tsunami/full moon........that dream sounds frightening!
Having a good day here today after our good night's sleep last night.... went to the pool to swim with T..... he seemed to really enjoy it.....splashed around a lot..... doesn't mind the water in his face..... i tried to immerse him under a little bit..... he didn't seem to mind but didn't hold his breath either....
Went for a nice walk as well with the dog and babe......
Visited a good friend, she made chicken soup for her dp and gave us some to take home....... yum.... we're having that and salad for dinner!
Lisa - your time at your parents sounds sooooooooo wonderful!! I love being spoiled by my parents! I miss them!
Still no heat waves here - 62 degrees today but sunny..yay!
Did you say Ori ate an entire avocado?? wow! little muncher!!
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michelle, Pcos is linked closely to insulin resistance, I would bet if it was even possible for you to be 100 pounds overweight you definitely had insulin resistance, whether you had ovarian symptoms or not. That can effect supply. However, it does sound like maybe you were just scared with bad advice I have a friend that has PCOS too, anyway me and her had almost the same start to BF with our milk not coming in right away. The difference in my opinion is that I had a doctor that said "don't worry we'll keep a close eye on him but lets give it some time" Her doctor said "he's lost this much weight, its time to supplement" the thing is actually, Japhet had lost a greater percentage of his birth weight. Anyway I ended up BF exclusively and she ended up with a lot of supply issues. I have no idea if she would have had problems no matter what, but I do think the early supplementation couldn't have helped. She did try really hard to build her supply but I don't know, its so stressful when you think you can't feed your baby and that can't help make it easy to build supply. Anyway if she's only getting a few ounces a day in supplements it sounds like doing the going to bed and nursing every hour thing might make the difference? Since PCOS might be a factor too, you might want to consider lowering the sugar/white flour etc in your diet and eating more of a lower carb/higher protein diet. (look for the book "the IR diet" ) I'm not doing so good with the low carbing since I gave birth but I'm on metformin which helps keep my insulin levels lower.

Sheri if you are interested I can ask my husband where to look for the low downpayment programs, though probably the best way to find out what you are eligible for is to go see a mortgage counselor at a local bank.

Lisa which is the BMT? I'm going to try a new MT I think that the Simple Sling lady is making. What is ICAN?

Japhet can't fall asleep tonight. Am I the only person whose baby has insomnia? He tries to sleep sometimes and can't. He's like a little zombie right now, just staring into space.

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Well my little Sara is offically 5yrs old now. She had a small party yesterday and loved it. She adores her new bike...had been on it most of the day today. We went today to meet her kindergarten teacher. She's so excited to be starting school. My oldest DD is excited also. She keeps telling Sara all these "facts" about school life. LOL

My little Kaitlyn is teething pretty bad lately. I can feel her first tooth ready to pop through. You can just feel those tooth ridges. Of course I feel lots of it when she decides to bite down on me while nursing. OUCH! Teething isn't only rough on the babies. LOL.

Tomorrow is my only slow day. I'm looking forward to staying home like the title (SAHM) implies. LOL
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gosh no, Aviva! many of our babies are insomniacs/night owls!! Torin is one of them!! Right now, he is napping which means he probably won't go to bed so early tonight since its 0613pm already!! Aviva - I must say, you sure can keep up with this chatty group!! Welcome!!
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okay....... now, don't laugh at me but I'm contemplating lurking in the ttc-breastfeeding mamas thread. Why?? Because I'm 38 and I may want to ttc again in the next 6 months or so. I don't think I am ANYWHERE near ovulating though and I don't want to change our breastfeeding relationship either. Just started to think about it. If I got pregnant in the next few months, we could have a summer baby! December in Alaska was a bit rough. Although, it was a good time to hibernate with the new babe!! See what one good night of sleep does to me!!
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LOL Aviva! Nope - he's not the only one

Hi Lisa! Glad you're getting a well deserved break!!! Enjoy!!! I think Annie gets to marry your dad first :LOL

I'm on my way to get the dog out before he dies his business on my oriental, but wanted to say HELLO! We miss you too, Lisa. I've never had a tsunami dream, and I leived through the big quake in 89 in Oakland. I lived a few blocks from the overpass that collapses (man, some of you were barely walking then...)

Ok - off to finish for the night here. Lots of hugs mamas!! Andy
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Happy Birthday to Sara!
Christie - I think SAHM is probably the busiest profession! I really admire you mamas with more than 1!!! I'm just trying to figure out how to take care of 1 babe!
Annie, I can't believe you have two babes UNDER 2!!!! Now, that's busy!!!!!!! And, you're nursing both of them? No wonder your tired! geez........
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I seldom eat refined grains, (2-3 servings a week, maybe) though I eat more sugar than I should. I lost all that weight on a high carb low fat vegetarian diet, and my blood sugars have never been elevated even when I was pregnant, so I don't think I have insulin resistance. And everyone in my blood family has high BP.
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